Balayazh on the square – photo before and after, suitable types and colors

A stylish hairstyle can look even more interesting if
use one of today’s popular hair dye
technician. An interesting option – balayazh on the car. This painting
looks beautiful and natural, moreover, it can be easily
run at home.

Balayazh on the square: what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Balayazh on the square: what is it?
  • How to choose a shade – TOP 8 colors
  • Varieties of equipment balayazh on the car
  • Cost of
  • How to make balayazh on caret at home?
  • Care after dyeing
  • Panting for four of a kind
  • What is better: shatush or balayazh?

Balayazh – one of the most popular types of highlighting, imitating
The effect of natural hair burning in the sun. Its main
Feature – applying paint on the hair in the shape of the letter V and smooth
increase shade intensity. The color will be as bright as possible.

Especially good balayazh looks at the elongated
kare. It gives the opportunity to adjust the shape of the face,
adds strands of density. You can use this technique on any
hair color. Where are you going to do balayazh? DomaV salon

How to choose a shade – TOP 8 colors

Balayazh fits almost everyone, regardless of source
hair colors. But it must be considered to find the right ones.
shades for coloring.

On blonde hair

On blond hair, the play of flowers created by balacia,
looks beautiful and natural. There are many colors
that can be used by blondes. With contrast
the appearance of the winter color type platinum roots will be good
match with chocolate and wine tones. To create more
soft image you can use light brown, wheat, caramel,
golden, strawberry tones.

REFERENCE. A bolder option – redhead on
blonde hair.

On dark hair

Dark hair usually requires prior
lightening. If a woman has a warm appearance, fit
golden caramel, honey tones, if cold – ashen,
platinum, silver. Black hair is often colored bright
tones: purple, pink, blue.

One of the fashionable options for staining chestnut curls –
technique called “turtle shell”, in which the hair smoothly
brighten from the roots to the tips, and are visible on their entire surface
shining highlights of chocolate, copper, caramel, golden

Brown hair

For balayazha on light brown hair is usually used several similar
between shades. Much depends on the original tone of light brown. If a
it is warm, golden, amber, wheat, honey

Cold blonde will be decorated with ash colors and ice blond.
You can make coloring in several shades and on
different heights, creating the effect of sun glare.

On red hair

Bright and stylish coloring can be done on red hair. Of
Classic options worth highlighting honey highlights, stretching from
dark roots to lighter tips, light “feathers”, chaotically
scattered through the hair. You can add chestnut strands in length
hair or make a contrast coloring in three tones.
It looks interesting combination of red and black.

On gray hair

Balayazh can be applied as on painted gray
hair and graying strands. Color mixing
distracts attention from gray hair and creates a beautiful play. In that
the case can be used platinum, silver, lilac,
bluish shades.

On chocolate hair

Beautiful look bright chaotic highlights on
chocolate curls. You can also use red, wine,
plum shades that successfully emphasize the main color.

On the streaked hair

If your hair has already been streaked, you can refresh the painting,
using the technique of balayazh. Usually in this case underlined
individual strands, which makes it possible to refresh
form. You can use shades lighter than main
creating thanks to them beautiful highlights.

On graded square

Graduated car in combination with highlight
looks very interesting. For such a haircut can
use classic techniques in natural tones. If a
you want something more creative, you can do color balayazh in
purple, wine, red, pink.

Varieties of equipment balayazh on the car

Balayazh looks different on each type of car. But outside
Depending on the type of haircut, you can choose the appropriate option

With lengthening

Kare with lengthening and balayazh wonderfully combined between
by myself. Painting helps to emphasize long strands, in view of
What haircut looks even more original. Look beautiful
natural coloring variations that are used for
several shades close to the original.

With a bang

In the presence of bangs staining can capture her too. On
oblique bangs balayazh can be done fully, and on the short straight
and torn is usually done only the top of the tick without
intense color of the tip.

On bob car

On the bob-bob haircut painting will also look appropriate.
It will help add extra volume at the top and
visually lengthen the bottom. Also thanks to this technique
you can hide certain imperfections of the face and visually balance
its proportions.

