Ammonia-free hair dye – top rated best, description, composition, photo before and after, price

Women tend to change, and the easiest way is
do – hair coloring. Many resistant paints for a reason
chemical components may spoil the structure
strands, make them dry and brittle. Alternative – Ammonia Free
dyes that have a more gentle effect and allow
change the image without risk for curls. Ammonia-free hair colors

The composition of ammonia-free hair dye

The content of the article:

  • The composition of ammonia-free hair dye
  • Harm and benefits of ammonia-free hair color, pros and cons
  • Ammonia-free hair colors – photo before and after
  • Rating of ammonia-free hair dyes: TOP 3 best and
  • For gray hair
  • Italian
  • For pregnant
  • Lightening
  • Flushing
  • Professional
  • Sparing
  • Tinted
  • The best non-ammonia paint for blondes
  • Hair care after dyeing
  • How to wash out ammonia-free paint from hair at home
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ammonia is a colorless gas consisting of nitrogen and
hydrogen. It has a characteristic strong odor, and the stronger
smell, the more in the composition of this component. Ammonia is applied in
composition of paints as it ensures pigment ingress into
hair structure, raising scales, fixing in them and increasing
level of sensitivity to the dye. But he has
strong drawback – the scales can not be closed in the future
in a natural way, so the strands after dyeing look
lifeless and dry.

As part of ammonia free dyes, this component is missing.
It is replaced by more benign substances (most often it is
monoethanolamine) that do not provoke such dangerous changes
hair structure. ammonia

In the composition of such paints are usually present a large number
natural ingredients such as oils, plant extracts,
vitamins. It helps to ensure gentle hair care when
staining and their restoration.

IMPORTANT! We can not say that ammonia-free paint
completely safe. They are still chemical
mixtures, but their negative impact on the hair is much less than that of
ammonium compounds.

What is the difference between ammonia paint and ammonia-free

As is clear from the composition, the main difference bezammiachnoy
paint – the absence of ammonia in it. It is replaced by more
safe ingredients, which is why the dye is not so aggressive
affects the hair. Such paints are less resistant than ammonia, they are not
so high quality paint over gray hair and not in all cases allow
achieve radical change but that is all offset by them
sparing action. hair coloring without ammonia

Harm and benefits of ammonia-free hair color, pros and cons

Ammonia-free dyes cause less damage to hair. They paint
they are softer, without drying out and without damaging the structure. Part
often include natural ingredients, which, on the contrary,
improve the appearance of the strands, saturate them with moisture and nourishing

Of the merits of non-ammonia paints worth
note the following:

  • Careful staining. Components like
    ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can cause dryness, dullness,
    brittle strands. Ammonia is absent in ammonia-free formulations, and
    peroxide may be contained in small quantities. Therefore they
    paint strands more carefully. When painting with such paint
    the pigment envelops the hair, but does not penetrate into their structure.
  • Improve hair condition. Good paint without
    ammonia not only does not spoil the hair, but also improves their condition. it
    due to the presence in the composition of oils, extracts, vitamins. Hair
    after painting look alive and well-groomed, pleasing healthy
  • Improve hair color. Ammonia free dyes
    give strands a rich and iridescent shade, which in
    depending on preferences can be both natural and

Some cons, however, also
are present:

  • Ammonia-free dyes stay on the hair for not so long
    as persistent ammonia. The color will fade with each wash.
    heads. To maintain its saturation, you will need to paint
    strands at least once a month.
  • Not all dyes without ammonia can fully
    paint over gray hair. It will depend on the paint itself, and
    on the level of hair hardness.
  • When bleaching curls bezammiachnyh colors it
    only possible on a few tones. So if you
    brunette, and you want to reincarnate in the blonde, still better
    pay attention to resistant paints.

ATTENTION! In the composition of ammonia-free paint should not
contain amines and sodium benzonate. These components are not only not
will ensure the safety of staining, but also neutralize the positive
the influence of natural ingredients in the composition.

What is a better ammonia free paint?

Safety and gentle influence – the main advantage
ammonia-free dyes compared to conventional paints.
If the hair is severely damaged, prone to fragility and dryness,
It is recommended to use such compounds, as ammonia
can significantly aggravate the situation. Such paints can
use more often without fear of strand structure – with the right
care they will look amazing.

