Ash hair color: an overview of popular colors and secrets of care

Ash color is a trendy color scheme that includes
many halftones and shades. He declared himself not so long ago, but
already popular with fashionistas, stars
internet and other celebrities.

Ash hair color

  • 1 Features
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 Popular shades
    • 3.1 Blond
    • 3.2 Ash Pink
    • 3.3 Dark ash
    • 3.4 Brown
    • 3.5 Ash Purple
    • 3.6 Chestnut
    • 3.7 Light Ash
    • 3.8 Pearl
    • 3.9 Gray
    • 3.10 White with a Nordic tone
    • 3.11 Black with a metallic sheen
    • 3.12 Blue
    • 3.13 Ash Golden
    • 3.14 Caramel
    • 3.15 Blue
    • 3.16 Natural Ash
    • 3.17 Wheat
    • 3.18 Silver
    • 3.19 Pearlescent
    • 3.20 Beige warm
    • 3.21 Ash Rose
  • 4 How to get at home
    • 4.1 Resistant Paint
    • 4.2 Tint shampoos, sprays
  • 5 On the square
  • 6 On short hair
  • 7 When highlighting
  • 8 How to support
  • 9 Care
  • 10 Most Popular Paints
    • 10.1 Estelle
    • 10.2 Garnier
    • 10.3 L’Oreal
    • 10.4 Igora
    • 10.5 Prestige
    • 10.6 Оriflame
    • 10.7 Londacolor
    • 10.8 Sanotint


Ash color has the following features:

  1. The popularity of color is associated with a shade that is beautiful
    complements cold color types.
  2. Color under gray hair, combining blue and green
    tones sometimes flavored with a small amount
    purple, attached pearl and pearl to the curls

Each person sees this color differently: some will imagine
ash-platinum blond, and others pearl-steel shade.

Ash Color

To suit

The peculiarity of silver or light ash shades is that
they highlight the flaws on the face. This color palette
can use girls with perfect porcelain skin.
Ash color will look good on
the fair sex:

  1. With a neutral or cold tone of face. If we consider
    the theory of 4 color skin types, then it is suitable for Winter and Summer.
  2. With gray, light blue or dark brown eyes. Completely
    can be combined with brown or green eyes, but with
    provided they have a contrasting color with cold protein

Experts advise not to dye tanned women or those
who has a warm skin tone. The coldness of the ashes with warm skin tones is not
harmonizes and contributes to the appearance. For
warm tone you need to pick up
caramel ash background or golden ash.

Interesting! Under the gray hair even men dye their hair.
Perhaps that is why many celebrities have turned so sharply gray. For them
special ash paint for men’s hair is produced.

Popular shades

Main color directions:


Color without yellowness

The best shade of color – without yellowness. He will emphasize the depth of the eyes
and hide the redness on the skin, make the appearance spectacular.
Getting a luxurious blonde is not so easy for this hair
pre clarify. The result should
meet level 9, that is, do not have a bright yellow or
red low tide. If you use an unclean background, the result is a color
will be gray-green with a dirty tinge.

Ash pink

Ash-pink hair

Pleasant ash color with reddish inclusion
shades will help refresh your face and divert attention from
red formations on the face. This is a stylish solution for young people.

Dark ash

Dark Ashy Hair Color

Many people call him “aristocratic,” because he
is a great addition to classic clothes and looks
much more effective on ladies over 30 years old. Tint balm
ashen dark hair falls badly


Ash Brown

Ash Brown is a color
brown with a cool platinum effect. Hue combines
the warmth of chestnut and brown tones with a noble inclusion
of ashes.

Ash purple

Ash-purple curls

This color is well suited for spectacular and risky girls.



Suitable for gray-eyed or blue-eyed girls with light
skin This color scheme is used as an alternative.
natural graying. Ash chestnut is applied in
as a basis for equipment balayazh or shatush. Color can
serve as a backdrop for coloring strands.

Light ashen

Light Ash Hair

It is well combined with fair skin having a golden shade.
Paint is applied to bleached locks.


Pearl-ash curls

Pearl and ash complemented with pink and purple flowers.
Hue noble and at the same time very stylish. Suitable for
girls not yet ready for strawberry shades, but already
wishing to add brightness to their hair. Pearl Outflow
masks the coldness and green tint of the ashes. Tint balm
pearl ashy on light brown hair fits perfectly.


Ash SilverSilver-ash, gray, color
low-key, but still bright. With the right combination with makeup
and the clothes look very elegant. However, this color is not
recommend to girls with reddening or very pale
the face. This combination gives a painful look.

White with nordic tone

White with a Nordic tone

Light ash color looks great on
blue-eyed or gray-eyed women, black-eyed
blondes. Best of all look even hair and bangs.

Metallic black

Ash Black

Ash-black is good for women not older than 30 years, since
this combination emphasizes the beginning
aging. Choose a dark blond ash color worth women with
Color type Winter.


Blue hair color

This complex shade can only be obtained after
bleaching. It will suit the owners of gray or
blue eyes. The skin of the face should not be defective, otherwise blue
they only emphasize.

Golden ash


The name speaks of the controversial mix of cold and
warm tones. Therefore, it is considered to be
neutral semitone. Golden ash color looks good
summer combined with a tan. Warm skin discord with cold
of ashes.


Caramel and ash hair

Caramel ash color – a mixture of ash with light brown and beige
shades and slight tint of pink. Colour
Goes well with any skin color type and tan.


Blue-ash hair

Only for the young and extravagant, suitable
owners of expressive eyes and porcelain
skin. The palettes with tonics are rich in blue shades.