Asymmetrical car

On an asymmetrical car, you can make classic technique.
or also add asymmetry and randomness of glare.
It is interesting to look at such a bright hairstyle creative shades.

On the leg

When performing balayazha on the square on the leg most often
highlights the front strands. They are made lighter,
than the bulk of the hair, which also beautifully emphasizes the features

Straight hair

On a straight car, staining looks amazing, but
the process of creating it is quite complicated. Can
use a noticeable or soft transition, choose bright unusual

On curly

Gently and attractive balayazh looks on wavy hair,
especially in natural tones. It should be noted that too curly
hair is often quite thick and may not immediately
succumb to clarification.

Cost of

The price of staining on the car will depend on the desired result,
hair structure, salon level and master. On average, balayazh
will cost 2 000 – 5 000 rubles.

How to make balayazh on caret at home?

A more economical option is home coloring.
It is enough to make balayazh on short hair
difficult, but if you are confident in your abilities, you can try. AT
The following methods are mainly used:

  • coloring individual strands;
  • painting only the tips;
  • dyeing the entire surface of the hair from the roots to
  • the selection of individual pryadok the face and the back of his head.

IMPORTANT! Balayazh suitable for those who want
grow natural hair color. Thus, during regrowth
transitions will be almost not noticeable. If the length of the strands is less than 3
cm, make a full-fledged balayaz not work.

The technique of painting at home is done
in the following way:

  • Clean and dry hair is divided into several equal.
  • Starting from the back of the neck dye vertical strokes
    applied to the selected strand. Depending on the chosen technique
    it is painted all or only the tips. But anyway important
    uneven application and more thorough study of the lower
  • The classic technique does not involve the use of foil, but in
    it can be wrapped strands to speed up the painting.
  • Means is maintained necessary time, then is washed away.

Balayazh emphasizes the hairstyle, so it’s best to first
make the desired haircut, and then dye your hair.
The technique is almost the same depending on the chosen colors, but
There are nuances that need to be taken into account.


Gray tones are girls with a cool appearance.
They will be a good choice for balaiazh on black hair. Mind you
that to achieve the desired shade may be required


Platinum shade is suitable for both blondes and
brunettes. In the second case, the strands are first lightened.
Chaotic highlights will emphasize the hair and add volume to the hair.

Cool blond

Blonde with blond technique will be stylish and safe.
Choosing if the hair is initially fairly blond.
Its cold shades are appropriate for girls with bright eyes. AT
In this case, it is recommended to make soft transitions and use
colors that differ from the main one by no more than 3 tones.


Ash balayazh suits owners of fair skin and
gray or blue eyes. Only tips can be processed
or apply dye to the entire surface of the hair.

Care after dyeing

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful color, consider
The following recommendations:

  • For hair care you need to pick a series of good
    professional products designed specifically for painted
  • In addition to shampoos and balms, it is recommended to use
    nourishing and regenerating masks, as well as serums and
  • From folk methods you can use different oils and
    herbal infusions for rinsing.
  • Do not get involved in the use of hair dryers, irons and
    ploek If you still use them, use
    thermal protective equipment.

Panting for four of a kind

Balayazh stylishly looks on the square with any
styling. You can pay attention to such options:

  • smooth styling in retro style;
  • combing hair back;
  • large curls or small curls;
  • corrugation – small structured strands;
  • four of a kind from Christian Dior: smooth top and curled tips;
  • chaotic careless styling.

What is better: shatush or balayazh?

Shatush and balayazh techniques are similar, but there are differences.
Usually both stains are made in the shape of the letter V, although it is possible and
painting horizontal stripes. But when balayazhey contour more
conspicuous and outlined. Technique shatush same softer and
natural, the transitions between colors are almost invisible, and
bright dye is visible only on the tips. On the square look good
both options. Balayazh more suitable for elongated
haircuts, shatush – for a short car. In the latter case
You can color only bangs or tips.

Unusual, and at the same time natural balayazh coloring –
Great companion for a bob haircut. A variety of options allows
choose the perfect combination of shades for any source color
hair and any hairstyle variations. The painting technique is simple and can
performed at home.

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