Appearance before and after contour plastics

Many are interested in contour plastic. Before and after the procedure: what
change? Today, women, however, as always, want to be
young and beautiful. A lot of modern women resort to services.
various cosmetic procedures, starting with a massage and
ending with plastic surgery. Basically these procedures
touch the face. The face is always in sight, you will not cover it with clothes. With
This face is one of the rapidly aging parts of our body. Change
the shape of the face, the appearance of small and large wrinkles – all this speaks of
our age. To hide age changes, more than a hundred years
back there was a procedure such as contour plastic face. But
then she did not cause much confidence. Now big
a number of women use this procedure to maintain
youth, elasticity and health of the skin.


  • Features of the procedure
  • Injections for the procedure
  • How is the procedure
  • Contraindications to contour plastics

Features of the procedure

Facial contouring is an alternative to plastic
surgery. This is a rejuvenation procedure performed using
subcutaneous injections. So, after contouring the following are possible.

contour plastic face

This small procedure lasts approximately one hour. But
the effect lasts from 6 months to 2 years. The procedure is performed without
anesthesia, it is enough to apply anesthetic before the procedure

  • elimination of wrinkles in nose and lips: wrinkles disappear, and lips
    become more beautiful and complete;
  • subcutaneous injections in the chin will restore beauty to the contour of the face,
    young and healthy looking;
  • subsequently, the injections will be smoothed out or become less
    noticeable deep nasolabial folds;
  • the nose will be correct and beautiful shape without reference to
    a surgeon;
  • the transverse wrinkles of the frontal part, between the eyebrows and above
    upper lip;
  • ugly scars and scars can be removed.

After contouring the face becomes elastic,
healthy, young and beautiful. Virtually absent
rehabilitation period, you can immediately proceed to normal
of life.

There are only certain limitations that are necessary.
observe several days:

  • sports are contraindicated;
  • refuse to visit the pool, bath or sauna;
  • week to refrain from taking a bath with hot water;
  • during the month to avoid exposure to the sun.

Sometimes, with strong age changes, you may need
carry out the procedure of rejuvenation by injection more than once.
The main difference between face contouring and surgery is its
a price that is more acceptable to the general population and
somewhat varies only depending on the applied for
injections gels.

Injections for the procedure

For face contouring, hyaluronic acid is used,
the content of which in the skin decreases with aging of the body. For
injections are used different types of fillers (gels) based on
stabilized and purified hyaluronic acid which is not
contains animal protein. We list a few most frequently.
used gels:

Features of contour plastics

Many women who have been injected with
paraffin, silicone and similar substances have experienced
numerous complications from their use before they were created
biocompatible gels for contouring.

  • silicone (liquid) – biopolymer gel, attached to the skin
    natural and removes fine lines and grooves;
  • NEW FILL polylactic acid gel, used for suspenders
    facial contours, with contour plastics;
  • Restylane gel, used to correct the lips, giving them
    desired shape and to remove fine wrinkles around the mouth;
  • Restylane Fine Lines, used in contour plastics for
    Correction of fine wrinkles around the eyes, forehead wrinkles and corrections
    upper lip.

Gels differ in concentration and viscosity of the current
substances. The cost of the procedure depends on it.

The most viscous gel is used to correct the deepest.
wrinkles and folds, for increase in lips and volume of cheeks. These gels
used for women with the strongest and most pronounced
signs of aging face skin or for women with thick skin.

For face skin with moderate signs of aging and fine
Medium gels are used by the nets of superficial wrinkles

Non viscous gels (of very small viscosity) have a lower
efficiency, but their price is also small.

Having considered what needs to be corrected, the cosmetologist will recommend
required filler. No need to decide on which one
gel is better suited for the procedure.

How is the procedure

By the time contour plastic face takes 40-50 minutes, but
sometimes more than 2 hours. The time depends on the age of the patient and
the result to be achieved. Cosmetician injects gel
in small portions under the skin using microneedles.

Result plastics

The result of the contour of the face. Before and after

All entered preparations pass obligatory certification. Before
procedure must be familiar with the existing certificates
quality. All syringes and used drugs are in
disposable packaging, reuse is not possible. No pain
felt. The filler fills all the free areas under the skin, and on
cell level accelerates metabolic processes and wrinkles
smoothed out. Immediately after contouring plastics are slightly
noticeable small tumors and red spots on the face, but they
pass quickly. The procedure has a strong distribution among
young girls. Although age changes are almost invisible, they
I still want to improve my appearance. The effect of the procedure lasts for
for several months. There is such a pattern: what
the higher the viscosity of the gel – the higher its price. And, accordingly, if
for rejuvenation used the most viscous and expensive gel, the effect
from the procedure will be stored for a longer time.

Contraindications to contour plastics

As a medical procedure, facial plastic surgery has

  • exacerbation of any diseases;
  • taking certain medications;
  • blood diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • violations of the integument of the entire skin of the face;
  • time of gestation and lactation;
  • various types of drug allergies.

The main thing is to do the procedure with experienced doctors in licensed
medical centers or beauty salons. We must not forget that
the longest effect of the procedure will be when performing all
recommendations of a cosmetologist in the period after contour correction, and
also about the need to use additional anti-aging

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