Balayazh: 40 ideas of hair coloring in the most trend technology season

All traditional hair dyeing techniques recede before new
and an exciting trend in hair dye – balayazh. Balayazh is
truly artistic hair coloring that is flaunting
Victorias Secret models, and with them all the fashionistas of the world. You
interesting? Here are 40 fascinating ideas for highlighting
which will not leave you and your hairdresser indifferent.

Balayazh 40 ideas

One of the best benefits of balayazh equipment is that you
You can create exactly your unique image. You choose,
which part of the hair to do balayazh. You can make some color
strands from the middle of the hair, or go to a completely different color
almost from the roots.

40 hair coloring ideas

Balayazh from the roots

Gray-smoky balayazh

Blond balayaz

Curly haircut

Optical illusion multicolor balayazh

Chocolate caramel balayazh

Violet-honey balayazh

Balayazh “All shades of brown”

Balayazh “Kisses of the sun”

Golden black balayazh

Balayazh “overgrown roots”

Surface balayazh

Balayazh on the tips of the hair

Balayazh “Light frame for the face”

Strip balayazh

Balayazh a la Angel Victorias Secret

Balayazh “Wavy Caramel”

Balayazh “From darkness to light”

Balayazh “Less mysticism, more practice”

Balayazh “Volcanic Eruption”

Strawberry and chocolate balayazh

Balayazh “Raspberry Cocktail”

Balayazh “Blue Head”

Balayazh in the style of the movie “The Hunger Games”

Balayazh Mermaid

Balayazh “Gray and purple roses”

Balayazh “The first step to the blonde”

Balayaz “Cold and ice”

Platinum balayazh

Balayazh with wide strands

Balayazh “Total little by little”

Balayazh “Cascade Fountain”

Gray balayazh

Balayazh “Merry Party”

Balayazh “Return Spice girls”

Side balayazh

Balayazh in the spit

Balayazh “Punk Classic: Red and Black”

Balayazh “Lily Monet”

Balajaz “Queen of the Elves”

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