Ammonia-free hair colors – photo before and after

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of non-ammonia paints.
You can choose the appropriate option for any source color.

On dark hair

It should be borne in mind that ammonia-free dyes can
lighten hair only up to 3-4 tones, so become
blonde, if you are a brunette, they will not work. But there is a mass
shades suitable for dark hair – they will emphasize their depth and

On blonde hair

Blonde hair is easy to dye.
Ammonia-free dyes will help to get a beautiful color without damaging
their fragile structure. On blonde hair

On red hair

For redheads, choosing ammonia-free colors is enough
wide. The palette of red and purple is usually good
lays down on hair and pleases the owner with beautiful modulations.
On red hair

Light brown

Light brown hair accepts various pigments
shades. You can pay attention to natural tones,
offered by ammonia-free paints. In Blonde

Rating of ammonia-free hair dyes: TOP 3 best and

Almost all manufacturers of cosmetics for hair offer
one or more series of ammonia-free paints. From universal
products that suit everyone and provide careful coloring,
worth noting the following:

  • Londa (Germany). Popular manufacturer
    offers several series of non-ammonia paints. Among them are
    lines for toning and lightening. Dye palette
    quite rich (up to 40 tones) and includes both natural
    natural shades and bright colors. Means carefully paints
    strands, and caring components in the composition improve their appearance.
    The price of the dye is gentle and starts from 250 rubles.
  • Syoss (Germany). Brand Ciez belongs
    Schwarzkopf. It offers several lines of paints without
    ammonia, having a rich palette of dark, chestnut, red,
    light tones. The peculiarity is that all shades are close to
    natural. Ingredients include ingredients such as aloe vera,
    wheat proteins, vitamins of group B, which contributes
    recovery curls. Cost – from 230 rubles.
  • Redken (USA). American manufacturer
    offers a paint with a natural composition that includes vitamin
    E, proteins, acai berry extract. Dye penetrates deep into
    hair structure due to oils. The palette includes shades
    for every taste: black, chestnut, red, light brown,
    natural, blond, ash-violet. The price is
    from 975 rubles. Redken

For gray hair

Despite the fact that many recommend using for graying
ammonia hair dyes, compositions without ammonia can also be good
cope with graying You can pay attention to
the following means:

  • L’Oreal (France). In the assortment of popular
    manufacturer has paint “Casting”, which includes a unique
    caring formula and provides careful coloring. Palette
    includes 28 shades close to natural. Seven of them relates
    to the clarifying compositions, five are intended for brunettes, and the most
    wide is the palette of light brown and chestnut tones.
    The tool costs around 300-350 rubles. L'Oreal
  • Igora (Germany). Igora paint product
    Schwarzkopf. Thanks to the nutrients in the composition and
    the absence of ammonia, it stains the strands to the maximum carefully. Of
    advantages marked by a wide palette, which includes natural and
    non-standard shades. With the help of cream paint, you can paint over
    gray hair The price starts from 500 rubles. Igor
  • Schwarzkopf (Germany). This dye is good
    ease of use, brightness and color fastness; and
    effective painting over gray hair. The color is fully consistent
    indicated on the package, and the palette is quite wide.
    Cost – from 300 rubles. Schwarzkopf


Italian hair products are popular for both salon and
and for home use. Of non-ammonia paints are popular

  • Constant Delight (Italy). Manufacturer
    offers an oil-free ammonia dye that provides gentle
    hair coloring simultaneously with the care of them. There is a series for
    staining of gray hair and for lightening. The palette includes
    dark, natural, light, red shades. Average
    the cost is 250 rubles. Constant Delight
  • Kapous (Capus). Unsamic dye with
    keratin can not only change the hair color, but also provide
    lamination effect. The palette includes 60 shades from natural
    to extravagant. The price starts from 250 rubles.
  • Selective (Italy). The dye is used
    special technology – bioidentical concentrate of natural lipids
    human hair, which provides lasting careful coloring.
    The palette includes a large number of divided into a series of shades.
    There is also a group of clarifiers and proofreaders. Worth
    tool from 430 rubles. Selective

