Ashy balayazh – 32 photos on the blond, black and brown hair, quads and other trendy hairstyles

Technique staining balayazh allows you to create a natural, and in
same time stylish and bright image. You can do it with
using a variety of shades. Now at the peak of popularity of tone
ashen that go to a lot of women. Ashen
balayazh – quite difficult to perform staining, but the result
definitely worth it. Ash Balayaz

What is ash balayazh and how does it look?

The content of the article:

  • What is ash balayazh and how does it look?
  • Who is suitable?
  • How does it look on hair of different lengths and types: photo before and
  • Hairstyles
  • How does it look on the hair of different colors
  • Popular shades and colors
  • How to make ashy balayaz most, at home?
  • How much is in the beauty salon
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Differences between techniques: balayazh, shatush, ombra and

Balayazh technique involves toning individual
pryadok Its name comes from the word “revenge” that
explains the features of staining – the paint is applied to
superficial layer of hair with chaotic throwing strokes. Ashen

When balayabazh creates a contrast between the shades on the roots and
hair tips. Transitions can be both soft and
contrasting. Ash shade looks expensive and
nobly. You can use it on light and on dark
hair. Where are you going to do balayazh? DomaV salon

Who is suitable?

Ash and gray hair tones in the trend is not the first
year. With the right choice of shades and their combinations
similar coloring will suit almost everything. To whom suits

The shades of ash gamma can be used on both light and
on light brown and dark hair. Best of all they go to girls of cold
tsvetotipa with light eyes, pale skin and grayish tint
native hair color.

ATTENTION! For some women, such staining is not
fits So, you need to take into account that the ash tones will focus on
all imperfections. If you have problem skin,
experimenting with them is not worth it.

Caution is needed and women aged, as gray shades
may add age. In this case, you should trust
painting professional who will pick the right

Also, ash balayazh not fit red-haired girls – in this
the case will be extremely difficult to find a harmonious shade

How does it look on hair of different lengths and types: photo before and

The ash scale is rich and diverse, therefore the ideal
coloring can be chosen for any length and type of hair.

On short hair

If the hair is very short, full-fledged balayazh them
work out. But you can gray out the tips or strands of the face.
In this case, it will be enough to use only one shade.
On short hair

Medium length hair

On the hairstyles of medium length, the transition tones usually begin at
chin or slightly higher. The transition can be both soft and
contrasting. On medium hair

For long

Ash balayazh looks very nice on long hair. AT
In this case, more than two tones can be used,
create beautiful transitions, emphasizing the hair.
The technique will help to visually make the strands more voluminous.
For long

On straight

Making straight hair in gray tones looks stylish and
unusually. You will look amazing with loose
strands and with different hairstyles. On Straight

On curly

Waves and balayaz go hand in hand. This is a win-win solution.
for any length. Beautiful modulations created by this
technique, emphasize the texture of wavy curls. On Curly


Coloring with proper selection of tones will look good
on any hairstyle. From the haircut will depend on the features of his

With a bang

If the hairstyle is supplemented with bangs, then there are several options. Her
you can not touch and leave the same color as the roots. Long
asymmetrical bangs can also be painted using balazhig technique.
If the bang is short, you can not use it in
staining or paint its ends. With a bang

On the square

Gray tones perfectly complement the graphic quads, especially if
done on straight hair. You can start the transition close to the roots,
then all the strands along the length will shine beautifully as the colors of ashen.
You can process ashes only the tips. On the square

On the car with lengthening

When balayazhe on the elongated car can be painted front
strands framing the face, and from further smooth transition is carried out
over the entire length. This option is worth considering brunettes – the image
get stylish and bright. On the car with lengthening

How does it look on the hair of different colors

To create a harmonious image you need to consider the original
hair shade.

Gray-haired balayazh on dark hair

You can use any shade on dark hair.
ashen. If the skin is dark, it is better to choose warmer
tones, for example, ashy-pink and the like. Brown-haired with light
Skin recommended light silver shades. Interesting option
– The use of gray-lilac. Gray-haired balayazh on dark hair

On light brown hair

An ash scale would be the perfect solution if
natural hair color – cold blonde. Can
use soft tones of gray for soft transitions or juicy
ashen, close to blond, if you want to make the result more
contrasting. On blond hair

Light brown

The perfect solution for light blond hair – cool tones
blond, pearl, pinkish shades. They will provide
amazing game of glare on the curls, and you will not be left without
attention. Light brown

Dark brown

Girls with this hair color can pay attention to such
shades like ash gray or ash brown. They will help refresh
image without cardinal changes. Dark brown

On black hair

Brunettes can experiment with radical transitions from
source black to ash white. If you want to add color,
You can use in the coloring of color shades, for example,
saturated red or bright blue. On black hair

On blonde hair

The lighter the hair, the lighter shades of ash you need
use. Notice the light silver,
ashy blond, and also gray tones with a light purple or
bluish tint. On blonde hair

Popular shades and colors

The gray scale may seem dull and monotonous, but it is far
not this way. It includes an incredible richness of shades,
with which any image will play in a new way.

