Applying hair mask with olive oiled

Olive oil hair mask can work wonders. it
means known for its extraordinary properties from the ancient
times. The ancient poet Homer called olive oil liquid gold,
bearing in mind not so much external resemblance to a noble metal,
how much its value to human health. Mesopotamian women,
ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome actively used the fruits of olive for
giving your hair strength and shine. Tradition apply olive
oil for cosmetic purposes handed down from generation to generation,
from mothers to daughters. Perhaps that’s why the beauties of the Mediterranean
boast thick and silky hair.


  • Olive Oil Properties
  • How to make a mask?
  • Means for rapid hair growth

Olive Oil Properties

The product has the unique property of not clogging the pores of the scalp.
Owners of the fat dermis can safely use for their
heaps of olive oil, without fear of increasing its fat content.
The tool will help regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and
reduce fat production. Girls suffering from dry epithelium
heads, the product will help to achieve a natural shine of the curls and
elasticities, accelerating metabolic processes and improving the nutrition of hair

Olive oil helps to cope with hair loss and
dandruff The high content of vitamin E in the product contributes to
active cell regeneration of the scalp. Regular processing
strands will prevent the appearance of split ends, except
In addition, it will help to treat previously damaged hair.

Before use, the product should be slightly warmed to a pleasant one.
skin temperature. The effect of warm oil will be much

Choosing a tool, you do not need to save. Cheap species can be
a mixture of refined and unrefined oils. At like
cleansing product loses many of its beneficial properties. Treatment
hair with such a tool may not give the desired result. TO
Unfortunately, on the shelves of shops you can find less
quality product – a mixture of olive and sunflower or any
other vegetable oil. The content of a valuable product
Olives in it may be negligible. This product does not make sense

Liquid gold can be rubbed into the head skin, applied
on curls along the entire length or only on the tips. But the best
results give combined cosmetic products with olive
oil They are not difficult to make their own.

It is recommended to use masks no more than 2 times a month. Their
It is better to rinse with herbal shampoo and rinse with broth
herbs or water with added apple cider vinegar.

How to make a mask?

Excellent result gives a combination of olive oil with
honey By mixing these ingredients, the action of each of
them greatly enhanced. Before preparing the mask you need
heat not only liquid gold, but honey. 120 g brought to
liquid state of honey should be mixed with 30 ml of oil. Into the mix
It is also recommended to enter the juice of half a lemon. He will add
vitamins, in addition, will give a radiant shine to curls. Carefully
Mix the mixture to wrap in a warm blanket for 25-35 minutes. Behind
This time, the hair should be washed and slightly dried. After application
masks head cover polyethylene or wear a shower cap.
Wrap a slightly warmed towel on top or put it on.
wool cap (dry heat). Withstand the mask for about an hour. After
what washes it off.

Effectively feeds the roots of hair olive oil in a duet with
yolk. The number of the last to take for
mask preparation depends on the length and thickness of the hair. To some
may need 4-5 pieces. Medium length hair is sufficient 2
eggs and 90-120 ml of olive oil. Egg yolks with butter need
mix well and apply to hair. Head wrapped in dry
warm for 50 minutes. Rinse the mixture with hot water, otherwise
yolks can curl up. In this case, removing them will be very

Effective to increase the thickness of the hair is
mask of a mixture of olive and burdock oils. The last long
famous for its ability to strengthen hair and make
braid thicker. Products are taken in equal proportions, then applied to
scalp and hair, paying special attention to the ends. Dry heat
enhance the effect. It is possible to wash off the oil mixture after 1 hour.

Means for rapid hair growth

Girls who want to quickly grow their hair, it is recommended
mask of olive oil and red pepper.

The burning fetus has long been known to stimulate growth.
curls. This effect has a substance contained in red
pepper – capsaicin. It irritates the top layer of the epidermis of the head,
causing blood flow to the hair follicles. Intense
blood circulation accelerates cell regeneration, improves skin nutrition and
makes hair grow faster. For the mask you need to take in equal
The ratios are both ingredients. The mixture is applied to the scalp and
wrapped in dry heat. If during the procedure appeared
discomfort, the mask should be washed off immediately. Light pleasant warmth
The scalp is caused by the action of red pepper. Mask hold 25-35
minutes and wash off.

A proven tool that causes the growth of hair is onions.
It will also help to cope with hair loss. But there is one
An unpleasant side effect is a strong, repulsive odor. therefore
the procedure should be postponed for the evening. Better yet, do it before
days off. The smell of onions can last several days, although
its intensity will rapidly decrease daily. For
masks need to squeeze the juice out of one medium bulb,
mix it with 1 tbsp. l olive oil and the same amount
honey heated to a liquid state. The mixture must be carefully
rub into the skin of the head. If the remedy remains, you can
spread on strands. Wrap your head in dry heat for 30-50

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