American highlights – the pros and cons, photo before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Make a new hairstyle, dye your hair in a new color, apply
Nourishing hair masks are one of the favorite women’s concerns.
Every woman tends to look well-groomed and spotless, but in
In today’s world, this leaves very little time.

Therefore, many are looking for procedures that do not require
re-visit the master at least in the next few months.
In fact, there is such a solution for our beauties.
American highlights will refresh your image, and the next
A visit to the beauty salon will be needed no sooner than in three
of the month. American highlights Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

What is American highlighting and the history of its creation

The content of the article:

  • What is American highlighting and the history of its creation
  • Who is the American highlights
  • Pros and cons of American highlighting
  • Description of the American highlighting staining technique
  • Classic American Highlighting
  • California
  • Red
  • Crazy colors (crazy colors)
  • On dark hair
  • On light brown hair
  • On dark brown hair
  • On blonde hair
  • On red hair
  • On gray hair
  • On brown hair
  • On the square
  • On curly hair
  • Straight hair
  • Do I need to wash my hair before American highlights
  • How much is the American highlight in the beauty salon
  • How much is done by time
  • How much is holding up
  • How often can you make American highlights
  • Beautiful shades and colors with American highlights
  • How to make American highlight at home
  • American highlights
  • Hairstyles with American highlights
  • Hair care after American highlights

For decades, the usual highlighting improved in technology
hair coloring. In the beauty industry today
There are many different variations of highlighting. One of
Popular among women is American highlighting.

This method does minimal damage to hair, because
their small part is painted over, but the result will please you
for a long time.

American highlighting is one of the modern techniques.
hair dyeing, it has gained popularity since 2010.

Many people confuse American highlighting with coloring,
explain why. In this procedure, in contrast to the usual
highlighting, 3-4 shades are used for coloring

Mostly strands capture large rather than small, and paint them.
according to a certain pattern. This method of coloring creates hair
visual volume, makes the hair interesting and the color looks
as natural as possible. hair highlights

The essence of American highlighting is to make a kind of glare.
on the hair, and create the effect of burnt hair under the sun.
There are several types of such highlighting:
Californian, classic, red and crazy

American highlighting was developed by stylists from America, because
it bears that name. Stylists were inspired by women
California, which had naturally burnt hair under their
the scorching sun. Now every girl wants to recreate such
natural color on your hair and look like a girl with
the beach.

Important! Only experienced specialists in this matter.
can qualitatively perform this procedure, because for this
you need to accurately select the appropriate tone for coloring strands.

Who is the American highlights

There are certain advantages to this in American highlighting, since
This staining method is suitable for all types.
hair. Most women choose this staining method,
as there is no specific framework for it. You can paint long and
short hair, light and dark, straight and curly.

In the age range, too, no
restrictions, aged ladies are great
American highlights, it will refresh your face and help you lose
a few years, young girls this highlight will give the image
spectacularity and mystery. beautiful hair

Attention! Henna-colored hair, American
highlighting is not suitable.

If you are still thinking about this method of staining, then
rather run to sign up to a specialist.

Pros and cons of American highlighting


  • no age limit, this method
    staining is suitable for both mature women and young
    the fair sex;
  • staining will look the most
    naturally, as several similar tones with
    the color of your hair;
  • suitable for any hair structure: long and
    short, straight and curly;
  • does not harm hair, as it is painted
    certain areas of hair that positively affect their condition
  • refreshes your hair, creates a visual
    volume, gives natural shine to hair;
  • there is no need to repeat the procedure often,
    regrown dyed hair looks fresh even after a few



  • It is forbidden to use this technique on hair dyed
  • It is forbidden to be painted during pregnancy and lactation, since
    the paint may not be absorbed into the hair;
  • On time procedure lasts very long, from three
    hours (depending on the length and thickness of the hair);
  • it is difficult to repeat such coloring at home;
  • make sure your condition is excellent before the procedure
  • on already colored hair, the color may differ from

If you chose the American highlighting procedure, then this
The best option to make your look spectacular and well maintained.
If there are no contraindications, then this staining is
what you need for you.

Description of the American highlighting staining technique

It is enough to reproduce this method of coloring at home.
difficult, therefore, we recommend visiting a specialist in the salon
beauty. technology

The procedure takes place in the following algorithm:

  • The specialist selects the most appropriate tone.
    in the color of your hair for dyeing strands;
  • Coloring start with the occipital zone. WITH
    using a fine comb, the strands are separated, then dyed them and
    wrapped in foil. In order not to confuse in what color was painted
    strand, foil use different colors, it will help control
    process and in which case tint strands. From the neck move
    to the temporal part and end at the crown of the head;
  • After painting the main shade, proceed to
    the next and repeat the previous process;
  • The paint is kept for as long as indicated in
    instructions, usually takes about thirty minutes;
  • It was time to remove the foil from the strands.
    This is done as follows: starting with dark colors, and
    finishing light;
  • Then the hair is washed with a special shampoo and
    dried Done!