For pregnant

Expectant mothers are not recommended to use
ammonia dyes. They can have a negative effect on the fetus,
and their strong smell worsens the health of the pregnant. But
ammonia-free paint suitable for the period of pregnancy. Can
pay attention to such means:

  • Estel (Estel). Dyes from popular
    Russian brands provide the most gentle coloring and
    deep color The palette includes about 70 shades for every taste.
    You can buy the product for 200 p. and more. Estel
  • Vella (Germany). Dye Wella Color Touch
    includes liquid keratin and natural wax that give
    strands smoothness and shine. The palette includes 87 variety
    shades. You can buy a tube for 680-800 rubles.
    Additionally, an oxidizing agent is required. Wella Color Touch
  • Matrix. The composition of the American
    Color Sync tinting products include ceramides that provide
    uniform distribution of shades, as well as smoothness and shine
    hair. The palette includes many colors from the brightest to
    deep black. The average price is 620 rubles.
    Color Sync


Ammonia-free paints do not lighten as well as usual, but
but do it as carefully as possible. Brightening agents
presented in the range of such manufacturers:

  • Garnier (France). Ammonia bleaching
    cream can make strands of 6 tones lighter. It includes
    olive oil, wheat, jojoba, contributing to quality
    wetting and protection strands. The price starts from 200 rubles.
  • Indola (Germany). Paint allows you to lighten
    strands up to 4 tones and does it as carefully as possible. The composition includes
    several shades of blond from golden to ashy.
    Cost – from 240 rubles. Indola
  • Brelil Professional. Offers ammonia free
    bleaching powder able to make curls lighter on
    several tones. Of the benefits, there is a lack of unpleasant
    aroma and reasonable price (around 250 rubles). Brelil Professional


Means that are washed for 6-8 times washing the head, suitable for those who
likes to experiment with the image or looking for her own style. Most
popular among them are the following:

  • Tonika (Russia). A series of ammonia-free tint
    Balms includes beeswax, citric acid, oil
    flax seed. The palette includes bright, blond, chestnut, red
    shades. Price – about 200 rubles. Tonic
  • Manic panic. Popular temporary dye,
    which is offered in non-trivial color shades. In the palette
    includes blue, green, red, turquoise and other tones.
    You can buy the product for 800-1000 rubles. Manic panic


Professional bezammiachnye dyes provide careful
persistent staining and competent care for curls:

  • Revlon (USA). The composition of the dye includes
    vitamins, keratin, extracts of plants and algae. In the palette
    includes up to 30 tones, close to natural. Price starts
    from 700 rubles. Revlon
  • Keune (Netherlands). The tool is based on
    hair care and care products
    recovery. The manufacturer offers a rich variety.
    shades. Separately, it is worth noting such blond tones as ashy,
    chocolate and ash-purple. The cost starts from
    600 rubles. Keune
  • Chi ionic (USA). Professional composition has
    balanced formula and a very wide palette. It includes
    tones for dyed and natural hair: light, chocolate,
    black, red, color. You will need to pay for the product.
    from 1000 p. Chi ionic


All bezammiachnye dyes rather sparing. Separately worth
mark the following means:

  • Cutrin (Kutrin). Finnish paint based on
    oil based and unique Lamellar Emulsion formula that
    provides careful painting, protection and nutrition. Useful
    component in the composition – arctic raspberry wax. Palette includes 57
    bright persistent tones. You can buy the product for 400 rubles and
    more. Cutrin
  • Inoa This is a product of a French manufacturer.
    Loreal, which does not contain ammonia and acts very carefully. AT
    The palette includes mostly natural shades, including as
    gentle blond and deep dark tones. You can buy
    for 600-700 rubles. Inoa
  • Nouvelle touch Smart (Italy).
    Semi-permanent paint is suitable for gray, bleached, thin,
    dry, dyed hair. The palette includes 40 shades, in
    including natural, copper, brown, red, purple,
    as well as blond warm and cold shades. It is in the area
    300 rubles. Nouvelle touch Smart


Toning paints allow you to carefully and safely change the shade
strands, make it more vivid. Of them stand out such

