Apply birch tar from acne on the face and tele

Birch tar acne – the best tool in the fight against acne
rash. It is an antiseptic that restores the epidermis.
and eliminates inflammation from the skin of the face, and is also ideal for
various skin rashes.


  • Birch tar – the main enemy of acne
  • Tar soap from acne
  • Facial and body products

Birch tar – the main enemy of acne

Birch tar is a black oily
liquid with a bright aroma and blue-green color. Most often
it is used in cosmetology for the production of shampoos, lotions,
balsams, etc.

The unusual properties of birch tar help subcutaneous
acne is much faster to ripen, and small ones in general
disappear. Tar birch enters into a chemical reaction with greasy
skin glands, as a result of which deep pores are cleaned, removed
inflammation of the epidermis, as well as disinfected and peeled off
dead cells.

Birch tar

After applying birch tar, your face will look
more fresh and healthy and will acquire a natural blush and

Birch tar acne is very effective. He is appreciated
due to its properties:

  1. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on
    facial skin, contributing to the destruction of bacteria and acne, removing
    inflammation from it and giving it a natural color.
  2. It has a drying effect. If you have a fat or
    combined skin, birch tar is the very remedy
    which will help you get rid of oily shine.
  3. Has the ability to fight disease-causing
    bacteria. Therefore, regularly making masks of birch tar for
    individuals can get rid of the causes that lead to the formation
  4. Due to its property to fight microorganisms and
    parasites, he is able to cope with such a serious disease
    as demodicosis.
  5. Birch tar activates and stimulates blood circulation, in
    the result is that cells regenerate more quickly and
    they rejuvenate.

Tar soap from acne

Tar soap is an excellent way to fight acne and
black dots on the face. This is the easiest and easiest way.
get rid of acne. It helps most favorably.
tender young teenage skin in puberty. With
hormonal failure during critical days or pregnancy
it can be used without complications and consequences for the body.

Tar soap

Before using tar soap
consult a dermatologist. Then purchase it at
pharmacy and carefully read the instructions for use. Apply it
necessary on the cleaned surface of the face, rubbing well into the skin.
Next, leave on the face for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Holders of oily skin can be used every other day, but
dry skin should not be used more often than twice.
a week

Facial and body products

Shower gel with birch tar oil – very useful
means. Acne and acne can form on any part.
human body. So if you have acne on your body (back,
arms, legs, buttocks), use tar oil. To purchase
It can be in the pharmacy for a fairly low price. Before
using add to your favorite shower gel 5 ml
tar oil and shake well the tube. Apply to surface
bodies where there are problem areas, and carefully massaging
rub in the skin.

Milk for the face and body with the addition of tar oil. Birch
tar can be added to the milk for the face and body. For therapeutic
effect will be enough one teaspoon per bottle
hygiene products. Apply milk with cotton pads.
on the skin of the face and problem areas of the body. In order to action
It was more effective, it can be used in combination with
tar soap. Milk should be applied to the skin for 20 to 30 minutes,
then rinse with warm water. You can use this tool

Body cream with birch tar oil. Body cream better
just use neutral. Perfect for this purpose
non-greasy baby cream for all skin types.
Add 10 drops of tar oil to it and mix well.
Apply spot, directly on acne and acne.
body areas. Apply daily for a month.

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