Important! After this staining procedure,
It is necessary to use a firming hair mask.

Classic American Highlighting

This method of coloring is suitable for brown hair and dark hair.
Usually use 3-4 tones for dyeing, which gives
hair naturalness and lush volume. Many Hollywood
stars prefer this staining method. Classic


In this method, the foil when dyeing strands is usually not
used as a dye for california dyeing
add wax. Wax hair gives natural shine and not
spreads through the hair.

Due to this staining effect is so
natural, that hair looks like burned in the sun
in a natural way. Californian


This method of coloring is suitable for dark-haired girls. Tona
for the strands choose always the red spectrum: from pink to
maroon. Also use ginger, bronze and brown

Such coloring will give brunettes a bright and unique
image, with a note of hitch. Red

Crazy colors (crazy colors)

If you are a cheeky, brave and risky girl, then this method
staining just for you.

Multi-colored locks will give your image a bright, memorable,
fresh and spectacular image. Of the minuses of such staining is that
the paint does not last long. Natural and natural color –
это вовсе не про “Crazy colors” .

Crazy colorful mix for extraordinary beauties,
suitable for any hair color, and as the durability of the dye
lasts about 2-3 weeks, then it can be done on vacation
or some holiday. Crazy colors

On dark hair

American highlighting was intended primarily for
dark hair. To make this staining method on its dark
hair, you should consult a specialist, as strands must
To begin to lighten and properly toned. Do it in
home conditions is quite difficult, you need a skill.
Owners of dark hair fit the following shades:
red, copper, red, brown and chocolate. dark hair

On light brown hair

Often, light brown hair is called nondescript, so instead of
In order to drastically repaint a blonde or brunette,
look at the American highlights.

This coloring method will perfectly refresh your hair,
Selected 3 or 4 tones will smoothly transition from one to
other. Suitable tones for light brown hair: blond,
chestnut, red, copper, brown, chocolate, honey and blond.
Brown hair

On dark brown hair

The principle of dyeing dark blond hair is identical as
on dark hair. Red is suitable for this hair color.
highlighting. But you can also consider other options, for example,
chestnut, honey, light brown, blond, chocolate tones.
dark blond hair

On blonde hair

On blond hair, the most winning option will be
Californian highlighting. This staining adds volume,
pomp and visual thickness of hair. Shades choose suitable
your hair. The most successful on blond hair will look
honey, golden, wheat, pearl, ashen.

Blonde hair is dyed in reverse order, first
stain the roots in a darker color, and then distribute
other shades along the entire length. blonde hair

On red hair

Fire beauties do not need to revive the already rich
hair color But if you want something fresh and
newcomer, we recommend red-haired to be painted in copper,
golden, wheat and honey shades. Too light strands
will look on red hair unnatural. Red hair

On gray hair

For many women, the appearance of gray hair is considered real
tragedy. But we hasten to reassure, because this season is very
It is popular to dye gray hair with American highlights;
pick up light and ashy shades. If you are still
If you want to completely paint over gray hair, we recommend dyeing your hair in
light brown color, and then pick the right tones for the strands.
White hair

On brown hair

When the phrase “American highlights” immediately
red-shades appear in the head, because such a method
coloring choose mainly owners of dark hair.
Classic tones for brown hair are considered copper,
red, caramel, nut, honey shades. Brown hair

On the square

One of the significant benefits of American melirovanie is that
That it is great for short hair. Hairstyles like
square or bob will play beautifully in new colors and will look
volume and interesting.

But it will be necessary to update the hairstyle more often, unlike
long hair. car

On curly hair

On cute curls suitable technique Californian coloring.
The essence of staining is a smooth transition from dark roots to
light tips. For such staining is chosen to 5
tones. Thus, the paint will look beautiful.
highlight all over the head. The most suitable colors for curly
hair is beige, almond, caramel.  curly hair

Straight hair

Doing American highlights on straight hair is a classic
the most win-win option. Hair of this structure when
Highlighting will look rich and elegant. This method
Dyeing gives the hair volume, expressiveness and gives
curls indescribable transfusion effect. straight hair

Do I need to wash my hair before American highlights

Many girls wonder whether you need to wash your hair before
by staining? Any specialist will tell you that before the procedure
it is not necessary to wash the head, it will deprive the hair of its natural sebum,
because of what hair lose their protection and will be damaged

Wash your hair before going to a beauty salon is not
It is recommended approximately three or six days, depending on how your
hair gets dirty quickly. washing head

Important! Do not be afraid that the paint is not absorbed in
hair, if they are dirty, on the contrary dye will take better
and hair protects against dryness and brittleness. Of course, do not wait yet
hair will turn into greasy straws, in everything there should be a measure.

