Balayazh for long hair – photo before and after, TOP 3 colors, technique step by step, how much it costs and how to care for hair

Actual technique of staining balayazh allows you to diversify
image and suitable for any color and length of strands. But the best base
to create such a painting – long hair. It is on them smooth
transitions and combinations of colors are revealed in the best way. But such
staining requires professionalism when performing. Balayazh on long hair

Balayazh for long hair: what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Balayazh for long hair: what is it?
  • How is balayazh on long and very long hair?
  • Long hair tie for different hair colors, photo before and
  • Options balayazha for long hair
  • Features painting balayazh on long straight hair with
  • Balayazh depending on the hair
  • TOP 3 popular shades
  • Is it possible to make a balayaz at home?
  • Technique staining balayazh on long hair at home
    conditions step by step
  • How much time is done balayazh on long hair?
  • The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon
  • Care after dyeing

Technique staining balayazh involves the selection of light
tones of individual order. Only the surface layer is painted.
hair, and only part of it, so the technique acts sparing
in a way. The dye is applied randomly, sweeping strokes.
This makes it possible to create a natural effect of burnt on
the sun is straight. However, the image can be enough
bright – it depends on what shades are used.

Balayazh for long hair has the following advantages:

  • The technique can be used for hair of any color and structure.
    It is combined with different haircuts.
  • Hair dyed using balayazh technique is not necessary all the time.
    tint at the roots. It is enough to update the painting every 2-3
    of the month.
  • Thanks to the technique you can hide some of the flaws of the face
    and focus on the merits.
  • A gentle technique will not ruin your hair.
  • Thanks to the rich variety of shades you can create and gentle
    natural image, and bright extravagant.

IMPORTANT! Balayazh suits almost everyone, but if
hair is badly damaged, first it is better to restore them, and then
to paint. Also, before going to the salon is recommended to cut
split ends

How is balayazh on long and very long hair?

The longer the hair, the greater the number of shades you can
use for balayazha. Usually 2-3 colors are used in salons,
between which the master creates smooth transitions. Staining can
start both at the roots and close to the tips. Sometimes
owners of very long curls, not wanting to put them at risk,
they paint only the ends and refresh the image without drastic changes.
Balayazh on very long hair

With dark hair, their necessary areas are preliminarily
lighten up. Then the dye of the selected color is applied to the strands.
chaotic strokes. When balayazhe boundaries between shades
always blurry and almost imperceptible. Most often ends
brightened completely, and vertical strands – only 2/3
lengths Where are you going to do balayazh? DomaV salon

Long hair tie for different hair colors, photo before and

Technique balayazh with the right choice of colors will be great
Look at the curls of any color. It is very important that the original tone
in harmony with those used for painting.

On dark hair

Brunettes can experiment with any tones. If you want
create a gentle image, caramel, coffee, golden
tones. You can also experiment with platinum and sulfur.
gamma (with the original saturated black color), cherry and
reddish tones. On dark hair

On light brown hair

Light brown hair – the perfect canvas to create a balazha.
They look great any tone. If the original blonde
has a warm undertone, choose wheat, golden, honey
shades, and if cold – silvery, pearl, pearl.
On blond hair

On blonde hair for blondes

On blond hair, balayaz usually becomes the most gentle, and
transitions are almost invisible, as if the strands are not colored at all.
You can use the most delicate colors close to the main,
or more saturated – bright cold blond, platinum, and so
Further. Sometimes masters set accents and complement blonde more
dark tones: caramel, alder, coffee. On blonde hair for blondes

Brown hair

On chestnut strands balayazh looks good
caramel, honey, nut shades. Can underline
color depth in reddish tones. Brown hair

Ash hair

For strands with ash binge you can use cold
palette of gray, platinum, pearl shades. Also their color can be
emphasize light pinkish or lilac shimmer. Ash hair

Red hair

Red hair fit warm shades. Commonly used
bronze, copper, amber tones that complement the vivid image.
Red hair

Brown hair

With brown hair harmonious shades of warm blond.
The optimal difference between colors is 2-3 tones, but you can
use and brighter transitions. Brown hair

On dark brown

Dark blond strands beautifully accentuated shades of natural
blond, golden or silver tones (taking into account the color type).
You can experiment with color staining, for example,
use reddish, strawberry colors. On Dark Blonde

On light blond

With light-blond hair, all colors are used for balayazha
blonde Coloring with soft transitions will look like
very tender. You can also consider a range of gray and caramel.
On light blond

Options balayazha for long hair

Long hair tie can be performed in several
options. Master can make transitions barely noticeable or more.
Contrast, paint only the tips or strands along the entire length.
Options balayazha on long curls can be as follows:

  • Coloring from the roots. This painting
    suitable for those who want to maximize the effect
    staining. As the roots grow, the image will remain
    stylish and fresh. Coloring from the roots
  • Balayazh along the entire length. Smooth performance
    gradient along the entire length makes it possible to create
    natural image. Typically, this technique uses several
    similar shades of one scale. Faces are usually stained
    completely, and other areas of hair – selectively. Balayazh along the entire length
  • Coloring individual strands. In this case
    the technique will be similar to highlighting, but the paint is applied randomly.
    Coloring individual strands
  • Selection of strands from the face. Refresh image and
    visually discarding a couple of years will help staining only those strands
    that frame the faces. Highlighting strands from the face
  • Coloring the tips. The most gentle option is
    brightening the tips with a gradual transition. You can paint them and
    smooth and chaotic. Dyeing Tips


Balayazh excellent owners cascade haircuts.
He emphasizes the structure and texture of hairstyles.
In this case, strands are recommended to lighten as much as possible.
uneven – so the hairstyle will look more lively and more interesting.

