Balajaz on dark hair caret – photo before and after, suitable types and colors

One of the famous expressions convinces that women themselves do not
know what they want. True or slanderous, but in this
The statement is truth. For example, owners curly
hair do everything to straighten them, straight-haired girls
vice versa. The same thing happens with hair color. Brunette, redhead,
brown hair, at least once, but thought about a radical change in color
hair. But not everyone has the courage to change this image. On
help in this case comes a hair dyeing technique like
balayazh. Balayazh on dark hair square

What is balayazh, its features when performing on dark
hair care, advantages and disadvantages

The content of the article:

  • What is balayazh, its features when performing on dark
    hair care, advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of square on balazha for dark hair
  • The main types of technician balayazh on dark hair
  • Selection of shades for coloring balayazh on a dark car
  • How much does a black-haired balaig in a salon?
  • Balajaz on dark hair caret at home, tools and
    step-by-step instruction
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • The difference between technology and ombre, highlighting, coloring and

Balayazh is the coloring of hair in several shades (usually
2-3), the transition between which can be performed smoothly or sharply.
Actually looks balayazh both short and long

Before you decide on the balayazh dark hair on the square, it is worth
take into account some features of this procedure.

  • Balajazh on dark hair, trimmed in the technique
    caress, it looks advantageous, if you choose bright colors
    which will help make the hair original and perky.
  • Before any dyeing dark hair
    discolor. One bleaching session may allow
    lighten strands a maximum of 4 tones.
  • Balayazh bright colors are recommended to perform only on
    healthy hair. Dry and brittle hair is
    staining can hurt a lot.
  • Dark hair dressing requires strong lightening
    hair, so after it needs good care. Painted
    hair should be constantly moisturized, nourished and cleaned
    shampoos and balms.

dark hair square

Technique dye balayazh on dark hair medium
length has many advantages, among them:

  • Allows you to experiment with different contrast
  • Suitable for women of any status and age;
  • Gives volume and shine to hair;
  • Refers to gentle methods of staining;
  • Hides imperfections of the face;
  • Suitable for all hair types;
  • Does not require frequent visits to a beauty salon for

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Be sure to lighten before staining;
  • High price.

Types of square on balazha for dark hair

Caret with lengthening

The combination of the balayazh technique and the bob with lengthening allows you to make
hairstyle visually more voluminous and smooth facial features. Balayazh on the square with
lengthening can be done in several ways: staining
individual strands, lightening tips, paint application throughout
the length and volume of the hair, dyeing individual strands at the back of the head and
the outside. Balayazh in combination with an elongated bob on dark hair
can be done in another way. Very advantageous
only front strands look brightening with a smooth transition along
the entire length. Car with lengthening

Kare with bangs

When dyeing only the bottom of the curls, bang
no need to paint. Painting looks beautiful long
or asymmetrical bangs. Kare with bangs

Bob car

Haircut that looks original and expressive
even on natural hair. A technique balayazh allows
make the bob car much more voluminous at the top and visually longer at the bottom.
Bob car


When performing staining, the specialist emphasizes the front
strands. They are painted in a lighter tone than the main mass
hair, it allows you to emphasize facial features. Rack on the leg

On graded square

In combination with coloring hairstyle can play with new
paints, create an elegant play of colors. Laying will look
more expressive, even if performed by a layman.
On graduated car

Asymmetrical car

Technique balayazh great looks like a classic
staining, as well as adding asymmetry and randomness
glare. You can safely experiment with bright colors.
On an asymmetrical car

The main types of technician balayazh on dark hair

Balaig on dark hair can be done by several
in ways.


On dark hair it looks natural, hair looks
faded in the sun. Full balayzh assumes
preservation of a natural shade of dark hair. Classical

The paint in this case is applied first on the top of the head, then
smoothly colored middle and ends. As a result, all
strands are painted in a single tone with the help of several shades.

Tip coloration

This is a kind of balayazh when only
the ends. The result is the effect of burnt hair.
Dyeing Tips

Coloring with a clear border

Classic coloring option. Usually
the border is located in the cheekbones or at the tips. Coloring with a clear boundary

Coloring strands near the face

Refers to medium staining when paint is applied on
separate zones, such as a nape, edges, temples and bangs. Paint
applied with soft movements, creating a smooth transition.
Coloring strands near the face

Asymmetric coloring

It looks extravagant and spectacular. This staining method
you should choose confident women with high self-esteem.
Asymmetric coloring

Selection of shades for coloring balayazh on a dark car

The tone of the coloring should be combined with the color of the eyes, skin,
curls, as well as the shape of the face.

Dark kare is a hairstyle that allows you to absolutely choose
any shade from chocolate to purple. Most popular
among the fair sex:


Ash balayazh on dark hair quads should be chosen by women
cold color type. Ash balayazh able to transform
any appearance in a chic. Ashen

Important! Ash balayazh highlights all the flaws
skin, so with scars, uneven complexion or pimples,
better refrain from such staining.

Copper, chestnut and caramel colors

Suitable for girls with a warm color type. Such shades
will add to a hairstyle of “fire” and softness. Copper


Purple looks good on dark hair.
A girl with such a haircut certainly will not go unnoticed.


