At what temperature do lice die?

Pediculosis is a fairly common disease, they may
get infected everyone. He is treated with various
mainly chemical preparations. But there are people
which are on medications and various allergy chemicals.
At what temperature do the lice die?

In this case, the question arises, is it possible to get rid of lice
without drugs, another chemistry. Yes, they can be displayed using
low and high temperatures, in combination with combing
weakened insects with a special comb.

At what temperature do lice and nits die?

The content of the article:

  • At what temperature do lice and nits die?
  • Temperature methods of dealing with head lice
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Pros and cons of the thermal method, contraindications, measures
  • Alternative methods of getting rid of pediculosis
  • Pediculosis prevention

Lice do not like sudden changes in temperature.
They can normally exist and actively reproduce only in
narrow temperature range. They can survive at a temperature
from minus five to plus forty degrees if it is higher plus twenty
they are already becoming inhibited, they cannot fully
multiply. At temperatures above forty degrees in the female
maturation of eggs stops.

Impact on low temperature lice occurs as follows
in the following way:

  • at minus twenty degrees die
  • at minus fifteen the nymphs die,
    Mature lice, nits remain alive;
  • at minus five, the reproduction of adults slows down,
    their activity decreases.

low temperature

Not only low, but also high

It has the following effects:

  • in the temperature range from forty to forty five degrees
    heat lice stop laying eggs;
  • between forty and sixty degrees heat the gin of the nymph and
    mature individuals;
  • over plus sixty die nits. heat

REFERENCE. Nits resistance to temperature
Effects explain the presence of protective shells. They are very
dense, protect the larva while it develops. In adults
no such protection.

With any kind of these parasites, it is possible to fight with
high and low temperatures, without the use of insecticides
drugs. Increased environmental humidity contributes to
the imminent death of these insects. It reduces evaporation from the surface.
chitinous shell. The insect overheats, then

Temperature methods of dealing with head lice

If the temperatures at which adults die are accurately known
individuals and nits. You can effectively combat them by combining these
methods with combing insects with a special comb.

The following methods are used to combat ectoparasites:

  1. Hairdryer – you can use it to destroy
    96% of ectoparasites. For this, the hair dryer is set to the maximum
    temperature (approximately + 50 С 0). They are treated with every strand not
    less than three minutes. For treatment of hair near the skin is used
    diffuser nozzle, it must be kept near the roots for a long time (approximately
    Ten minutes). The head must first be washed with shampoo itself
    hot water that a person can stand. Then
    blow dryer strand by strand. Lice do not die, but
    become lethargic. They can be easily combed with
    special comb. It remains inactive for about an hour.
    Since this process does not kill nits, the procedure will have
    repeat, given that new insects hatch from eggs in
    a period of seven to ten days. Fen
  2. Iron – this method helps effectively
    fight head lice. For this purpose you can also use
    curling. These devices kill all forms of parasites: adults
    individuals, nymphs and nits. The iron burns the protective jacket as well
    the substance by which nits are attached to the hair.
    To get the most effective action, first
    need to wash your hair with any shampoo. So as not to hurt
    hair, it is recommended to apply heat protection agents on them. Need to
    split hair into fine strands, alternately process
    thermopile To process one strand, you must take at least
    three minutes. Treat your hair starting from
    occipital and zaushnoy areas. It should be smooth and slow
    to stretch the strand through the branches of the ironing from the roots to the tips of the hair.
    Then you need to comb the parasites with a special comb. Processing
    must be carried out twice a day. iron
  3. Bath – is considered quite an effective method.
    lice control. It should be heated to a temperature of eighty.
    degrees Caution should be exercised with this type of treatment.
    Nits can tolerate high temperatures, live long in the absence
    the host. Therefore, after processing it is necessary to carefully process
    the room, so as not to get infected again, to warn
    infection with lice of other people. When processing hair should be watered
    hair as hot as man can
    tolerate, and not only is in a heated bath. After hair
    it is necessary to carefully treat with a hairdryer, then comb it out with a comb.
    Guaranteed relieves lice and nits triple
    similar treatment. Bath
  4. Frost is an effective method for
    fight against lice and nits that are on things and louse clothes.
    Guaranteed insects die at a temperature of – 20 С 0 in
    during the day, so you can hang things in the cold at this time. AT
    summer time the patient’s belongings can be packed in a sealed bag,
    put in the freezer for a day. To get rid of
    Insect procedure can be repeated or iron things with an iron
    hot steam if you can do it. There is an opinion that for
    struggle with head lice enough to walk a few streets
    days without a hat. But it does not help, the temperature of the scalp
    constantly maintained at a level sufficient for comfortable
    existence of insects even in severe frost. This method
    to fight insects is not suitable. Frost

