Ammonia free perm chemicals hair – TOP 15 best

Perky curls, flowing curls or light wave – all this
results that can be obtained with a perm

The modern market offers many options for compositions
carrying out the procedure. In order not to get lost in this variety and
to make the best choice, you need to study and compare in detail
features of the most popular tools.

What to choose

The content of the article:

  • What to choose
  • Ollin
  • Wella
  • Goldwell (Goldwell)
  • Kapous
  • Paul Mitchell (Paul Mitchell)
  • Chi
  • Schwarzkopf professional
  • Estel Niagara (Estelle Niagara)
  • Z one
  • Matrix
  • Londa
  • Shot
  • Eugene perma
  • Brelil professional
  • Magic curl

A natural question arises – what means for chemical
Curls to choose?

Our recommendations:

  1. Tools for perm without

The modern market of hairdressing offers
a wide choice of means for absolutely harmless,
ammonia-free curling hair. Choosing a non-traumatic option
permanent, you need to focus on the condition of the hair. Neutral
The compositions are good for thin thin strands, and alkaline for long
porous strands.

Caring biowave, which is the most relevant method
obtain elastic curls, enriched with proteins, amino acids and
other useful ingredients and are suitable for all types of hair,
also helping to restore the structure of each hair.

  1. Preparations for a chemical wave per

Hair preparations based on fruit
acids, can be classified as therapeutic. Among them are “Hydrowave”
(France), “The Formula of Success” USA, “Trioform Save” (France).

These compounds do not have the slightest aggressive effect,
while optimally protect the scalp and the hair itself. Dont Have
unpleasant odor and provide stamina, resilience and
silky curls.

More recently, the phrase perm permanently
associated with damaged, parched hair. But
modern manufacturers are constantly improving cosmetic
preparations and perm today are well-groomed curls, in the process
the creation of which relies not only on beauty, but also on
security. And what do you choose? A means without ammonia


  • Russian brand Olin launches
    special gel for chemical curling Ollin Curl Hair Perm Gel,
    active substances which, primarily keratin,
    promote elastic curling curls.
  • The gel, in addition to its main function, gives the strands volume and
    forms an invisible film on the hair that protects them from negative
    external factors. To give the composition the ability
    provide a softening, moisturizing and nourishing effect, gel
    Mixed with Fluid mix Ollin Curl Hair. Fix
    resulting from the procedure performed curls special
    lotion from Allin. | Given the careful effect on the hair and
    the ability to maintain the effect up to six months, the tool for creating
    Curls from Allin can be attributed to biowave.
  • The gentle formula does not contain ammonia.
  • The cost of the 500 ml Ollin gel for curling varies in
    350-400 rub., fluid, for the same
    volume, 250 -270 rubles., and fixing lotion
    about 200 rubles


  • Get luxurious curls without harm to the hair will help
    Produced in Germany
    Curls from Wella.
  • The manufacturer offers two lines of products related to
    categories of delicate permanent perms. Wella Wave It series
    gives additional volume due to the creation of flowing large
    waves. Those who want to get elastic curls should stop their
    choice on a series of Wella Curl It. | Curls become moisturized,
    previously damaged areas are intensively restored.
  • Ammonia in the composition of these lines
    absent, that is, the hair does not get the slightest
    negative effects, on the contrary, developed by experts
    Wella formulas allow parallel curling to get excellent
    care effect.
  • Perm kits are available for price.
    1400 – 1600 rubles.

Goldwell (Goldwell)

Chemical Biowave from Japanese
manufacturer has the most gentle effect on hair and
does not contain ammonia. Complex drugs Evolution
forms curls based on neutral ph technology and, thanks to
part of the lipid-moisturizing complex, restores
curls from the inside, giving them shine and strength.