Redhead balayazh on medium hair will allow you to create a playful and
memorable image. Perfect for brunettes with warm
skin color type. Redhead


Pink color is very popular this season, but it is worth noting
that for owners of dark hair, not all of its shades are suitable.
It is worth paying attention to the ash-pink, purple-pink,
Extremely cold bubble gum. Average hair length
allows you to make a bright pink emphasis on the tips.


Red balayazh recommend to carry out partially
strands or hair ends. Red

Blue balayazh

Looks modern and bold. Blue color should
give preference to a girl under 30 years old. If age
exceeds the mark of 35 years, then you need consultation with a stylist,
not to look stupid and ridiculous. Blue

Cool blond

You can only trust an experienced master, because the cold
blond can easily turn yellow. Cold Blonde

Platinum shade

It is suitable not only for blondes, it also looks interesting on
brunettes. This shade is suitable only for women who
refer to the cold color type. Platinum Shade

How much does a black-haired balaig in a salon?

The cost of balayazh on dark hair is influenced by:

  • Master qualification;
  • Region of residence;
  • Hair length

The average cost of painting a caret varies from 1.5 to
2.5 thousand rubles.

Balajaz on dark hair caret at home, tools and
step-by-step instruction

Balayazh at home – a very difficult and time-consuming exercise.
Therefore, you need to be ready to spend a lot of time and effort on his


  • Non-metallic container for mixing paint – 2pcs;
  • Brush for applying funds – 2pcs;
  • Paint, at least 2 shades;
  • Hairbrush with a sharp end;
  • Protective equipment (gloves, cape);
  • Foil.

tools for highlighting

Step-by-step instruction

The first thing to do is choose an oxidizing agent. For
dyeing dark hair is worth buying oxides of 3 or 6%.
If the hair is dense Asian type, you need to choose the most
concentrated oxide 12%.

Phased instruction

  1. Gently comb your hair, starting from the ends and ending
    the roots.
  2. Wear protective equipment (gloves, gown or robe).
  3. Prepare the clarifier.
  4. The clarifier is first applied to the parietal zone, smoothly passing
    to the back of the head.
  5. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, means
    washed off with water.
  6. Turn the foil with the matte side facing in about 1 cm.
    This creates a “pocket” that protects paint from
  7. Hair must be divided into at least 4 zones.
  8. Starting from the neck to dye the hair, highlighting the narrow ones from the strands
    parts for clarification. Apply light paint on the ends, and on the whole
    the remaining length is darker, do not touch the roots. Selected hair
    lay out on the matte part of the foil so that the pocket
    was under the roots.
  9. Carefully shade the transition between shades with
  10. Turn the foil upside down and on the sides, creating an envelope.
  11. After working the head should go to the temples and
    top of the head.
  12. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    means with water and apply balm.

Step-by-step instruction

Hair care after the procedure

Despite the fact that balayazh is considered a gentle hair procedure,
after it requires special care. Dark strands before dyeing
brightens, therefore their structure is severely injured. Moreover,
any lightening causes the hair to become
porous and empty from the inside.

Therefore, do not need to trust your hair to the first person
a hairdresser, otherwise there is a big risk of damaging the curls. Also need
carefully choose the means for painting. Not worth it
save as you can damage your hair or get
unpredictable result. care

Proper hair care also affects hair health.

You should choose the right hair cosmetics.
It is better to buy a special line for streaked hair, the composition
which is designed precisely for such damage strand.

It sometimes happens that there is no opportunity to purchase special
a series of products, but this is not a reason not to care for the hair, you need
follow certain recommendations of experts.

  • Shampoo should contain keratin, protein
    or ceramides that contribute to the recovery
  • Products for colored hair can be selected from
    rulers of the so-called blond shades. It will help
    protect color from the appearance of yellowness.
  • After washing the hair with shampoo should be applied to it
    conditioner that moisturizes dry and damaged
  • Once a week you should do nutritious
    masks. Suitable on the basis of oil or reducing for
    severely damaged hair, which, thanks to proteins in its
    composition reanimate the structure from the inside.
  • It is worth treating hair with sprays and serums for
    daily care.


Head washing technique

  • Water should be comfortable for the head temperature, but not
  • Apply conditioner to towel-pressed hair.
  • Do not comb raw hair so as not to add
    mechanical damage.
  • It is necessary to protect the hair from high temperatures. For this:
    reduce the number of uses ironing and curling. If very
    you want to have beautiful curls, sometimes you can create them with
    using curlers, and straighten using a cold mode hair dryer.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the hair. Trim regularly
    hair to avoid stratification and brittleness. For supporting
    result, many advise to laminate hair.

The difference between technology and ombre, highlighting, coloring and

The main difference from the ombre, shatush, highlighting and coloring
is a technique of applying the coloring composition. Paint applied
vertically on the top layers of the hair. The coloring composition is applied to the whole
hair, clearly highlighting the lower part. balashik shatush ombre difference

Balajaz on dark hair makes hair styling expressive and
uniqueness. Dark hair is a versatile hair color that
suitable for any shade. Therefore, if you want to change, but
cardinal are not yet ready, balayazh, the option that will allow
Combine natural hair color with any other.

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