Balajazh on dark hair: simply, effectively, safe, 21 photos

More recently, regrown dark roots were considered real.
movetonom. However, with the submission of photos of models, actresses and other
celebrities such an effect came into vogue and, apparently, remained in it
for a long time.

Photo 344 Developed dozens of games with color,
able not only to revive the hair, but also beautifully emphasize
skin tone, create a visual effect of more lush hair.

One of the most interesting and popular techniques is balayazh, especially
beautiful looking on medium-sized strands.

  • 1 Balayazh: features and differences
  • 2 Who will go balayazh
  • 3 What colors will suit brunettes
  • 4 Subtleties of coloring brown hair
  • 5 Hair care after the procedure

Balayazh: features and differences

Balayazh is considered one of the variations of highlighting.
At the same time with the usual technique of lightening by strands using
a large amount of foil and special caps it has little
in common. The essence of the method – changing the color of the tips of the hair, creating
natural transition effect.

Coloring is often done outdoors. Master divides
hair on strands and makes chaotic brush movements, making sure that
the border was blurred. For work
used as close to natural shades that differ by
several tones, and more bright contrasting colors.

Photo 345It all depends on the overall design image, features
haircuts, hair textures and, of course, the wishes of the client.

Despite seeming negligence, balayaz requires
great skill from the colorist.

The color transition should look natural, drips and uneven
stains are unacceptable.

Girls who have mastered the art of coloring can do balayazh in
home conditions. It is important to use quality paints and not

After 2-3 stains the house master can easily reach
salon level and from the basic procedure to move to a more complex
dyeing using several shades.

Who will go balayazh

Having decided on a complex staining, it is worth discussing the idea of
a stylist.

Photo 346The wizard will tell you which tones will suit a particular
type of appearance, will advise the brand of paint.

Balayazh worth a try:

  • girls planning to refresh the image without a cardinal
    changes in hair color and length;
  • brunettes who want to try on less strict, slightly
    frivolous bow;
  • women who do not want to constantly tint the tips and follow
    for perfect color saturation;
  • those who want to naturally disguise gray hair;
  • owners of thin hair who want to visually increase the volume
  • everyone who loves trendy experiments.

Balayazh refers to a sparing technique of staining.
The procedure does not affect the bulk of the hair, the paint is not applied
on the roots and does not adversely affect the scalp.
The technique does not require frequent coloring, even a month after
Procedure curls look completely natural. If coloring is not
like it, you can just wait until the strands grow back a bit, and
then make a shorter haircut.

Stylists do not recommend dyeing hair too often. Balayazh
better to do 3-4 times a year. When correct
the performed procedure, the effect of a single dyeing is not preserved
less than 3 months.

What colors will suit brunettes

Some stylists are confident that balayazh only fit
blondes and very light brown-haired women. Share common sense in this
there are, on light hair, experiments with color will be more noticeable.
However, brunettes are not upset, the technique is quite suitable for
of them.

There are 2 options balazha. At the first master achieves
natural effect using paint on several tones
different from the natural hair color. It is absolutely
universal option that can be recommended to all women
regardless of age and hair texture.

Photo 347

Another approach is possible. Highlighted bright dyes
will give a more obvious effect, the hair will appear
contrast highlights. This technique is not suitable for every woman, but she
is able to miraculously emphasize the features of appearance (see
a photo).

Photo 348 Dark hair can be colored traditional
way, highlighting the ends of individual strands. If there is no desire
resort to aggressive bleaching agents recommended
use color highlights that are applied for the same

For example, the bottom of dark brown hair is worth emphasizing.
plum-purple or red wine. This technique gives a noticeable
effect, but due to the dark background the hairstyle will not look

To make a medium-sized dark-haired hairdo, it’s worth
try different shades of chestnut. Dark blond or
medium brown strands can be supplemented with coffee and chocolate
tones of different saturation. Bright brunettes fit Burgundy
wine shades.

The effect of slightly burnt hair will create brandy, bronze or
copper scale. Drama will add a touch of ripe cherry,
Eggplant, raspberry. Even more unexpectedly look blue, pink
or red highlights, as pictured:

Photo 349 Photo 350

Instead of paint, you can use a brightener. It will create an effect.
burnt hair and will look as natural as possible.
Application techniques are exactly the same. For greater complexity of tone
after lightening you can turn golden, caramel into your hair
or platinum highlights.