Based on the natural structure and the current state, are selected
corresponding system:

  • The system “0” – suitable for the formation of curls on hard
    natural hair;
  • System “1” – optimal for normal and thin hair;
  • System “1 Soft” – is used if the hair is a bit
    damaged or previously subjected to highlighting. The total
    the number of straightened strands should not exceed 30%;
  • System “2” for porous or colored with chemical paints
    hair, as well as for owners of hair, streaked on

The procedure using this complex is recommended to do in
the cabin. The cost of the service will be approximately 4000 thousand.


A series for a wave from the Italian producer
bears the name Kapous Helix and includes special lotions and

Means are issued in the amount of 500 ml.

Lotions are different packaging, and also have a different smell and
appropriate labeling:

  • 0 – for difficult-to-form natural hair;
  • 1 – for normal natural;
  • 2 – for dyed and previously subjected to curling hair.

Ammonia in the composition of the products from Kapous replaced by nate glycolate
ammonium. This component allows not only to fix
curls, but also provide them elasticity and softness.

This type of perm can be attributed to “bio”, since
in addition to the main action, the active components have
restoring effect.

The procedure for curling materials company Kapous can be carried out as
independently and with the help of a master in the cabin. Cost of
consumables for a home procedure will be about 600
rubles, the service wizard will cost about 3000

Paul Mitchell (Paul Mitchell)

Paul Mitchell is an American brand, now 40
years successful in the market for perm and lamination

With the help of biowave this brand, you can easily achieve elastic
curls of various diameters or light beach waves.

Paul Mitchell produces three types of biowave formulations:

  • For thick and gray hair – alkaline type;
  • For normal, dry and stained – exothermic;
  • For the clarified and thin – acid.

The product does not contain hydrogen peroxide and
ammonia, acts delicately, without damaging the hair.

Composition from Paul Mitchell for home use can
purchase for about 2500 rubles in the cabin
The cost of the service starts from 3500 rubles.

Important! Paint curls can be no earlier than three
weeks after the procedure.


Chi Ionic Shine Waves permanent biowave from American
manufacturer Farouk Systems does not contain
aggressive components such as ammonia or thioglycolic
acid, but enriched with natural silk proteins.
The complex can be used for both healthy and weak.

Chi products will have brittle, dry, and damaged hair.
therapeutic effect.

It is possible to use means both in salon, and at home. It is not
exudes a characteristic chemical smell.

Set for home use, including the composition for
curl formation, retainer, neutralizer and conditioner,
will cost about 3,000 rubles.

Prices for master services start from 5000

Schwarzkopf professional

The Schwarzkopf Natural Styling series of products.
belongs to the category of biowave and does not contain
harsh chemicals that can damage the structure

Moreover, in addition to give the curls elasticity during
Aloe vera extract contained in the products helps.

The Natural Styling line includes the following products:

  • Gel. Provides basal wave and maintains volume.
    Used to maintain regrown after previous curling.
    roots. Contains amino acids and moisturizing complex;
  • Lotion. Two-phase formula, easy to apply, forms
    flowing curls, while caring for them;
  • Fluid. Designed to produce short-term effects,
    which will not last longer than 6 weeks;
  • Lotions Classic. Presented by several options, in
    depending on the type of hair. The result is held on the hair to 12
  • Neutralizer Suitable for any kind of composition from
  • Spray recovery. Aims to protect hair during
    carrying out the procedure.

All brand products are manufactured in Russia.

The cost of a salon procedure based on funds from
Schwarzkopf will be about 7,000 rubles, the price at home
conditions consists of the cost of individual funds:

  • Gel for basal volume – 350 rubles;
  • Lotions – about 600 rubles;
  • Fluid 650 rubles;
  • Spray – 500 rubles;
  • Neutralizer – 700 rubles.

Important! When using the complex for curling at home
conditions, you should strictly follow the instructions. Even small
deviations in dosage and technology can lead to negative
consequences for hair.

Estel Niagara (Estelle Niagara)

Bio-permanent Russian production, not containing
ammonia and ammonium thioglycolate. Formula
remedies based on cysteamine, so it provides a gentle
impact. The result is a natural, well-groomed,
uniform curls.

