Applying aloe vera juice

The use of aloe acne is widely practiced not only in
recipes of traditional medicine, but also in professional cosmetology.
In addition, aloe extract is often added to medicinal
drugs that are intended for the treatment of internal diseases

This plant has many beneficial properties.
which are not only able to cope with annoying acne, but also
remove traces after them. Aloe Vera also copes well with acne
rash and promotes wound healing.

The composition of this plant is a lot of mineral
substances, amino acids, fiber, vitamins C and group B, which
positively affect the condition of the epidermis. Getting on the skin
active components of agave juice (common name of the plant)
penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis. If the skin is problematic
areas with signs of inflammation, then the plant juice
neutralize them. With agave you can not only get rid of
simple acne, but also remove pustules. With active use
This means pus will go away, and the skin will tighten and smooth out.

To get rid of acne, the plant can be used in two
ways: wipe problem areas with juice or apply
healing masks made from aloe pulp.

Preparation of the plant before use

In order for aloe treatment to give positive results, before it
use is necessary to carry out some activities.

For the treatment of the skin is recommended to use the old
plant. The more his age, the more useful
substances found in the leaves. For this reason, the procedures are suitable.
those leaves that are at least 3 years old. They are at the bottom
parts of the plant and differ from the young in their fleshyness.

To increase the biological activity of beneficial components,
contained in the pulp, the leaves of the plant must first
to prepare. The lower processes of aloe are cut from the plant and wrapped.
in the paper. In this form, they must be placed on the bottom for 2 weeks.
refrigerator or put in the basement. Instead of paper, you can use
thick fabric.

All further recipes, regardless of whether they are aimed at
treatment of skin rashes or designed to nourish and
skin toning, should be prepared from agave leaves,
which 2 weeks ago were cut from the bush.

To get the juice from the scarlet, the leaves must be passed through
grinder and then squeeze. The resulting pulp is not
should be thrown away. It is suitable for making masks.

Agave can be used in its pure form. That is a sheet
plants are cleaned from the dense top layer (peel) and cut
in thin pieces that can be laid out on the problem

Acne Recipes

The use of aloe acne will be effective if picked up
masks according to skin type. For example, the owners of oily
skin is well suited protein mask. For her cooking
need to take a chicken egg and separate the white from the yolk. Egg
Protein must be whipped thoroughly until homogeneous.
thick foam, then add 2 tbsp. aloe juice and 1 tbsp.
lemon juice. All components are mixed and proceed to
application procedure. For convenience, the mask can be applied with a brush on
pre-cleansed skin. The composition is left on the skin to its full
drying and then rinse with warm water.

This tool not only helps get rid of acne, but also
reduces the intensity of the sebaceous glands. Protein mask
has a disinfecting effect. After her acne dry up,
pores taper and passes shine.

An effective daily remedy for acne is a mask
cooked from aloe and honey.

In order to do it, you will need to take in equal proportions
Aloe juice and honey. After thorough mixing, the resulting
The substance is applied to the body and held for 10-15 minutes.
If this mask is intended for the face, then when applying it
It is recommended to avoid the area around the eyes. When the time is up,
mask washed with warm water. With a strong acne rash this mask
can be improved by adding a few drops of iodine
and hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide is added in equal
proportions with honey and agave juice). Anti-inflammatory and
cleansing effect has a mask made from juice
agave and clay. To get the desired result, you need
use white or blue clay, which can be purchased at
pharmacy or cosmetics store.

The clay is mixed with the fresh juice of the plant so that
turned porridge mass. A mixture of clay and aloe juice is applied to
skin and incubated for about 15 minutes. When the mask begins to dry, its
you need to rinse with hot water and then rinse your body with cold to
close pores. After the clay mask, the skin will get a matte shade,
greasy luster will disappear and the amount of skin rash will decrease.

Additionally, you can enrich the skin with useful vitamins with
using essential oils. They have antiseptic and healing
act. The advantage of essential oil is that it can
add to any recipe. Rosemary should be preferred.
clove, tea tree, fir and camphor oil.

Aloe acne can be used without additional
ingredients. For convenience, the procedure recommended
make a decoction of chamomile, sage and calendula. When the decoction cools,
Aloe juice is added to it and poured into ice molds. After
freezing healing ice cubes are used to wipe the face or
of the whole body.

Aloe juice or pulp can be used not only for treatment
skin, but also as a preventive procedure. Regular masks and
rubbing will allow the skin of the face and body to always look clean and

Despite the many positive qualities, aloe acne
can not be used if there is individual intolerance

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