How much is the American highlight in the beauty salon

The procedure of American highlighting is not cheap. Of course,
going to a beauty salon will cost more than if you were beautiful
at home. But remember that the procedure is quite complicated in
performance, so trust the master so that the result does not become
unexpected. The procedure does not have to be repeated too often, therefore
do not regret money. cost

American highlights in the beauty salon will cost
about 1000 rubles for short hair, 3000 rubles for medium and
for long ones up to 8,000 rubles.

Also do not forget that the cost depends on the density and
the length of your hair, by locality, by degree
professionalism master.

How much is done by time

The procedure is famous for the fact that it takes a very long time. But
the result is worth it! On average, staining leaves
three to five hours. Therefore, before going to the salon, in advance
prepare for the need to sit for a long time, cancel
closest things to not rush.

How much is holding up

The technique of American highlighting is a godsend for those
who cares about his time. With this staining you can walk up to
half a year! You do not have to go very often to the salon
As they grow, they will only look more interesting. beautiful highlights

How often can you make American highlights

Any dyeing has a negative effect on your hair,
therefore, it is often not recommended to indulge in it. If the hair will be
too often exposed to the dye then lose their
vitality, become brittle, dry, lose natural shine
and the tips will begin to split. shading

To avoid these unpleasant moments, paint
no more than once every three months.

Beautiful shades and colors with American highlights

Beautiful and interesting shades for strands, you need to select
carefully. It all depends on your source color. Initially
American highlights meant red and red shades
strands, but today there are more variations, and for each
The coloring method has its own beautiful shades. Beautiful shades

The hits of this season are such shades: nutty,
honey, chocolate, copper, coffee, ashen and

How to make American highlight at home

Required tools:

  • emulsion tank;
  • flat paint brush;
  • your right amount of color;
  • multi-colored foil;
  • fine comb;
  • protective cape;
  • hairpins;
  • polyethylene gloves.

tools for highlighting

Attention! Multi-colored foil is needed in order
so as not to get confused what strand in what color dyed.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Put on a protective cape.
  2. Wear gloves.
  3. In tanks, dilute their paint. For fair hair, 3% is suitable.
    oxide, for dark and gray – 6% oxide.
  4. Divide the hair on the head into several parts: upper, lower
    and side. Secure them with clips.
  5. Divide the top of the hair into strands, under each strand.
    put the foil.
  6. Apply the paint evenly and evenly.
    length strands. Do not touch the roots.
  7. Fold the foil in the form of an envelope.
  8. Now you need to work out the side strands from top to bottom. The middle
    Do not touch your head.
  9. The same actions for the other side.
  10. The remaining hair should be divided into two parts. Bottom
    to separate and paint over strands in the previous ways.
  11. Same for the rest of the hair.
  12. Hold the paint on the hair as much time as indicated in
  13. Remove the foil.
  14. Rinse hair thoroughly under water.
  15. Apply a firming mask to your hair. Is done.

Price at home

The cost of coloring in the technique of American
home highlighting can vary from 1000 to 2000
rubles. It all depends on how much paint you need and
what manufacturer will you purchase.

American highlights

On short hair

This coloring on short hair will look
original If you choose the right tone in accordance with the color
your hair, then the hair will look much bigger and
playful. Normal monochromatic dyeing on short hair
does not look so beautiful and interesting compared to the American
highlighting. True, it will be necessary to update the painting
more often than long hair. short hair

On medium hair

Most girls wear medium length hair – this is comfortable and
feminine. You are unlikely to find such a staining method that
Will not fit on medium hair. The main thing to remember is that
brunettes fit red highlights or crazy colors, and
Californian with classic highlighting will suit the owners
fair hair. medium hair

Long hair

Long hair is a real canvas for the master. Here is a fantasy
can roam from the heart! But be prepared that the price of painting on
long hair will be high, and time to create a masterpiece will take
lot. Therefore, we advise you to choose a professional
a specialist in this field so that the end result is successful.
long hair

Hairstyles with American highlights

Any hairstyle for dyed American highlights
hair, will look spectacular! Be it an ordinary jug on
head or complex hairstyle. The color of the head will give only elegance.
and the mystery of your hairstyle. American highlights
Looks especially beautiful on Hollywood curls. Hairstyles

Hair care after American highlights

To make American highlights last longer on your
hair should follow the following rules for care after

  • in order not to harm the hair with coloring pigments,
    choose non-ammonia paint;
  • after dyeing can also be used
    oil fluid. It will cool your hair and protect it from
    negative effects after staining;
  • get rid of split ends in advance so
    hairstyle will look fresh;
  • use a special shampoo for colored hair and
    make firming masks;
  • if you use a hairdryer, iron or curling, then
    Be sure to use thermal protection.

As you can see, the hair does not require complex care after the American
highlighting. The health of your hair is in your own hands, so if you
decided to transform using this staining method then this
right choice. This highlight will give a well-groomed look.
your hair, give life shine and conquer all people

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