As the choice of hair tones can affect the external view?

how to choose the right hair colorToday
thanks to modern colors you can achieve any hair color.
There are various reasons why people decide to paint curls. One
not satisfied with the natural color, while others want to change something in
your way and life in general.

The correct color of the strands visually aligns the tone.
faces and makes eyes brighter. But it may turn out differently: you will
look older, recoloured curls, and all skin defects will
stand out. Therefore, the choice of hair color should be done with all

How to choose the right shade?

Before you go to the store for paint, take a look at yourself in
mirror. You need to take into account all the features of your appearance: natural
hair color and eye color, skin tone. To choose the one that suits you
Try to accurately determine the color of your appearance. AT
depending on the natural color of the curls, eyes and skin tone
There are 4 color types: spring, summer, autumn and winter. So how
How is all this coloring distributed by color type?

Spring – warm hair shades

The owners of this color type have light strands (to brown-haired),
shade of face and eyes (blue, nut or green). Spring
girls, without thinking, can use light golden
shades. Red should be avoided because it will make your face
too pale.

If by nature your strands are dark red, you can use
golden brown hair color or pick up light brownish,
and golden to make only individual strands.

Summer – cool hair colors

Summer girls are different from spring eye color (gray or
blue) and skin tone (bluish or pink). Hair color
ashen brown-haired will be to them to face. As the summer and spring will not work
dark tones. If in childhood your curls were light, but now they
darkened with age, but easily fade in the sun, you can safely
become blonde. Nature itself has determined that you
It is light, you just need to choose, depending on your
The color type is the right shade.

Autumn – warm contrasting color type

These girls include those with dark or light
eyes (green, dark brown, blue, black, light brown). By
compared with summer, autumn requires a richer color. Warm
black, brown, chocolate or chestnut is perfect.
These ladies will look nice dark-brown or red, but
becoming a blonde is not worth it, because the skin will seem
dark and unnatural.

You can easily choose the right tone among the browns. If you have
naturally brown or hazelnut curls and dark eyes
paint them chestnut with auburn, chocolate or red
strands. This helps to enhance the color and give it
natural look. It is necessary to avoid copper, gold, orange.
shades. They will be too sunny for you and more suitable

Winter – cold contrasting color type

You are a winter girl if your eyes are dark or light (black,
brown, gray, blue), the tone of the face is very dark or light, and
hue strands from brunette to brown-haired. Winter distinguishes between
iris and whites of the eyes have a pronounced contrast.
Dark brown or ash is recommended. You need to avoid bright
golden and all shades of blond. But only winter girls with
their contrasting appearance can afford to repaint in
the black.

For lovers of extravagance, staining in
black and underscore its depth through a few cold
red or blue strands. It will look great in
Asian blue-black curls.

But do not forget that for dyeing in black you should have
flawless skin.

Painting gray hair

Repainted curls, you can not only create a new image, but also
“overcome” age. It is easiest for Sedin to hide it by painting it. But
gray hair has a special structure, so after dyeing it can
there are some difficulties. How to choose for gray hair
the most successful tone?

There is one general rule: with age, paint should be
Lighter and its color scheme should be as close as possible to your
natural. You can use the unstable gentle paint if
you less than a quarter of gray curls. But to people who have gray hair
more than 50% and every day this percentage only increases,
it is necessary to paint them with durable paint, after making
the right choice of hair color.

Do not make your hair too blond, even if you are young
were blonde because your face will appear unhealthy
pallor. Use warm shades of hair, it will give them
depth of If nature has awarded you chestnut curls, do not need
to paint them in tones, brighter than light auburn and
light brown. Reddish gray hair can only hide
women whose skin is very pale by nature.

It should be washed a little faster than indicated on the packaging, paint
blackberry, eggplant and copper shades, otherwise
strands will be exotic, too bright tone.

Black or dark brown curls can be on several tones
lighten and add color to the color
extra light strands. Your age may emphasize
dark auburn tones or deep chocolate.

As you can see, the choice of hair color – not an easy thing, because of this
Your image and appearance completely depends. Decide which
color type (spring, summer, autumn, winter) you feel, and feel free to
Choose a new tone for your curls!

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