Balajazh for long brown hair – photo before and after on straight and curly curls, non-standard colors and hairstyles

Light brown hair color is most often dyed the most
different types, through which the image is added to the brightness and
emphasizes the depth of the natural shade of the hair.
Balayazh is considered one of the most modern and popular sparing
dyeing techniques such strands, creating an original effect
smoothly moving shades from dark roots to bright ends.
Balayazh on long brown hair

Balajazh for long brown hair: definitions and features

The content of the article:

  • Balajazh for long brown hair: definitions and features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Photo balayazha for long brown hair before and after
  • TOP of the most fashionable shades and colors for brown long hair
  • The cost of the procedure in beauty salons and features of
    such staining
  • TOP 5 popular hairstyles for long blond hair with
    let’s go
  • Balajage for long blond curls on their own at home
    conditions: step-by-step staining technology
  • The best tools and proven brands for coloring: what’s worth
    to acquire
  • Care for curls after the procedure
  • Reviews
  • Difference balayazha from coloring shatush and ombre

This method of coloring curls is a gentle
a procedure that affects only the top layer of the hair,
painting a small area on the surface of the hair.

Using this method, the root zone remains
untouched because only the lower part is exposed to clarification
hairstyles At the same time color shade carefully stretch,
creating the effect of soft color overflows that add
hairstyle brightness.

This type of coloring resembles natural tone in appearance.
curls, slightly faded in the sun, so it is delicate
staining looks quite natural, perfectly fitting
as in youth, and in a strict business style. for long brown hair

The main features of this method of coloring:

  • giving the hair a natural look of burnt curls;
  • careful method of dyeing has a minimum of harmful
    impact on the structure of the strands;
  • This type of coloring does not require frequent color correction and
    embellishment of growing roots;
  • Balaja staining technique differs from other methods:
    paint application is made strictly horizontal method
    sweeping movements, or strokes in the shape of the letter V. At the same time
    the lower zone of the strands is most thoroughly colored, and closer to
    the roots tone is just well shaded;
  • most often masters use 2-3 or more shades of color scheme,
    which create a unique effect and radiance;
  • the composition is applied randomly, and the width of the painted strands
    is selected in each case individually.


This method of painting blond curls is considered one of the most
versatile and original with which any woman
You can successfully emphasize the beauty and depth of natural color.
shag, adding hairstyle sophistication, charm, brightness and

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this type of coloring is
its result that suits most women. Besides
Moreover, the peculiarity of this procedure makes such
staining possible even on weak, thin and lifeless


  • versatility and practicality;
  • safety and delicacy;
  • visual addition of a head of hair thickness and pomp;
  • natural effect of sun-bleached curls;
  • the richness of the color palette of color schemes that allow you to create
    a unique, most suitable shade to each color type;
  • adds an image of brightness and refreshes the usual haircut;
  • suitable for thin and dull strands, adding volume and
  • a properly selected color scheme will soften facial features and
    make the image younger.

Balayazhny coloring perfectly looks as on straight lines,
so on curly hair, adding color, pomp and
grooming any type of blond hair. Advantages and disadvantages


  • the difficulty of choosing the right shade;
  • to maintain the hair properly
    do styling, as well as nourish and moisturize the curls;
  • paint application may require some
    skills and experience with self-coloring;
  • not suitable for painting gray hair;
  • the price of such a procedure in the cabin can be quite high
    due to the popularity and relative complexity of this

Creating an effective and expressive balayazha is not
only in the correct application of the coloring agent, but also in the correct
determining a shade that suits a particular light brown shade
curls and color type of appearance. That is why
professional master in the cabin should have a thin
taste and color skills.

Photo balayazha for long brown hair before and after

This type of staining will look different on
blond curls of various shades. Depending on the
the natural color of the hair and the desired result is the tone
Kohler, which favorably emphasizes and emphasizes the natural
tint curls.