IMPORTANT! For more effective treatment it is desirable
combine temperature lice disposal with others
methods (mechanical combing, hair treatment

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.
our readers.

Expert opinion Alexander ValerievnaVrach-Trichologist

At what temperatures does the laundry and pubic die

Pubic and linen louse die at temperatures above +55 С 0 in
for three minutes. At +20 С 0 their reproduction is slowed down. Their
nits die at temperatures above +60 C 0. In the cold
temperature – 5 C 0 after thirty minutes, adult lice and nits
perish. At -15 С 0 all forms of ectoparasite die in five

Do lice die in the bath?

Lice die in the bath when it is heated higher
eighty degrees. It is necessary to water the hair itself
hot water what kind of person can endure, not just

Can there be lice in the winter?

Nothing prevents them from living comfortably and multiplying in winter.
At the roots of the hair creates a temperature favorable for their
breeding. Even if a person will walk in the frost for a long time without
caps, the scalp will be warmed up by circulating warm
blood through the vessels, and hair retain enough heat. In frost
supported on the head comfortable conditions from twenty to thirty
eight degrees of heat. Body lice also live in comfort.
temperature near the body, hiding in the seams.

Do lice die in freezing cold?

For all types of lice, any temperature below zero is destructive, with
this temperature, they can live a short time. At five degrees
below zero they live for another half hour, after they die. At a temperature
lower die almost instantly. Nits are more resistant, they
die at – 20 С 0.

Do lice die in hot water while washing?

Lice die when washed in hot water. Adults die
when washing in the temperature range from forty to fifty five
degrees of heat. Nits collapse at temperatures above sixty
degrees After washing it is necessary to iron the clothes thoroughly.
iron the two sides, steam treat the seams.

Pros and cons of the thermal method, contraindications, measures

The use of physical methods to get rid of ectoparasites
allows you to effectively, fairly quickly deal with them.
Be sure to heat treatment must be combined
with combing nits and adults.

They have certain advantages:

  • the ability to completely get rid of adult parasite forms and
    nits, as they do not tolerate temperature drops;
  • harmless to humans, environmental friendliness;
  • availability;
  • do not need prior training.


In this method, as in other methods of dealing with
ectoparasites have their drawbacks.

These include:

  • risk of burns from careless use;
  • it is necessary to repeat the procedures;
  • damaged surface layers of the hair.

precautionary measures

To effectively get rid of insects can be combined
high and low temperatures.

Precautionary measures:

    • when treated with hot water to the scalp and hair, it does not
      must be above fifty degrees not to get
    • to process hair with an iron or curling iron
      touching the scalp and ears;
    • Before hair treatment, hair dryer, ironing preferably
      use heat protection for hair.

Will you get rid of lice with high / low
temperatures? YesNEW! Mechanical methods for
getting rid of ectoparasites are effective and safe when
compliance with safety regulations.

Alternative methods of getting rid of pediculosis

In addition to temperature control of head lice, developed and
Many other methods are widely used.

