Ankle Liposuction – How To Make Feet beautiful?

Thin graceful ankles have always been a sign of elegance and
aristocracy. Even if a woman is not tall and her figure is not
so perfect, thin ankles give slimness to legs and visually
they are lengthened. However, the structure of the legs and the amount of fat at this
anatomical site is determined by heredity. What to do
those who have thick ankles, and their form, to put it mildly, leaves
want better? First, do not be upset, and secondly,
seek advice from a plastic surgeon who
Will advise to improve the shape of the ankles with the help of liposuction. Fatty
deposits in the ankles are not so significant, but even their
a small amount can cause visual imbalances in the legs
and their curvature.


  • Is surgery necessary?
  • Anatomical features of this area
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • Ankle Liposuction Techniques
  • How do ankles liposuction
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Possible complications
  • Alternative methods for removing fat from the ankle area

Is surgery necessary?

Among aesthetic surgeons, ankle liposuction is considered highly
controversial procedure. Some experts argue that
ankle liposuction is useless because the shape and thickness of the ankles
due to the genetic structure of bone tissue.

Moreover, in this anatomical zone there is not a large number
fat, but there is a very high risk of soft tissue damage and
blood vessels. However, in certain situations
experts still agree on liposuction. But before
all you need is a consultation with a competent surgeon who, after
examination of the patient, to determine whether there is a need for
carrying out the procedure.

Anatomical features of this area

Liposuction in the ankle zone is extremely and extremely rare.
Because this is the most dangerous and unpredictable area. In the area of
The ankles are many vital vessels and nerves,
damage which may lead to unpredictable consequences.
For this reason, aesthetic surgeons consider performing liposuction
ankle unjustified and very dangerous procedure.

In the area of ​​the ankles, as a rule, there is little fat, but a lot of muscular
masses, and all the fat has a dense texture of the fibrous type,
which is difficult to aspirate. Ankle vessels have
propensity for thrombophlebitis, which can provoke their blockage.
In addition, the area of ​​the popliteal fossa in no case should
affected during surgery. This zone is difficult
corrected by reason of the fact that some women have massive
musculoskeletal system.

However, liposuction of the inner surface of the leg is considered quite
permissible and well-corrected because it is there
accumulates roller-shaped fatty band.

Since all the fat on the ankles is superficial, so is liposuction
is superficial. However, this fact may contribute
damage to the subdermal choroid plexus. Because of the tight
veins on the legs and ankles, they react strongly to
long-term vascular lesions.

Ankle liposuction is usually more pronounced.
the result than, say, liposuction of the hips or abdomen. Insofar as
leg curvature due to the uneven contour of the calves and lower legs is more
noticeable than wide hips. Moreover, women have wide hips not
are a significant cosmetic defect, but crooked legs –
Yes. Thus, the contour of the ankles and calves is the most important
zone from an aesthetic point of view.

However, in deciding to conduct an operation, it is important that she
was performed as carefully as possible. Surgeon performing such
sort of surgery, must have a high level
training and extensive experience.


Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The indication for the procedure is:

  • disproportionality of the weight and volume of the ankles;
  • false curvature of the legs due to thick ankles;
  • significant amount of adipose tissue in the ankles.

The main contraindications to the procedure
are considered:

  • acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • blood clotting diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • oncology;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • venous insufficiency;
  • age restrictions (the operation is not carried out up to 25 years);
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin diseases in this area.

Ankle Liposuction Techniques

The procedure is performed in the following ways:

  • classical, vacuum;
  • tumescent;
  • laser;
  • ultrasound.

Classic vacuum liposuction method
also performed by two methods:

  • dry;
  • wet.

The dry method involves the destruction of fatty
fabrics mechanically. Through cuts in the fatty mass
sediments are injected with a cannula that moves fanlikely to the right and
to the left, thereby destroying fatty tissue. With the help of negative
pressure is pumping fat.

Wet method involves using
lipolytic solution that dilutes fatty tissue,
most facilitates the process of aspiration.

Tumescent method implies
the use of Klein fluid, which destroys fat cells with
their subsequent aspiration with a vacuum apparatus. This method
is most suitable for liposuction ankles because
possesses a certain softness and accuracy in comparison with others
by methods. Tumescent method has significant

  • the absence of significant scars and scars;
  • small blood loss;
  • fewer bruises, swelling and microhematomas;
  • less risk of tissue infection;
  • less risk of postoperative complications;
  • short recovery period.

Laser liposuction is considered the most
modern and efficient. During the procedure, do not make big
cuts, but only small punctures through which enter a tube
cannula, conducting energy of the laser. The laser, heating the fabric,
evaporates fatty tissue, which turns into emulsified
fat is excreted from the body in two ways:

  • in a natural way through lymphatic or circulatory
  • mechanically using vacuum aspiration

Ultrasound method destroys adipose tissue
using sound waves of a certain frequency. This method
considered more benign. Special fat is injected into subcutaneous fat.
electrode that conducts high-frequency sound waves. AT
As a result, fat cells are destroyed and aspirated by vacuum.
by the apparatus.