The Estelle treatment can be performed at
cabin, in this case, its cost will be 2000-2500 rubles, or
at home, spending on the purchase of 500-650 rubles.

Z one

Biowave from the Italian manufacturer Concept guarantees
excellent formation and long-term preservation of the curl. Part
remedies include botanical extracts, structural amino acids and
PBBS protein-based recovery complex. Biowave Z
one does not contain ammonia or its derivatives.

Service cost:

  • For natural hair – 2100 rubles;
  • For dyed hair – 2200 rubles;
  • For bleached hair (“Angel Hair”) – 2300 rubles.


The American Bio-permanent Matrix means complex
Effect on hair products developed on the basis of plant
components. No aggressive substances composition of the matrix
does not contain. Moreover, after the procedure, the curls feel on
exposure to a special moisturizing complex that repeats
biological hair membrane.

The Matrix range offers three products for

  • In blue packaging – for sensitive hair, dwell time –
    10 minutes;
  • Orange version – for difficult-to-wear and normal hair,
    holding time 15 minutes;
  • Pink – for dyed and normal hair. Holding time
    also makes 15 minutes.

Retainer neutral for all funds. His time
exposure – 5-7 minutes.

In the salon, the cost of the procedure will depend on the length of the hair:

  • 6000 rub. – short;
  • 7000 rub. – middle length;
  • 8000 rub. – long hair.

At home use, the curling lotion will cost approximately
750 rubles, retainer – 800 rubles.


Ammonia-free hair curling lotion from Londa,
based on thioglycolic acid, belongs to the category of biowave,
as it has a gentle effect and contains keratin,
representing protein organically perceived by the structure

The composition is also enriched with collagen, panthenol, proteins and phyto.

Country of origin: Russia.

Salon sparing procedure for short hair will cost
about 3000 rubles, for long – 6000 rubles.

For self-formation of curls need to buy
lotion – 1500 rubles and fixative – 900 rubles.


Shot “Wawe of Perm” – chemical bio-permanent based
wheat and keratin proteins not containing
ammonia, without harm to the hair brings to life the dream of
well-groomed wavy hair.

Line tools can be purchased at the following price:

  • Composition for curling – 1200 rubles;
  • Modulator for chemical composition – 1150 rubles;
  • Clamp for chemical composition – 870 rubles.

Prices are per 500 ml.

Country of manufacture: Italy

Eugene perma

Ammonia-free chemical biowave with natural
components, vitamins and minerals, allowing
get elastic curls of any shape and diameter.

The line of products of the French brand includes the following

  • Lotion resulting from the use of
    flowing curls – №0 – for natural and difficult to give
    change hair shape, № 3 – for hair sensitive to
  • Ingredients – №0 – for hard and natural hair, №1 – for
    natural hair, № 2 – for sensitive hair, № 3 – for
    damaged hair;
  • Neutralizer

The cost of lotion – 600 rubles, the composition for curling –
1200 rubles, the neutralizer – 1100 rubles.

Brelil professional

The Perms line from Brelil professional is intended for chemical
Curling various types of hair. Due to the absence in the composition
ammonia and the content of caring components, vitamins and proteins
suitable for damaged and dyed hair and refers to
biochemical type.

The line includes the following products:

  • The balancing shampoo for creation of soft curls – 1250
  • Gel Action 1 – for normal hair – 1900 rubles;
  • Gel Action 2 – for dyed hair – 1900 rubles;
  • Controller – 650 rubles;
  • Lotion for natural hair – 1100 rubles;
  • Lotion for curling colored hair – 1100 rubles;
  • Lotion for difficult-to-reach hair – 1100 rubles.

Country producer of funds: Italy.

Magic curl

Means “Magic curl” from the Russian manufacturer
Galant-Cosmetic, enriched with natural keratin can be attributed to
categories of biowave. It contains no ammonia,
but there is a medical complex that forms during the procedure
protective film on each hair.

The composition is intended for home use,
the cost does not exceed 300 rubles.

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