These include:

  1. Medicines – Medicines from
    lice are available in the form of lotions, creams and gels
    (Pedikulen Ultra, Nittifor, Pedilin, Medifox,
    Knicks). They contain an increased concentration of insecticidal
    substances kill 100% nits. But the likelihood of allergies to
    they are higher. Single use of these means is allowed. On
    hair is applied approximately fifty grams of medication. It is evenly
    distributed over the entire length of the hair, rubbed into the roots. Then
    wrap your head with cling film, leave for forty minutes. After
    wash off with ordinary shampoo, rinse in large quantities
    running water. After the procedure, rinse hair
    acetic solution. Then comb out adult insects and nits from
    hair frequent comb. Pedikulen Ultra
  2. Shampoos – they contain low concentration
    active ingredients, so they are safer. As the main
    substances used in them pyrethroids (Hygia, Reed,
    NOK) and organophosphates
    (Pedilin). Before applying the shampoo is necessary
    wear gloves. First you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo. Then
    apply a remedy for ten minutes. After carefully
    washed hair with plenty of running water. Thereafter
    hair is treated with citric acid or vinegar solutions for
    facilitate the removal of nits from the hair. Complete the procedure is necessary
    combing with a special comb of nits and puberty
    forms. Hygia Shampoo
  3. Sprays – insecticidal preparations in this form
    most convenient to use (Para Plus, Pax, Nuda,
    Pedikulen Ultra). Processing should be carried out in a mask
    or a respirator in a room that is well ventilated. Important
    so that the tool does not get into the respiratory tract. Spray Pair Plus
    completely kills nits. Nuda
  4. Ointments – these tools are widely used for
    treatments for pubic lice and for removing head lice in the nursery
    practice. They are simple to use and they have a minimum amount.
    side effects. These remedies remove insects, treat scratches,
    counteract bacterial seeding of wounds. Most
    The following ointments are popular: sulfuric, serortut, turpentine,
    ointment with sodium benzyl benzoate. Process hair
    necessary with gloves on. It is necessary to ensure that the tool does not
    got into eyes and mouth. The product is applied to wet hair and skin.
    using a cotton swab, then rubbed into the hair roots. Wrapped around
    head film and leave for half an hour. After that, wash off with shampoo
    and rinse hair in plenty of running water. Then
    rinse head with vinegar solution. After washing
    It is necessary to comb the nits and lice out of the hair. Turpentine
  5. Tablets – used for strong scratching on
    to the scalp and neck when the use of external agents is undesirable.
    Tablets containing the following active ingredients are used:
    Ivermectin, Levamisole, Albendazole, Butadione. They
    appointed to receive three times a day, 200-400 milligrams per
    during the first day, then apply half dosages on
    the next day. A week later, appoint a second course, in connection with
    the fact that there are new lice from nits. Tablets should
    prescribe only a doctor. Recommend to strictly adhere to
    prescribed dosages. Otherwise develop
    numerous side effects. Levamisole
  6. Scallop – used for mechanical
    remove the nits from the hair, as they are attached to them tightly
    special glue. Therefore, after treatment by any means
    recommended to carefully comb out insects. To fasten
    the result combed them for another four days.
    The comb must be frequent, made of
    metal. Thick hair should be treated before combing
    conditioner to prevent tangling. Weight volume distribute
    on thin strands and carefully comb out insects. After time from
    time you need to inspect the comb, remove and destroy
    insects. It is necessary to comb them out of the hair on the sheets, which
    then wash and iron thoroughly. Scallop

For quick effect and avoid relapse
It is important to combine different removal methods.

Pediculosis prevention

Prevention of pediculosis presents no particular difficulty.
The main thing is to avoid contact with people infected with these

The following activities are recommended:

  • for the prevention of infection with pubic lice, it is necessary
    abandon casual sex;
  • use only your comb;
  • a person should have their own hats and hairpins,
    do not let anyone put them on and try them on;
  • wash, iron and steam regularly
    clothes and underwear;
  • periodically inspect the hair for the presence of nits and
    lice, especially behind the ears and on the back of the head;
  • keep your body and hair clean;
  • with a high threat of infection, use deterring
    insect odorless preparations;
  • for the prevention of infection used special
  • for the prevention of infection with pubic lice comply with
    precautions in baths and pools.


IMPORTANT! It is very important to take care of prevention.
pediculosis in children under fifteen, as they often
neglect preventive measures and become infected with lice.

Despite the fact that people prefer to be treated for lice.
yourself before choosing a remedy for lice
It is advisable to consult a doctor.

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