And what do we know about thin hair?

thin hair photoHave thin hair
the smallest diameter of hairs, and because of this, the hair lacks
volume. After you wash your hair like this, they lie lifeless
on the head. People with thin hair have to use
products designed specifically for fine hair to
lay them down

Fat level

Thin hair is divided into 4 types according to the degree of fat content: oily,
dry, normal and mixed. Oily hair becomes if
Scalp sebaceous glands produce too much sebum.
Due to excess fat, thin hair appears heavy and greasy. If a
you have oily thin hair, near the hairline may appear

Dry hair, on the contrary, means that the scalp does not
produces a sufficient amount of sebum. Dry hair
look dull and brittle. In normal hair, the fat level is exactly
as required. Blended hair are called in the case
if immediately after washing they are dry, but after a few hours
become fatty.


Fine hair may have different levels of porosity and
elasticity. This is directly related to how effective
hair chemical products. Thin hair quickly absorb any
chemicals used in hair coloring or other
procedures, because on their surface many pores. Insofar as
thin hair reacts differently to different procedures than hair
other types, professional stylists before applying any
chemical drug, first check their effect on the test
strands of hair to be sure that the desired effect will be

Hair texture

Thin hair can be curly, straight or wavy, although
most often they are straight. Some hairstyles are not very good.
Suitable for fine hair, because they do not hold the shape for a long time.
Some women with thin hair find it difficult to curl them like
waves and curls. In order to do this, it is required
very high temperature that can adversely affect

Hair density

It may be different and the density of thin hair, they are like
sparse and thick, which requires various styling products.
If you have thin and sparse hair, you will need a remedy,
giving volume, and proper haircut that makes hair
visually thicker. Those with average hair density need less
hair styling products. Thin but thick hair will still
very soft, but they do not need additional volume.

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