When choosing colors it is worth considering the overall color direction.
Brunettes with a pinkish skin tone will suit blue-violet and
pure red gamma. Tanned girls or those whose face has
warm creamy shade worth trying on copper, reddish or
chocolate paint. Women with olive complexion will do
stylish bronze tones.

Much depends on the type of haircut. Balayazh looks beautiful on
Various options for bob, cascade or square, as in the photo:

Photo 351 You can process only bangs, but more often the master
colors strands over the entire head. The technique is suitable for both direct,
so for wavy or curly hair. The latter option is especially
good for home dyeing. Curls will hide not too smooth
the border of applying flowers, the hairstyle will look natural, but

The video shows another version of staining balazhig without

Special care must be taken by women with hair previously
painted in a dark color.

It is necessary to choose the right colors to pigments when
overlaying each other did not give an unexpected effect of “smeared
dirt “. It is advisable to use professional dyes,
designed for creative procedures: coloring or

The subtleties of dyeing brown hair

Before dyeing you need to make a haircut. She even needed
girls who are not going to drastically change the length of the hair.
It is necessary to trim split ends, arrange the back of the head, temples and
bangs Haircut after balayazha – meaningless procedure, reducing to
No all the efforts of the colorist.

Photo 352

Balayazh spend on unwashed hair. They need to be carefully combed
brush cleaning dust and evenly spreading greasy

  1. A towel or a special hairdressing salon is wrapped around your shoulders.
  2. The number and width of curls is chosen arbitrarily. More often
    secrete strands from the face and on the crown. Do not forget about bangs.
    Even thinner curl, the less catchy the effect will be.
  3. Photo 353Strands selected for dyeing fix
    rubber band. The ends are slightly combed (see photo).
  4. On the bottom of each strand with a flat brush or sponge
    paint or brightener applied. The drug is distributed
    vertical movements, and it is important to paint only the top
    part strands.
  5. Then curl wrapped in foil. This method gives more
    rich color, you can do without to get a soft semitone
    foil. The color will last a shorter time, but
    will cause less damage to the hair.
  6. Council Provide a clear color border
    It is possible when applying paint not on the hair, but on the foil.
  7. After 15-30 minutes, the foil is removed and the comb is combed for
    uniform distribution of the dye. Exact exposure time depends
    from the selected drug.
  8. If 2 dyes are used, darker first applied
    tone, then comes the turn of light.
  9. Hair washed with water and treated with air conditioning.

Hair care after the procedure

Photo 354To preserve the effect of a smooth transition of colors
as long as possible, after dyeing you need to care for the hair
especially carefully.

For washing only the soft means intended are used.
for colored hair. Shampoos need to be selected depending on the type.
strands. Deep cleaners can only be applied before
following procedure balayazha.

After washing the strands are rinsed with a mild moisturizer.
air conditioning. Do not use vinegar, lemon juice, decoctions
herbs and other means prepared according to popular recipes. They
may change the texture of the hair and affect the intensity

And soft home masks do not hurt:

  • Super moisturizing hair mask at home;
  • Hair mask with egg and honey: proven recipes;
  • Five super-masks for the beauty of black bread hair;
  • Homemade masks: 5 best recipes for fine hair.

If the hair grows back too fast, you can not resort to
staining. Special support tools will do.
for example, a professional lightening cream that is purchased in
stores for stylists. The drug is applied to the ends of the hair and not
touches the roots.

It is necessary to protect hair from aggressive solar
rays. On the beach it is better to hide the hairstyle under wide-brimmed
hat, baseball cap, panama or kerchief.

For laying it is necessary to choose the sparing means which are not containing
alcohols, mineral oils and other hair loosening ingredients.
Suitable mousses, gels and varnishes with SPF, protecting the strands from the negative
sun exposure

Photo 355 Balayazh – an interesting idea to make dark
hair brighter strokes. Medium length strands do not need
frequent tinting, it is possible to carry out the procedure at home
conditions. Maintain the beauty of the hair can the right gentle

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