  • Concept (Russia). Ammonia-free dye for
    toning contains natural ingredients and the amino acid arginine,
    nourish and restore the curls. Also present in the composition
    vitamin C and flax oil. The palette includes 40 saturated
    shades. Price – about 200 rubles. Concept
  • BAMKOS KERATIN Italian ammonia paint
    COLOR includes keratin, which aligns
    hair structure and actively restores it. Enter the palette
    natural and vibrant shades. Estimated cost – 600
  • Faberlic (Russia). Ammonia-free paint for
    tinting provides color saturation, safety,
    painting gray hair and neat hair care. Each pack
    contains reducing oxygen serum. Palette in
    mainly includes natural shades. You can buy
    approximately 250 p. Faberlic

The best non-ammonia paint for blondes

Blond hair is usually thin and easily injured. For careful
staining and maintaining color is recommended to pay attention to
The following non-ammonia paints.

  • Ollin (ollyn) silk touch. Russian company
    offers a unique technology for intensive toning and
    safe lightening. For blondes are offered very interesting.
    shades: pink, ashen, mahogany and so on.
    The approximate price is 200 rubles. Ollin (silk) silk touch
  • Inebria (Italy). Inebrya bionic color
    Includes sapphire microcrystals that provide a clean, uniform
    and safe staining. In the palette you can find warm and cold
    shades of blond. You can purchase the product for the amount of 450
    rubles. Inebrya Bionic Color
  • Goldwell (Germany-Japan). Brand offers
    interesting tones for blondes such as beige blond or
    platinum tones. Nano-molecules and enhancers allow pigment
    to gain a foothold. Ingredients include antioxidants and
    UV filters that protect the strands and restore them.
    The cost is 700-1000 rubles. Goldwell

Hair care after dyeing

Although ammonia-free paints are more benign than ammonia,
coloring them also represents a certain stress to the hair.
To maintain their beauty and health, it is recommended
follow all the rules in the care. Recommendations are aimed at
preservation of color fastness. care

Useful tips

In the care of curls painted with ammonia-free paint, you need
Consider the following tips:

  • Need to pick a series of tools designed for
    care for dyed hair. Such funds
    fix the pigment in the hair and protect the color from leaching. Their
    recommended to be used for 2-3 weeks after
  • If the hair is dry and damaged, then after 2-3 weeks
    it is recommended to switch to recovery products and
    power supply. It is useful to use masks, both home and
  • It is recommended to choose a sulfate-free shampoo.
    Sulfates contribute to faster leaching of the pigment.
  • Do not get involved in hair dryers, curling irons, irons and other
    Thermal devices – their frequent use dries painted
    strands and spoils their structure.
  • Despite the benefits of various natural hair
    oils, they should be handled with care, as they
    wash out the paint.


How to wash out ammonia-free paint from hair at home

Composition without ammonia washed out easier than ammonia. If a
the result of staining does not suit you, or you want to change the image,
wash the dye in the following ways:

  • Use professional remover. AT
    Specialized stores can buy an acid remover. For her
    applications need to prepare a mixture of reducing agent and
    catalyst, put on hair and wait specified in the instructions
    period of time. Then the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water.
    over ten minutes.
  • Folk remedies. At home for
    washes can use oils, kefir, honey, mayonnaise. They are applied to
    hair and kept under the film for 1-1.5 hours. Can also be washed
    hair laundry soap.

folk remedies

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionSvetlana PodgornayaHairdresser-makeup artist

How often can hair be dyed with ammonia-free paint?

Ammonia-free paint can be used as needed. But
do not forget that even in the absence of ammonia staining –
This is a chemical process and should not be abused. Optimal
frequency – once every 4-6 weeks.

Is it possible to add ammonia proofreader to ammonia free

Ammonia correctors are lightening creams,
giving the ability to change the depth of tone and enhance the brightening
paint ability They can be added, including
ammonia-free dyes, but it is important to respect the proportions
(a ratio of 1: 3 is usually recommended).

Does a non-ammonia paint brighten or not?

Ammonia free paint can lighten hair, but usually
the maximum result – clarification by 2-4 tones. For more
radical reincarnation, it is not suitable.

How much non-ammonia paint is washed off?

On the assurances of manufacturers of paint without ammonia hold
up to 6-8 weeks. In practice, they are washed away after about
month. But due to the safety of staining it can be carried out by
necessary, maintaining color fastness.

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