Babette – the legendary hairstyle of the 60s again relevant

The famous hairstyle babette for 60 years enjoys
popular with the female and crazy men.

Fashionable styling of the last century

She was so unusual for her time and so transformed.
any woman that in the short term has become the most fashionable in
the middle of the last century. And today babette is still

  • 1 History of hairstyles
  • 2 Who will fit
  • 3 Options for styling babette hair
    • 3.1 Classic version of Babette
    • 3.2 With loose hair
    • 3.3 Casual version
    • 3.4 Evening with a roller
    • 3.5 With a bagel
    • 3.6 Pigtails or Cords
    • 3.7 Stylish Babette
    • 3.8 Shell-shaped
    • 3.9 high tail
    • 3.10 With a bow
    • 3.11 Very lush babette
    • 3.12 With two cones on the sides
  • 4 babette for short hair
  • 5 Babetta for long and medium hair
  • 6 For girls
  • 7 hairstyle babette for wedding
  • 8 How to make a hair at home

History of hairstyles

It became popular in a jiffy, immediately after
world screens of the French film “Babette Goes to War” in 1959
year The main character played a famous actress Brigitte Bardot. She is
first showed the world this hairstyle, the original name of which
stuck and not changed.

In the 60s, styling in this style became a real whining.
fashion And although the hairstyle was designed for long and thick
curls, like BB, it turned out that it can be universal. AND
looks great on medium and even short length, thanks to
lacquers, hairpieces, applied curls.

Hairstyle from long hair, laid in the form of a roller on top,
was very spectacular due to the backs that gave
additional volume and “pictorial negligence”.

Note! Increased hair volume
visually makes thinner waist. The shape of a girl or woman becomes
more feminine, tender and fragile.

Against the background of a small selection of modest styling of the sixties,
Babette Bridot’s hairstyle made just a splash in the fashion world
Europe and our country. Official authorities considered styling
from the fleece asocial, and the Soviet women of fashion built at
themselves on the head like a babette with different variations.

Laying Sixties

In pursuit of a fashionable way, in the absence of the necessary volume
their hair, girls used cropped strands, hairpieces.
Women were not stopped by the lack of lacquers in stores for fixing
hair, in the course was lacquer for furniture and cologne.

To keep spectacular styling for several days,
put on the overhead mesh on the hair before bed,
some women even slept in a sitting position. Strongly combed
hair was not combed or washed, leaving them covered with varnish on
several days.

To suit

The universal hairstyle babette today is relevant, as
never. It is suitable for any age, for any length of hair, it happens
with bangs and without it. Her options can be especially solemn.
for weddings or holidays. Babette is appropriate in ordinary everyday life.

Modern women of fashion to help offered
numerous varnishes, styling mousses, and
Special volume rollers in the color of the curls, pins and clips.
Babette is also suitable for little girls, if a big one is planned
holiday or graduation.

Many movie stars and showbiz shine on routs and in
glossy magazines with this styling.

Babette hairstyle styling options


There are various ways to style your hair.
babette: each woman can
choose for yourself the most suitable. Long, medium or short
hair, as well as the degree of density currently have no
values. Barber industry will help anyone to do
this styling.

Classic version of babette

The most popular hairstyle is classic. is he
There may be two types: high (on top) and low (on
back of the head). Step-by-step installation instructions are as follows:

  1. Conduct a horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  2. On the back of the head curls are collected in the high tail with
  3. Strands in the tail are combed from the outside each, from the bottom
  4. Create a lush spherical shape (beam) and fix
    its using studs. The ends are removed under the bundle.
  5. The hair is divided into front parting at will: smooth, zigzag,
    oblique. Strands are laid on the sides in the side of the head, framing exactly
    babette, tips clean the inside of the beam.
  6. Ready hairstyle fix varnish.

With flowing hair

Babetta with flowing hair

Babette looks spectacular with loose
hair If the density allows, then the option of laying
differs from the classic in that on the back of the head
leave hair loose. And the pomp itself babetty do with
bagel: for extra volume.

Important! When not enough long curls, you can
resort to using artificial strands on the back of the head,
attaching them under the bundle.

Casual option

The casual styling option is done in a few minutes and
permits improvisation options. You can use a roller for the volume
or several gum. The purpose of everyday hair –
picturesque negligence. Curls removed, but you can release

Evening with a roller

Careless and festive styling

Thanks to the use of the roller, there is no need for

  • make a high tail, fix silicone
    elastic band;
  • the roller is fixed with pins at its base;
  • tail impose on the roller and close it;
  • tips curls clean under the beam;
  • hair is straightened with a comb to achieve solid and
    flat shape;
  • fix everything with clips, then varnish.

Perfectly smooth curls in a voluminous hairstyle are perfectly combined.
with evening gowns and jewelery.

With bagel

Laying with a bagel

This version of the modern hairstyle is also simple. Tied up
the tail is put on a bagel and covered with an even layer of hair. Ends
strands fixed under laying. Optionally leave curls
front, side. Hair decorated with pigtail or accessories.

