Banana face mask – effective home rejuvenation and whitening



  • The benefits of banana face masks
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Banana mask application rules
  • TOP best recipes for banana face masks

Doctors are not in vain called the banana the fruit of happiness, and cosmetologists –
the fruit of youth. Its beneficial chemical properties
composition, allow you to apply this favorite by all product for
full-fledged home skin care. It does not take much
time, practically costs nothing, does not cause much trouble,
but the result will satisfy many of the most biased and capricious
beauties who have long been in search of the elixir of youth
for its fading skin penetrating the first wrinkles. Made by
at home banana face mask has not only
rejuvenating effect on the cells – it moisturizes, whitens,
cleans, and most importantly – softens, turning the face into a real
velvet to the touch. All this is possible subject to certain
rules, indications and contraindications for the use of this fruit
wonderful masks

Banana face mask

The benefits of banana face masks

Delicate, juicy banana pulp containing a lot is useful for skin.
biologically active substances in its composition. It is they, penetrating
into cells, they activate various processes, the result of which we
see after some time on the face. Do not expect miracles after
first use. Useful substances is difficult
break through the thick layer of the epidermis to the cells, so only
regular use of such cosmetics will give visible
results. In masks, prepared on the basis of banana pulp,
The following substances are particularly effective:

  • Ascorbic, Vitamin C – very effective
    antioxidant that slows skin aging, smoothes small
  • Tocopherol, vitamin E, is also famous
    its rejuvenating properties, keeping moisture in the cells and
    contributing to the production of elastin and collagen that make the skin
    radiant, supple, beautiful;
  • Numerous vitamin groups
    B (especially many in
    banana pyridoxine — vitamin B6)
    possess anti-inflammatory properties, healing microcracks and
    stopping inflammatory processes (acne,
  • Organic acids are perfectly cleaned.
    pores, narrow them, make the sebaceous glands work properly;
  • Holinspospoen soothing irritated
    after inflammation and stress of the skin, carefully cares for it,
    giving the face a natural, beautiful color;
  • Many in bananahkaliya, so the masks from
    This fruit is so famous for its moisturizing properties: this
    the element regulates the water balance in the cells;
  • Magnesium has a beneficial effect on
    vessels, improving blood circulation, on which depends the full
    skin nourishment and cellular respiration.

Regular, targeted effects of these substances on cells
skin will help in the end to achieve the desired result and decide
Problems. Proof that the banana has long ceased
limit your properties only as a normal product
Nutrition, – its presence in professional, store cosmetics. On
Today, not only face masks are made on its basis, but also
all kinds of creams, scrubs, tonics and many other means for
facial skin care. So you should try to enjoy the effect.
banana mask at home, which is distinguished by its
natural, and therefore – no less effective than the store.
To achieve this, you need to know when this fruit
will be useful for the skin, and in which – harmful.

Indications and contraindications to the use of a banana mask

Use the gifts of nature by making nourishing masks from
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Moisturizing masks for oily skin:

Indications and contraindications for use

Thanks to substances in its composition, the fruit of youth is capable
quickly and effectively solve many skin problems. In particular,
banana masks are recommended for active use in the following

  • For rejuvenating aging skin
    with signs of age-related changes: if wrinkles appear,
    cheeks sag, a second chin is formed, and the face contour loses
    the clarity of your lines, it’s time to use antioxidants in
    the composition of the banana mask;
  • With regular use and patient attitude, a banana is able
    and pigmentation of pigmentation – often
    total freckles, but also to get rid of generic pigmentation is
    try this clarifier;
  • If you enrich a banana mask with low-fat dairy products,
    egg white or lemon juice, it will be great to care for
    trouble-free and oily skin normalizing
    the work of the sebaceous glands and localizing and eliminating the appearance
    acne and blackheads;
  • Changing the mask to the opposite, adding fatty
    dairy products and yolk, can be obtained at the output
    excellent moisturizer for very dry
    flaky skin;
  • The classic mask is perfect for regular
    nutritional normal or combined

If you use banana masks regularly, all these problems
will be gradually resolved. However, it should be borne in mind that this fruit –
exotic, rich in organic acids, which in some
cases may harm the skin. Therefore, before use
first read the list of contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance to bananas,
    allergic to this fruit;
  • Open wounds, injuries, recently stitched face;
  • Couperosis;
  • Too sensitive, thin skin;
  • Acne, dictated by serious internal
    diseases (including hormonal disorders).

Store supplies contain sufficient quantities
chemicals that deter often aggressive
properties of natural ingredients. The same happens with a banana, but in
home conditions masks are obtained 100% natural, without any
synthetics, nothing inhibits the activity of substances in the fruit.
Therefore, extreme caution is required in their application.
Proper preparation of this cosmetic masterpiece – a guarantee
desired effect.

Banana face mask

Banana mask application rules

There is nothing difficult in the preparation and application of banana masks.
After 1-2 experiments, you can feel like a real cosmetologist, because
The result will surely please everyone. To make the procedure successful on
glory, enough to adhere to the following elementary rules.