ATTENTION! It is recommended to do the haircut first, and
after staining, not the other way around.

Features painting balayazh on long straight hair with

Girls wearing bangs should think about whether she will
part of staining. If balayazh more
touches the tips and bottom of the hair, bangs can be left
the same as the roots. Long asymmetrical bangs are often painted
in the appropriate technique or isolated along with the strands of the person in
as a bright accent. With a bang

Balayazh depending on the hair

Coloring looks good on both straight and wavy

Straight lines

On long straight hair, you can create complex transitions and
use more than three shades. The most benign option is
select only the tips. Coloring will help visually.
add strand volume. Straight


Technique performance balayazha does not differ depending on
whether straight hair or curly. But the advantage of wavy curls in
that in the presence of errors in coloring on them they will not
noticeable. Curly

TOP 3 popular shades

When balayazhe long hair can be used and natural, and
unusual bright colors. At the peak of popularity now
ashen, pink and reddish coloring.


Ash gamma suits girls with cold
looks. This balaage looks great on black or
blond strands. Saturated gray tones will suit brunettes, more
light pearl and mother of pearl – to blondes. Ashen

REFERENCE. Gray draws attention to
imperfections of the face, therefore, choosing shades, consider
skin condition.


Refresh the image and make it brighter help shades of pink. On
dark hair can use bright and rich options
up to fuchsia and crimson. Blondes better to stop at
delicate pastel pink options. Looks good
balayazh using strawberry shade. Pink


Red balayazh decorate girls warm color type. He’s good
Looks on chestnut and wheat-brown shades. Can
Experiment with playing honey, amber, reddish tones.

Is it possible to make a balayaz at home?

Balayazh is a rather complicated technique, and it is best to entrust it
a professional But if you are confident in your abilities, you can try
dye strands and at home. Important to follow
instructions and follow all the rules. With
self-staining is not recommended to do difficult
transitions. Enough to use 1-2 shades. Balayazh for long hair at home

Technique staining balayazh on long hair at home
conditions step by step

Before dyeing hair, it is recommended to prepare them. For
2-3 weeks before the procedure, nourishing and moisturizing are done.
masks. Not recommended for a couple of days before painting.
wash hair, use balms and styling products.
Thanks to the natural grease, the strands will be protected from
chemical components of the dye, and the color will take better.

Home staining will require the following materials and

  • paint of the chosen color;
  • oxidizing agent;
  • non-metallic container for the preparation of the composition;
  • gloves;
  • fat cream;
  • cape on the shoulders;
  • towel;
  • hairpins or clips;
  • crest.

tools for highlighting

Technique depends on the type of balayazha – throughout
length, on the tips, near the face and so on. Classic variation
staining is as follows:

  • Curls are highlighted in the selected color from the middle of the length to
  • The paint is applied with vertical light strokes in the shape of a letter.
  • First, the sides of the strands are processed, then –
    the tips.

There is another way:

  • Hair needs to be combed qualitatively, divided into strands and
    fix with thin rubber bands.
  • A brightener is applied in short strokes. To obtain
    natural natural look, you need to paint the strands with different

at home

In addition, the balayazh technique is divided into two types:

  • Closed. In this case, the strands after processing
    wrapped in foil and the pigment appears faster.
  • Open. Foil is not used here. it
    more popular and common way since it is more
    sparing and makes it easier to track the result of staining.
    But this technique requires certain skills, so in
    Home use is better to use foil.

Paint when painting balayazh need to keep no more than 30
minutes The exact time is determined by the selected color and its
desired intensity. After washing off, the hair is dried.
and fit.

How much time is done balayazh on long hair?

The duration of the procedure depends on what part of the hair
painted, and what is the complexity of painting. For coloring
long curls on average takes 3-5 hours.

The cost of the procedure in the beauty salon

The longer the curls, the more expensive it will cost to perform balayazha in
the cabin. The average cost of painting with considerable length –
5 000-6 000 rubles. cost

Care after dyeing

Long hairs themselves require special care, and if they
painted, even if such a sparing technique as balayazh, attitude
should be even more responsible. Basic care guidelines

  • Need to use quality professional
    products intended for colored hair. They
    help to maintain the brightness of color and health of the curls.
  • It is important to exclude the use of products containing
    sulfates. These components speed up the washout process.
  • Hair should be protected from salty and chlorinated
    water, aggressive rays of the sun, wind and extremes
  • Wash strands need warm soft water.
  • It is important to limit the use of hair dryer and
    thermal instruments. If you can not do without it, put
    thermal protective equipment.
  • Cut the split ends regularly

Technique balayazh universal. It is suitable for hair of any length,
but most beautifully revealed on long strands. The best thing
entrust staining to a professional master. If you decide
make it at home, follow all the rules.

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