The laser and ultrasound method is used in this case.
less often. Since when removing a small amount of fat
tissue there is a risk of strong heating of the tissue that may
provoke burns. Therefore, the best method of liposuction of this zone is all
is tumescent.

How do ankles liposuction

Regardless of the chosen method of liposuction, surgery
carried out according to a common well-known scheme:

  1. The surgeon marks the zone to be
  2. Anesthesia is performed, it can be both local and
  3. Next, a lipolytic solution is injected into the target area,
    contributing to the softening and destruction of adipose tissue. Volume
    the injected solution is strictly proportional to the volume of fat to be removed.
  4. Then, small (up to 4 mm) cuts along the lateral
    surfaces of the Achilles tendon (at the base of the ankle).
  5. The tube – the cannula, moving like a fan, fragments the fat,
    which was converted to an emulsion.
  6. The resulting emulsified fat through a thin cannula tube,
    which is attached to a vacuum aspirator, pumped out of
  7. The cuts are stitched and, if necessary,
    establish drainage for secret outflow.
  8. At the end of the operation, elastic bandages are applied to the ankles,
    and then a day later the patient is put on compression stockings.
  9. The duration of surgery from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Of great importance is the amount of adipose tissue removed. Not
It is worth striving to remove all the fat from the ankle area, this
impossible and very dangerous because it can provoke
damage to vital blood vessels. Also in
in some places the skin is directly adjacent to the muscles with
small accumulation of fat.

If you remove all the fat in this area, in the future it may
there is a significant visual imbalance in the ankles if,
for example, the patient will recover, then the zone with the remaining fat
will increase in size, in contrast to the zones with absolutely no fat. Ankles
will have a bumpy uneven appearance due to increased
the heterogeneity of adipose tissue. Avoid excessive
leg liposuction because its goal is the natural result
from an aesthetic point of view.

Ankle liposuction is an effective way to get rid
from fat in this area. Thanks technically
proper operation, the patient can gain even legs
and graceful ankles. In this case, it all depends on the skill of the surgeon,
therefore, searching for a doctor and aesthetic clinic should be approached from
all seriousness.

Rehabilitation period

This type of liposuction involves a short restorative
period. After surgery, the patient stays in for three days.
the hospital under the supervision of a surgeon. At first, the patient should
be in a horizontal position with an elevated position
feet. In the following days, patients are advised to walk,
because it is useful for reducing swelling and contributes

During this period, the patient may also experience an increase in
temperatures and pain that are relieved by analgesics and
antipyretic drugs. The stitches are removed on the seventh day after
operations, at this time you can return to the usual for the patient
rhythm of life, however, observing some more rules and
limitations of the rehabilitation period:

  • wearing compression stockings or the use of elastic
    bandages for a month;
  • gently carry out foot hygiene;
  • do not take hot baths, only a warm shower;
  • do not visit the baths and saunas;
  • do not visit the pools and do not sunbathe in the solarium;
  • avoid direct sunlight;
  • do not lift weights;
  • avoid long loads on the legs;
  • avoid intense physical complications.

Possible complications

Following liposuction of the ankles, the following may be observed.

  1. Irregularity of the skin, the appearance of bumps and pits. Complication
    develops due to excessive fat removal.
  2. Significant pain syndrome. Soft tissue trauma can
    cause pain that is long lasting stable
  3. Necrosis of tissues. Developed as a result of not completely cured
    hematomas or as the result of improper stitching of the skin
  4. Infection of cuts and punctures. Complication occurs when
    non-observance of the general sanitary mode. As a result of this
    sepsis complications may occur.
  5. Bleeding. Complication develops as a result of damage
    vessels due to excessive removal of adipose tissue. On the ankles is not enough
    fatty tissue attempting to remove it all can cause damage
  6. Thromboembolism. During the operation, acute
    clogging of a blood vessel with a blood clot, detached from its place
    dislocation and trapped in the bloodstream.
  7. Fat embolism. A very serious condition that occurs in
    the result of admission to the circulating blood fatty elements

Alternative methods for removing fat from the ankle area

It is believed that eliminate fatty complications in
Ankles are impossible by any other means besides liposuction.

However, before resorting to such a dangerous procedure as
ankle liposuction, still worth trying non-surgical methods
correction of this zone.

Correction of this zone includes several areas:

  • special diet;
  • massage and beauty treatments;
  • exercise and sport.

A special diet will help balance the amount of fat on
ankles. Such a diet should include:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits containing antioxidants;
  • foods high in vitamin C are Bulgarian pepper;
    citrus, kiwi, sauerkraut;
  • foods high in potassium: bananas, dried apricots,
  • eat garlic, ginger and chilli pepper.
  • also need to drink plenty of fluids up to 2 liters per

In order to prevent liposuction of the ankles should be carried out
regular massage of the ankles and legs, as well as beauty treatments
such as drainage. It improves blood circulation and
restores metabolic processes in this area.

Water treatments can help deal with fat deposits.
in the ankle area. For this purpose, it is recommended to take a contrast
a shower that improves fluid circulation and muscle tone.

Exercise is an indispensable way to maintain
slim figure and graceful silhouette. Special exercises for legs
Help make ankles beautiful and slim.

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