  1. That the mask turned out to be refreshing, pleasant and incredible.
    effective, when buying fruit you need to pay attention to
    the maturity and condition of the bananas. Greenish skin will indicate
    immaturity, which means – not yet formed chemical composition.
    Black patches on the peel – evidence that the banana has overripe and
    Its composition has also changed. Neither green nor blackened
    fruit can not be used for making masks – only the most
    ripe, juicy, yellow.
  2. The pulp of bananas is peeled from the skin and crushed with a fork to
    condition of thick, gentle, air mashed potatoes.
  3. If the mask contains additional ingredients,
    avoid the formation of lumps can be whipped cosmetic
    means blender or mixer.
  4. Carefully select all components: if possible,
    Get homemade eggs and dairy products, which will
    much more benefits to the skin.
  5. After the miraculous mixture is cooked, do not be superfluous
    apply it for about 15 minutes on the wrist, and rinse off for an hour
    observe the skin reaction. No itching and redness –
    An indicator that you are not allergic to this fruit.
  6. Before applying the mask on the face, the skin needs to be steamed (in the bath,
    or using a steam bath), clean it with a scrub (better
    also homemade). It prepares the skin for reception.
    necessary active substances.
  7. Apply banana puree on the skin in a circular motion, strictly
    along the massage lines, avoiding the eye area.
  8. Putting a mask, it is advisable not to pace the house, collecting dust and
    reacting to different events mimicry. Better to relax and
    lie down.
  9. The duration of action of banana masks on sensitive skin is not
    more than 10 minutes, dry – up to 20 minutes, fat and problem – up to
    half an hour.
  10. Rinse better with clean water passed through the filter. She is
    should be at room temperature. Water is possible and even desirable.
    substitute a decoction or infusion of any medicinal herb (for example,
    chamomile). You can wash, remove the remnants of the mask with wet cotton or
    cloth. Strengthen the anti-aging effect of the mask can be washed after
    her usual milk.
  11. After the mask is recommended to put on the face of the usual cream.
  12. Within an hour after this procedure, you can not go on
    the street.
  13. It is not recommended to store the prepared mixture: it loses its
    beneficial features.

Everything is very simple, some special difficulties in cooking
banana masks does not occur. But maximum compliance with all
recommendations allows you to achieve the desired effect. Experiments here
Nick what: you need to constantly remember that you can not risk
own beauty and youth. It is desirable to use only
proven recipes for which there are many reviews on
forums. There are doubts – feel free to bypass the recipe by
avoid side effects that will be very difficult to eliminate.
So from the right choice of banana mask will be much

TOP best recipes for banana face masks

You can make a classic mask of banana pulp without
add additional ingredients. If anyone wants
strengthen or weaken the effect of this fruit can be included in
cosmetic other components. Sometimes have to
go through more than one recipe until you find the one
which is perfect for your skin. Before you do
the final choice is still desirable to read the reviews on
This or that mask in order to avoid disappointments.

  • Classic

Knead the pulp in a puree, in the presence of lumps, beat in a blender. Without
any additions to impose on the face.

  • Nutritional

Mix the banana puree with liquid, steamed honey
tablespoon) and the fattest cream you will find (2

  • Moisturizing, for dry skin

A pair of raw egg yolks carefully grind with banana
pulp (2 tablespoons), before applying, add olive
cold pressed oil (a teaspoon).

  • Drying, for problem

Beat well two raw egg whites, mix with banana
mashed potatoes (2 tablespoons). Before applying, add lemon juice,
which is better to press right there at home. He will need
at least 1 tablespoon.

  • Against acne

In a blender, the pulp of banana and yogurt are mixed (2
tablespoons). Sour milk can be replaced with low-fat sour cream or
natural yoghurt without additives.

  • Royal, rejuvenating

Many ancient queens used as a rejuvenating
milk means, and adding banana to it will only increase
regenerating properties of this miraculous mixture. Ingredients
mixed in equal proportions.

  • Whitening, anti-pigmentation

Prepare two mashed potatoes: banana and apple (1 dining room each)
spoon). Stir them. Separately mixed vegetable and
olive oil (1 teaspoon), added to fruit
mixu. Pressed before pouring into mask
raw egg yolk.

  • For oily skin

A couple of slices of orange clear from the film, turn the pulp into
puree, mix with banana puree (tablespoon).

  • Cleansing

Banana puree (tablespoon) is mixed with lemon, just
squeezed juice (the same amount). Massage your skin with this mixture.
within a couple of minutes to remove the stratum of the epidermis and
pollution. Leave the mask for 10 minutes.

All these tips for making and using homemade masks from
banana for the face will be useful to those who prefer natural
cosmetics shop. It is relatively safe (subject to
contraindications), very effective and accessible to all. Knowing such
nuances, now to improve the condition of your skin is not necessary
seek help at beauty salons and carry out costly
procedures. Surely you should start small, but proven
time – with a banana mask, which at first when
the absence of serious diseases and skin defects with ease
replace hardware cosmetology.

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