With pigtails or plaits

Babette can be supplemented with pigtails and flagella. For this from
tied tails are separated strands for braids and harnesses, and
the whole hairstyle is done by anyone you like
in a way.

The very last step – weave a pigtail or two, or twist
bundles that framed babette. Thanks to this ways
hairstyle becomes unique.

Babette with pigtails and harnesses

Stylish Babette

If Babetta lay at the bottom of the head, it will
look very stylish and elegant. How to do it yourself?
The hair is divided horizontally into two parts.
parts. The upper part is tied to the tail.

An elastic hair tie is attached to it. In the resulting
a place in the tail, a roller is placed between the rubber bands at the bottom. Fix
clips, remove the ends of braided hair under babette. Is appropriate
There will be a spectacular hairpin on top.

Shell shaped

The original version will provide an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For
of this hair, you must first sprinkle with varnish and heavily comb
at the roots. Then less weak bouffant made along the entire length of the strands.
Fine comb gently straighten the top

After that, all the hair is collected on the back of the head and twisted in
shell-shaped, fixed invisible. On the head it turns out magnificent
cloud. The front strands, separated by parting, are laid on

Babette in the form of a shell

High tail

Hairstyle is suitable for medium length:

  • front hair parting;
  • the ringlets on the top are combed at the roots, smooth the upper
  • the resulting roller is carefully fixed
  • immediately under the roller tie a high tail;
  • front curls are laid on the sides and wrapped around
    tail fix;
  • hair ends curling curling.

Laying with a tail

With bow

Beautiful evening option will be effective with any outfit.

Step by Step:

  1. Knotted high tail and separated from him strand for the future
    bow in front.
  2. The hair in the tail is combed and laid with a roller,
  3. The upper strands are gently combed, giving a smooth, even
  4. In front of the separated strands make a bow.
  5. The strand is divided into three.
  6. Two folded and stabbed, the third is placed in the middle,
    fixed in the form of a bow.
  7. If desired, the option with a bow can be made
    from behind.

Hairstyle with a bow of hair

Very lush babette

This option gives your darling a lush hairstyle and
admiring glances of men. How to make

  1. The hair is divided into a horizontal parting.
  2. The occipital part is combed and shaped into a shell,
    fix studs.
  3. The front strands are combed and laid on
    shell, forming a solid and fluffy shape of volume.
  4. Fix the studs and varnish.

Magnificent Babette

With two cones on the sides

Perfect for young girls. Hair split
horizontal parting. Two rubber bands secure the front end.
tail, and put on each small
bagel. Hair is wound on bagels, the tips are removed,
secure. Hairstyle is ready. If desired, curls can be curled.

Two bagels from the tails

Babette for short hair

Execution technology:

  • strands on the top of the comb and put a roller, securing
  • side strands tighten to the beam, hide them
  • fix hair invisible, varnish;

If desired, you can use hairpieces. If the temples hair
short, they are simply varnished and smoothly brushed aside
back of the head.

Babette for short hair

Babette for long and medium hair

Owners of long and medium hair are suitable for any of
options for popular hairstyles. You can choose the styling with the cleaned
hair or release strands. It will look great
babette and with loose curls.

Tip! With long hair, you can do without
additional rollers will be enough of its volume.

For girls

Laying for girls

A popular option for a girl for a holiday or photo session.
In order not to injure children’s hair bouffant, better
use rollers or bagels:

  • the front part of the head is divided into a side parting, hair
    combed from the temples to the back of the head;
  • using a roller and a tail to create a volumetric shape
    babetty on the back of the head;
  • all fixed invisible, beautiful hairpins and varnish.

Babette’s hairstyle for a wedding

Wedding hairstyle

Babette is one of the most sought after
hairstyles for the wedding ceremony. She emphasizes all the virtues.
and beauty, gives grace and severity. Diversity
variations will allow any bride to become the most beautiful.

In the hairstyle add expensive hairpins or tiaras, stones,
pearls. In combination with jewelry is obtained
refined and gentle image of the bride who will be perfect
captured on a photo for a family album.

This video shows how you can perform a wedding hairstyle with
low beam.

How to make a hair at home

It is not necessary to contact the salon, styling can be done
independently, following the step by step instructions. Is required
prepare all the necessary components for work:

  • brushes and combs;
  • invisible hairpins;
  • silicone rubber;
  • bagels with a roller;
  • varnishes for styling;
  • extra strands and curls;
  • accessories.

Tip! Apply to pre-washed hair
styling agent. Hair is carefully combed. Next, perform
all stages of laying in front of a mirror.

Babette – one of the most feminine hairstyles. She will make of
girls extraordinary beauty, will help not get lost in the crowd.
However, it is important to remember that you should not go with this hairstyle
constantly: hair should rest.

This video shows how to make a classic babette in
home conditions.

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