Natural ash

Natural ash tint

The shade of natural ash is very popular among girls with
summer color type. It is often called “mouse” because
nondescript look inferior in synthetic beauty
ashes. But he has no yellowness and with good care emphasizes
shine and natural beauty of hair.



Used for coloring the owners of warm tsvetotip.
Wheat shades well with green, tea or blue eyes. Ashes
has a gray glow with a light blue. Not recommended
give preference to this color for problem skin.



Silver ash is very cold
gamma suitable for color type
Winter and Summer. However, he will fall badly on chestnut,
golden or red hair.


Hue ash and pearly

Ash-pearl shade created for blue-eyed and
gray-eyed ladies with a summer type of appearance that
have light hair, olive skin or pink

Beige warm

Hair color beige and ash

Hair color ashy light brown color suitable for any
skin color type.

Ash rose

color ashen rose

Coloring do on bleached base. Hair color
should be very bright and monotonous. Suitable for young
to women. Staining is coming off pretty quickly.

How to get at home

Resistant paint

To prepare resistant paint, use special tools.
with pigments. You can get a lasting effect by entering pigments.
immediately in the entire volume of paint. Pigment is not dependent
only on the reaction of the hair, but also on the selected shade. If a
to take ashen blond
neutralizes green pigment, reddish hue – purple, and too
yellow – ebb blue.

This video shows ashy hair dye options.

Coloring pigments must be of the same production as
the paint itself. To pre-evaluate
the result, you need to try to paint one strand.

Tint shampoos, sprays

Tint means for bleached hair easily prepared in
home conditions. To do this, the hair after washing rinsed
decoction of chamomile. You can prepare it by taking 50 g of plants per 1 liter

You can also make a product from honey and
lemon. To do this, mix 1 tbsp. l lemon juice with
1 tbsp. l honey, add 1 egg yolk. All this is stirred and
put on hair. After half an hour you need to wash it off.

Important! Coloring in different shades of ash
colors should be entrusted only to a professional. Get the desired shade
highlight strands and achieve a beautiful combination of their own
almost impossible.

On the square

The length of the hair with such a haircut increases the play of ashen

On short hair

Ash hair color looks stylish on short haircuts,
giving them a special brightness and personality.

Short haircuts

When highlighting

During the procedure, individual strands carefully
lightened in foil. This allows you to get a clean blond.
Platinum or silver otliva melirovannykh strands
look great on the natural background of dark hair.
Unusually look colored strands on the background of ash curls. For
highlighting will suit any length and structure of the hair.

How to maintain

Like all light shades, ashen does not hold more than 2
weeks. You can save it using tint tools:

  • special masks;
  • shampoos;
  • balms.

Eliminate yellowing hair tinting help
shampoos with purple pigment. However not worth it
zealous in their use: frequent use can
spoil the color and structure of the curls.


If the hair is diseased or damaged, wait a little with staining.
Hair care can be provided not only in the salon, but also in
home conditions.

Ashy Hair

Funds that help maintain color are not cheap, but
apply them regularly. Daily at the tips
hair can be applied indelible serum or oil. Twice in 10
days need additional nutrition hair masks.

Repainting the hair under gray hair, do not involve in this
process roots. This will keep your hair healthy and will
staining more stylish.

Most popular paints

Today many paints are produced, their composition is constantly
improves to make use safe as well
effective result. Dyes are used to complete
color transformation, tonics are used for short

Attention! For home use you need to choose
Only high quality products recommended by experts.

The salons use professional ash paint for
hair quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Pros: good hair care, not washed off for a long time, not
has an unpleasant smell and is sold at an affordable price. Estelle
It has a huge color palette, the paint is easy to apply and
corresponds to the expected result. This brand is considered
folk, thanks to its popularity among Russian women.

Cons: rapid loss of gloss.


Hair dye

The advantages of using paint include low cost.
simple application, pleasant smell. Paint is considered
permanent and performs hair care. Keeps on
strands up to 8 weeks, then washed off evenly.

The disadvantage is a small amount of paint in the tube.


Advantages: it contains a lot of keratin, texture
light and creamy, there is a balm for softening.
The tool is applied with a convenient applicator.

Disadvantages: when dyeing the skin is difficult to wash off.


Paint combines warm and cold highlights for rainbow play
contrasts. Provides up to 70% gray hair coloring,
has 3 levels of clarification and the ability to connect with
other shades of the brand. Dyes effectively on hair
affects carefully.


The paint is distributed evenly, not flowing, it paints well
gray hair The composition includes the following components, caring for

  • wheat proteins;
  • vitamins B, C;
  • macadamia, argan and chia oils.

Types of colors


The advantages of this brand include the minimum content.
ammonia, fast absorption, rich color with modulations. Part
includes UV filters to protect against burnout, nutritional
oils and fatty acids to restore structure



  • paint enriched with reflective particles;
  • thick consistency is evenly distributed along the curls;
  • the content of wax and lipids provides hair care.

The tool is available commercially and completely.
paints over gray hair.

Cons: an unpleasant smell of ammonia


Sanotint Londakolor

This paint without ammonia, metals and phenylenediamine – substances that
which destructively affect the hair structure and scalp.
Contained in herbal extracts
restore the structure and have a healing

Wearing ashy color with dignity and efficiency can be, adhering
minimalism and conciseness. Jewelry and accessories need to be worn by
less opportunities. If the decoration is large, then it should be
one, maximum two. When creating an image, choose
kits with one or two colors.

This video explains how to become ashy blonde in one

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