Pearl Ash

Pearl tones are perfect for girls with light colors.
hair And they allow you to experiment – in
the main shade can add notes of ashy, pinkish,
lilac. Pearl Ash

Ash-Violet Balayazh

Such a solution is suitable for courageous girls.
Coloring will be both gentle and bright. It goes to girls
with a cold appearance and creates an unusual and mysterious image.
Ash-purple balayazh

Black with ash

A contrasting combination of black and ashen is a great option.
for hot brunettes who are not ready for dramatic changes.
You can use a low contrast combination with a dark
ashen or create a radical transition to platinum white on
tips. Black with Ash

Cold ashen

The balayazh in cold ashy shades will suit girls winter and
summer color type. Blondes will be able to create such a solution.
sophisticated and aristocratic image, and brunettes, creating a game
contrasts will look very fashionable and stylish. If a
planned to use a cold ash blond, dark strands
will have to pre-clarify. Cold ashen

Ash pink

If your appearance is closer to a warm one, you can do it in
ashen colors with a slight pinkish tint. Such staining
looks amazingly beautiful, it will help refresh your face and distract
attention from redness on it. Ash Pink

Ash Blonde

Exquisite cool blonde looks beautiful and bright as on
dark original hair color, so on light. He gives
the ability to create and bright deep contrasts, and soft
modulations. Ash Blonde

Ash brown

Ash-blond balayazh – an option for those who are not ready for
cardinal changes. Properly selected tones will make
The overall color is deep and multifaceted. Ash Brown

How to make ashy balayaz most, at home?

The technique of ashy balayaz is quite complicated, and better
just trust her to a professional. But if you are ready
risk and do the staining at home,
follow all the rules.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before dyeing it is recommended to make the desired haircut –
then painting will emphasize it. If the hair is damaged, it is worth it first.
restore them using professional masks. For a couple
days before painting do not wash your hair – so the paint will take better,
and strands will easily transfer chemical components in its composition.
at home

How to choose a paint? TOP 3 best brands

An important point – the right choice of dye. When choosing its color
takes into account the desired result and features of appearance. Choose
products from a trusted manufacturer. For homemade ashen
The following products are suitable for use:

  • Kapous Professional. This brand offers
    light cream color shade “Light intense ash blond.”
    Dye allows you to get a cold saturated color, great
    suitable for balayazha. Kapous Professional
  • Estel DeLuxe. Enters the palette of dyes
    a large selection of ash tones from light to brown. One of
    the most unusual options – ash-purple light brown. Paint easy
    distributed in length, does not spoil the hair and consumed economically.
    Estel DeLuxe
  • LOreal Paris Excellence. In the dye palette
    French manufacturer comes in shade 8.1 “Light Blonde
    ashen “, which is suitable for balayazha and masking gray hair.
    Thanks to a special brush applicator, the dye is applied easily
    and evenly. 8.1

What tools are needed

To create ashes balayazha at home will be required
following tools:

  • the dye of the selected shade;
  • tank for mixing paint;
  • hairbrush;
  • sponge;
  • tassel;
  • foil;
  • protective gloves.

Required Tools

ATTENTION! If the hair is dark, they need
pre clarify. Lightening can be done in several
stages. Bleaching composition is applied only to those parts of the hair,
which are planned to be made ashy in the future.

Step by Step Painting Instructions

The performance of ashy balayazha includes the following steps:

  • First, the strands must be clarified to the desired
  • The dye must be prepared according to the instructions. is he
    chaotically applied to the strands with a brush or sponge. Then you need to wrap
    foil them and hold the time specified in the instructions.
  • After washing it is necessary to apply the paint again, but already
    only at the tips. Keep it in this case can be –
    10-15 minutes.
  • At the end a final adjustment is made,
    for which the ash tonic of the desired shade is applied,
    reinforcing effect.


After all the manipulations, the dye is washed off, the hair
dried and stacked.

How much time is being done and how much is ash

The time required for painting depends on the length of the hair and
complexity of staining. On average, for balayazh need 2-3 hours. If a
strands must first be clarified, the procedure will be longer.

Balayazh does not require constant tinting
roots. How much dye will hold depends on
its durability and proper care. Average wizard enough
visit once in 2-3 months.

How much is in the beauty salon

The cost of coloring in the salon depends on the length of the hair,
used dyes, the level of the institution and
masters Dyeing short hair will cost about 2-3
thousands of rubles, long staining – from 6 thousand rubles. cost

Hair care after the procedure

Keeping color fast and curls healthy will help
care. The following recommendations will help:

  • To care for curls, use a professional
    means for colored hair. Shampoo is worth choosing without
    sulfates, as they accelerate the process of leaching of color.
  • Regularly use nutritional and regenerating
    hair masks.
  • Do not get carried away using hair dryers, irons, ploek and
    other thermal instruments.
  • To maintain the beauty of ashy tones will help tint


Differences between techniques: balayazh, shatush, ombra and

Balayaz has several similar techniques: ombre, shatush,
booking We will understand the differences between them:

  • The peculiarity of balayaz is that the coloring is performed
    horizontally and only on the top layer of strands. Paint
    applied with sweeping brush movements and an effect is created
    burnout, but softer and more natural than
  • The feature of the ombra is that the transition between
    The colors used are always noticeable, regardless of whether smooth
    he or contrast. Usually strands become brighter.
    to the tips, but there is a variant and reverse ombre.
  • Paint shatush like ombre, but it is different
    performance technique. In this case, the hair is pre
    combing without touching the roots. Thanks to the fleece transition
    between tones is obtained as soft and not as noticeable as
    with ombre. Smears of paint on strands are applied randomly and
    shaded with a brush or fingers.
  • Such techniques as booking are usually performed on
    brown or brown hair and allows the owner
    at the same time be a blonde and a brunette. It’s tough
    technique whereby a large amount can be used
    colors. Run it at home is almost impossible.

Ash balayazh – very beautiful, but difficult technique
staining. You can try to make it at home, but
the result in this case may not be as expected. therefore
if you decide on a similar painting, it is still better to entrust it
a professional

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