Amino Acid Hair Straightening – Pros and cons, reviews and prices

Amino acids are increasingly appearing as part of care products.
problem and parched hair. In addition, they are capable
beneficial effect on the structure of the hair shaft, making hair
more smooth.

According to the manufacturers, the amino acid procedure
straightening is able to smooth out even the most rebellious fluffy and
curly hair for 1 session. Is it really? let’s
let’s figure it out!

What is amino acid straightening?

The content of the article:

  • What is amino acid straightening?
  • The pros and cons, the benefits and harms of amino acid straightening
  • Consequences of the procedure, photos BEFORE and AFTER
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How to do amino acid straightening, step by step
  • Procedure cost
  • How to perform the procedure at home?
  • TOP 8 Amino Acid Straighteners
  • Reviews
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Conclusion

Amino acid straightening is a procedure.
leveling hair with high-quality cosmetics
content of amino acids, collagen and vitamins. It can save
even that head of hair that only a radical would have saved before
a haircut.

Note! Means for
amino acid straightening does not contain dangerous for the structure
hair formaldehyde.

History of creation

For the first time, amino acid straightening has appeared in the line of products.
manufacturer Honma tokyo . The company was faced with an impure task.
– make a product that would help to achieve the desired result
girls with any type of hair. Thin and furrowed, thick and
stiff – any hair should be smooth and silky. AT
the result was a product capable of taming even an afro. A little bit later,
Means with a similar principle of action began to appear and
other cosmetic brands.

The pros and cons, the benefits and harms of amino acid straightening

First, consider the positive qualities of the procedure:

  • Regulates sebum production thanks to
    what the curls longer remain clean and tidy at the roots.
  • Improves health, not just appearance
    hairstyles Hair rods are filled with moisture, scales
    smoothes, deep nutrient saturation occurs
  • Just performed – for the procedure
    you do not have to be a hairdresser. Just enough
    carefully read the instructions. In addition, you do not
    need nothing but the very agent for amino acid
  • It has a neutral smell, which is important, so
    as the procedure takes a lot of time.
  • Does not distort the hair color regardless of
    whether they are painted or natural, dark or light.

And where will you do the amino acid hair straightening?

Consequences of the procedure, photos BEFORE and AFTER

Amino acid straightening smoothes strands of any density,
including even tightly curled African curls. Hair becomes
smoother, softer, nourished, silky and cuddly on

Indications and contraindications

Amino acid straightening will help solve the following list.

  • curly and curly hair;
  • down length;
  • root fat and dry tips;
  • dehydration
  • violation of the structure as a result of repeated staining,
    lightening, curling, styling.

There are 2 contraindications for the procedure:

  1. the period of hormonal instability – hormone therapy,
    pregnancy and lactation;
  2. dyeing plant dyes – henna and

How to do amino acid straightening, step by step

Consider the necessary tools, materials and stages of

Tools and supplies

  • Amino Acid Straightener, selected in
    according to the type of hair;
  • comb with a narrow handle;
  • disposable gloves;
  • hair dryer;
  • curling iron

Straightening Stages

  1. Cleansing. Barber washes the client’s hair,
    to cleanse them of dirt, sebum, sweat, dust and
    styling products.
  2. Processing amino acid composition. With help
    comb with rare teeth or fingers, the master distributes
    the client’s hair is active and leaves
    necessary for impact.
  3. Fixation. After the agent has been absorbed into
    hair specialist dries their hair dryer and pulls out with

Note! Preparations for
amino acid straightening have a cumulative effect and make
hair is tighter and healthier from time to time.

Consequences of non-compliance with technology

If you neglect the manufacturer’s instructions, you can get
the result is completely reverse to the desired. Most often girls
face the following problems:

  • Glued or dirty hair effect – he
    occurs when funds were used more than
    need, or kept longer than necessary.
  • Drying and cutting – may appear in
    the result of incorrect temperature setting on the curling iron.

How much is done in time and how long does the effect last?

In the salon, the procedure takes from 1 to 3 hours, depending on
length, thickness and condition of the hair. The effect lasts for
3-5 months, after which it can be repeated.

Note! On thin and fluffy
hair straightening effect is so stable that in subsequent
At times, the composition can be applied only to regrown roots.

Procedure cost

Depending on the length and thickness of hair price for amino acid
straightening varies from 2 000 to 7 000 rubles. Average price for
treatment of hair of medium thickness and length along the shoulders (about 25 cm)
will be 3 500 rubles.


How to perform the procedure at home?

This is the average sequence of actions to conduct
procedures at home. Depending on the manufacturer
Means, steps may vary:

  1. Wash your hair with deep shampoo
    wipe clean with a towel so that the hair remains lightly
  2. Comb your hair. For convenience, divide them into
    sectors and secure with hairpins or rubber bands.
  3. Apply the compound. With a brush, sponge or
    palms distribute the composition of the hair. Start with the occipital
    parts gradually moving to the crown and forehead. Comb the comb with
    sparse teeth to apply the composition a little more evenly. You are holding
    the required amount of time.
  4. Wash off without shampoo. If a
    your tool is single phase and does not imply fixatives
    and stabilizer – proceed to the final drying and laying.
  5. Apply a stabilizer in the same way as
    means and soak from 5 to 10 minutes, according to the instructions. Wash off
    water and proceed to the drying and laying.