On light blond long hair

Light brown strands are perfect shades, close to
the natural tone of the blond, adding shade and brightness
expressiveness. In this case, the color play is very
gently and smoothly. If desired, can use contrasting
coffee or cream tones that give the hair dynamic and
originality. On light blond long hair

On dark brown

Colorists advise dark-haired fashionistas to use a mix
shades in gold, caramel and copper tones that will give
a head of hair of brilliance, radiance and mystery. Mixing close
colors of colors you can create a unique color solution that
decorate the image in any style. On Dark Blonde

On straight long curls

Straight curls often lack volume and
thicknesses. Easy to solve this problem
Balajazh in contrasting tones of chocolate or coffee color. Data
shades will give the hairstyle charm and elegance, making curls
lush and well maintained. On straight long curls

Curly strands

Curly locks can be successfully refreshed with unusual bright colors in
red, pink or purple, adding to the image
originality, expressiveness and dynamism. Such
option will suit lovers of memorable and unusual
youth images. On Curly Strands

TOP of the most fashionable shades and colors for brown long hair

Along with the classic natural shades of dyes,
close to the natural color of the curls, very popular
enjoy the bright color tones of red, pink, purple and
strawberry. Depending on the desired result, you can
make your hair brighter and more colorful, or bring it closer
painted areas to the natural tone of the curls.


Ash palette looks best on girls with
soft white skin and light eyes. Feature
This shade is its ability to clearly highlight the features
face and skin tone, so before applying the paint of this tone you need
Be sure to take care of the freshness and beauty of the skin.


The white color helps to emphasize and emphasize the depth of
light brown undertone, reviving the usual haircut and adding hair to
volume, pomp and grooming. On light strands such tone
looks very gentle and natural. White


Platinum color is recommended to use only on
light blond strands that are original shade effectively
highlight. In addition, the most appropriate type of appearance to
This shade is flawless light skin tone, blue or
gray eyes and thin features. Platinum


Kohle in wheat tones will give the head of hair refinement, charm and
elegance, decorating light blond curls. This color
often used to create a natural clarified effect
hair. wheat shatush for blondes


Fashionable spectacular strawberry shade looks great on
light and dark curls, adding to the hairstyle colorful and
charm. In this case, the main task of the master is
obtaining the purest and brightest shade without mixing it with
in other tones. Strawberry


The pink palette is in great demand among girls,
preferring youth style. Such staining
looks very original, expressive and bright, adding a look
dynamic and colorful. Pink


The red color will transform long curls, making haircut
interesting, extraordinary and colorful. This tone is excellent
Looks on girls with a natural light shade of light brown color,
decorating the bold fashionista with saturation and brightness. Red


Unusual purple color scheme gives the image of mystery, perfect
combining with a long haircut. This color will do.
owners of dark blond hair, adding charm and shine to her hair
and pomp. Violet


Caramel tones are often used to create
natural effect in dark tones.
Caramel colors add shine and shine to hair, transforming
habitual hairstyle and making it expressive and elegant.

The cost of the procedure in beauty salons and features of
such staining

You can carry out this coloring procedure as in
home and in the cabin. An experienced master will help
find the right shade of coloring agent, identify areas
to lighten and professionally carry out the procedure, reducing to
minimize the harmful effects of chemicals on the structure
curls. money

Price category varies from 3 to 6 thousand rubles, in
depending on the type of hair and the selected shade.


The duration of the procedure, how much the effect lasts and how often
need to repeat this staining.

The duration of such a gradient coloring, as a rule,
takes about 2-3 hours. When using multiple shades
time may increase. how much is holding

The effect of the procedure will be noticeable for 3-4

Re-staining should be done no sooner than 3 months,
because this type of coloring does not require tracking of growing

TOP 5 popular hairstyles for long blond hair with
let’s go

Types and types of elongated haircuts for balazhezh there are quite
many, however, the most popular and sought after are
classic hair with bangs or without it, as well as the original
forms with asymmetry.

With a bang

Hairstyles with bangs effectively frame the face, giving the image
refinement, femininity and charm. Bangs can be like
straight and asymmetric. In the first case, haircut
will suit young girls, and in the second – it will successfully decorate a business or
classic look. With a bang

No bangs

The non-bang variant makes the face open and expressive, however
In this case, very often the curls look insufficiently voluminous and
thick. Contrast balayazh add shine and curls
pomp, successfully highlighting the beauty of light brown hair color.
Without bangs


The stylish cascade is always considered a classic, excellent
looking at women of fashion of any type of appearance and any age.
Cascading haircuts visually make hair thicker and bulky,
that is ideal for owners of straight thin strands.


Asymmetrical haircuts add charm and originality, and
Color balayazh make this hairstyle more spectacular and brighter. how
As a rule, young girls prefer asymmetrical haircuts.


Haircut ladder will be a great solution for curls below
waist, beautifully framing the face and making the features more chiseled,
correct and feminine. Ladder

Balajage for long blond curls on their own at home
conditions: step-by-step staining technology

Home coloring will not take much time, saving
at the same time a significant amount: an independent procedure will cost
only 1 thousand rubles.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure, it is desirable to get rid of dry curls,
feeding them with useful oils with vitamins and microelements.
It is recommended to do this for 1-2 weeks before staining. technology

Immediately before the procedure, you should not wash the hair
Do not flush natural protection from chemical exposure.

Required tools

For balladay coloring will need:

  • comb for combing;
  • sponge or brush for application;
  • a set of special plastic utensils for mixing
  • small hairpins for fixing strands;
  • hairbrush with a sharp end to highlight areas for

tools for highlighting

Step-by-step instruction

Start the procedure with a thorough combing of the hair,
getting rid of confusion. Combing strands recommended
from the tips, moving higher to the roots, then proceed
directly to coloring:

  • dilute the dye, following the directions on the package;
  • arbitrarily divide the curls into 4 partings;
  • fix the resulting areas and start staining, causing
    paint smooth horizontal strokes starting at the tips and
    ending mid-length strands;
  • repeat the same action with each selected zone;
  • wait the required amount of time according to the instructions on
    pack with paint;
  • gently wash off the composition, starting from the ends, trying not to get dirty
    top uncoloured area;
  • moisten the curls with balsam and make styling.


The best tools and proven brands for coloring: what’s worth
to acquire

For painstaking staining is recommended to use safe.
soft means that will not harm the hair and will not dry out

Best means:

  • paint LOreal Professionnel Majiblond Ultra.
    It has a wide color palette and lasting bright shade. Price about
    700 rubles; paint L'Oreal Professionnel Majiblond Ultra
  • Matrix Socolor Beauty cream paint. Cream paint
    makes application easy and quick. The cost of 500 rubles.;
    Matrix Socolor Beauty cream paint
  • Kaaral Sense Coulours brightening powder.
    Anti-yellow brightening powder allows you to enjoy
    saturated light tone colored strands. The price is about 4000 rubles.
    Kaaral Sense Coulours Brightening Powder

Care for curls after the procedure

To preserve the brightness and saturation of the color curls should
be sure to feed on the tips with natural coconut oil
or argans.

Keep your hair away from hot water and air.
trying to reduce the use of hair dryers and other appliances for drying and
styling. Before using hair dryer or ironing
It is recommended to apply thermal protection. Care for curls after the procedure

During the heating season, preferably additional hair
moisturize during the day, irrigating it with lotions or sprays. For
cleansing should use soft shampoos designed to
colored hair.

Do you decide to make yourself a balayazh? Dannet



Difference balayazha from coloring shatush and ombre

The main difference balayazha from other types of staining is
in the application of paint and the final result.

  • balayazh. Solid surface clarification and
    color stretching. Application of horizontal sweeping strokes.
    Painted areas look natural, color border
    as blurry as possible;
  • shatush Shatush allocates only some individual
    strands that are stained in any convenient way. At the same color
    also stretch and shade;
  • ombre Strands stain over selectively when
    This border color transition looks brighter and more contrast than in
    balayad method.

balashik shatush ombre difference

The light brown color of the curls is one of the most common
shades of hair. Diversify, refresh and add uniqueness
this familiar color is possible with the help of a popular procedure
balayazhnogo staining. This method is suitable for any
hair type, allowing you to create a soft natural or bright
colorful effect.

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