Reference! Because of the features
blood circulation – the back of the head is the coldest point of the head, and
appropriately – nutrients activate it a little bit
slower That is why most of the products must be applied from
neck to the top, and not vice versa.

TOP 8 Amino Acid Straighteners

Several popular and effective formulations for amino acid
hair straightening:

Brazilian Blowout

The tool is based on a complex of supernatural oils from
plants growing in brazil. Due to the natural composition
Hair not only looks attractive, but also becomes healthier.
Hair scales are smoothed, and follicles are filled
nutrients, stimulating new hair growth.

It shows good results on stained, brushed and
previously chemically curled hair.

Global keratin

Significant components of this product are natural.
biopolymers – keratin and collagen.

Reference! Keratin is a natural protein with
high concentration of amino acids.

Due to the high content of biopolymers occurs deep
restoring hair structure from root to tip, they
become denser both inside and outside, stop
electrify and easier to comb.


Premium product from a Brazilian brand specializing in
on straightening hair of different types and structures. Active ingredient
–Keratin, harvested from the wool of New Zealand sheep.


The products of this company are on the world market for more than 20
years and managed to earn a good reputation. Line of products for
amino acid hair straightening suitable for all hair types –
from thin and fluffy, to hard and curly.

The main active ingredients of the drug are:

  • keratin;
  • cocoa extract;
  • jojoba oil;
  • White clay;
  • wheat germ proteins;
  • panthenol.

Note! In products not
contain weighting hair silicones.


Bioprotein system not only straightens hair, but also
structurally rejuvenates, making them more elastic, soft and
pliable to styling. Microscopic microscopy is created on each rod.
protective film that minimizes the negative impact
environment for a period of 6 months or more. The composition indicated
such active ingredients as:

  • wheat proteins;
  • soy proteins;
  • lactic acid;
  • red pepper extract;
  • Palm oil;
  • Castor oil;
  • Sesame oil;
  • avocado oil;
  • panthenol;
  • oat extract.

Jean paul myne

Bonus tool, the secret of its effectiveness
in selected amino acids and sugars with special care.
The composition is unique in its effectiveness. Hair becomes
denser, straighter and heavier without loss of natural volume.

A pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance will please those who are allergic to
formaldehyde and harsh chemical odors.

Honma tokyo

Product with 100% neutral and natural composition based on
which amino acids, proteins and vitamins vegetable
origin. Different from other amino acid products.
straightening that does not require prior use
shampoo for deep cleaning and stabilizer – straightening
carried out in one step, which saves time.

Let me be

The main active component of this tool is an extract.
baobab Deeply moisturizing the hair, it eliminates the fluffiness and
straightens even the most stubborn curls, giving incredible hair
smoothness Due to the absence of fragrances and formaldehyde in the composition
it can even be used by pregnant women, persons under 18 and
over 55 years old.

Note! Because of the vegetable
acids in the composition, the tool “Let me be” can lighten the hair on
1-2 tones.


A few reviews from

Hair care after the procedure

Hair after amino acid straightening does not need special
care and adjustment of the usual “beauty rituals” in order to
save the result as long as possible replace the usual shampoo on
softer (no SLS) and don’t forget about hydration and
thermal protection.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

What is the difference between amino acid and keratin

Despite the fact that both procedures have a similar principle of action,
keratin straightening has a larger list of contraindications due to
the presence of thioglycol. In addition, the effect of such a procedure
rather cosmetic than therapeutic, unlike
amino acid straightening.

What is better – amino acid hair straightening or

Nanoplastic is inherently more advanced and
safe version of keratin straightening. She is allowed to do
pregnant and lactating women. However, the main task
nanoplastics is a structural restoration, not a straightening
hair, so waiting for the procedure of the effect of mirror smoothness does not
worth it.

Which is better – botox for hair or amino acid

The basis of Botox hair also lies amino acid
impact on the hair shaft, however, again – rather
restoring, rather than rectifying. Light effect
smoothing is achieved only through the closure of hair scales
and moisturizing. If you want to get rid of curls – give
preference for amino acid straightening.

Is it possible to do amino acid straightening

Most manufacturers indicate pregnancy and period
lactation in the list of contraindications to the procedure. it
due to the unstable hormonal background of women and increased
susceptibility to odors. However, there are some exceptions.
in the form of products without formaldehyde and perfume fragrances.

Reference! Before you sign up for
consult a doctor for a salon procedure and preferably
show him the chemical composition of the product you are planning
use. So you will save yourself from undesirable consequences and
health problems.

Analogs and similar procedures

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the result
amino acid straightening, but you would like to achieve smoothness and
shine hair, try the following salon procedures:

  • keratin straightening;
  • biolamination;
  • screening;
  • glazing;
  • nanoplasty;
  • botox


Amino acid straightening can bring life to life hopelessly.
spoiled strands and pacify even the most rebellious curls. But,
Do not forget about the benefits of amino acids in the diet: Enrich your
menu dairy, meat and gelatinous products. Your hair,
skin and nails will thank you for it!

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