Banana hair masks: 4 effective recipe

Bananas are unique fruits that everyone adores for their sweet taste,
gentle pulp and unique aroma. They are often used in the composition
cosmetic mixtures for skin care of the face and

One of the most popular is banana callas
mask. After a similar composition curls acquire
incredible shine, softness and healthy look. But not to spend
money for purchased cosmetics
cook them yourself at home.

Bananas and Callas

  • 1 banana hair benefits
  • 2 Rules for applying a mask from a banana
  • 3 Effective recipes for banana-based masks at home

    • 3.1 Mask based on banana, honey and eggs
    • 3.2 Hair mask from banana and avocado
    • 3.3 Banana-lemon mask
    • 3.4 Mask with banana peel
  • 4 Banana shampoo

Banana hair benefits

Not everyone believes that these fruits help strengthen curls and
give them a well-groomed look. Bananas contain valuable substances in
high concentrations. This is what provides
wellness effect on the scalp and hair.

Important! In order to restore hair,
enough to make 8-10 masks.

Positive effect of a banana:

  1. Niacin in sweet fruit is noticeably
    reduces hair loss.
  2. Vitamin E restores injured locks, especially
    split ends, because it has a powerful regenerating
  3. Vitamin C – our main lifeguard
    body, it takes care of the hair: creates a protective
  4. B vitamins reduce the negative impact of the environment
    (sudden changes in temperature, ultraviolet and so on),
    strengthen the immune system.
  5. Bananas are champions in potassium content, which is important
    for owners of dry hair. Sweet Fruit Masks –
    excellent moisturizer. Potassium also protects
    hair from drying out.

Ripe Fruit

The presence of fetal fibers provides a mild effect on
scalp without causing irritation. This is very important when
carrying out cosmetic procedures: they must bring
benefit without side effects.

Banana mask application rules

Most complaints from the representatives of the beautiful
floor causes the process of washing off the composition from the head
That is why there are so many negative reviews about banana procedures.
This is due to the fact that people ignore the rules
use of masks.

Important! For cosmetic purposes only
overripe bananas.

Here are some simple but important tips:

  1. Bananas must be peeled, and then removed another
    layer. It is he who gives gruel to excess
  2. Grind bananas should be in a blender. This kitchen appliances
    will help to make the mixture as homogeneous and liquid as possible. Attempts
    mash a banana with a fork causes the mask to form
    long fibers that are one of the reasons for bad
  3. Additional elements of the mask should be made in the form of heat,
    pre-heating them with a water bath. But they are not
    must be hot. This is especially true of eggs, they can not
    overheat, otherwise the protein will curtail. Mask of banana
  4. Before applying a new recipe mask, it is important to test
    it, determine whether there is an allergy. For this small amount
    the mixture is applied to the elbow bend and watch for
    reaction. If after 30 minutes there is no irritation or
    redness – the mask can be applied to the hair.
  5. The mixture must be gently rubbed into the skin.
    heads. After that, the hair should be gently combed.
    wide ridge. This will help evenly distribute
    composition for all hair.
  6. Mask ingredients work more effectively and quickly with
    temperature increase. Therefore, after applying it on the head
    put on a hat or package, wrap the top
    a towel.
  7. The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes. Important to follow
    so that the composition does not start to dry, because then it will be hard

Important! Wash off the mask gradually. First applied
shampoo and rub it into hair. A mixture of tools and banana need
remove with warm running water. At the same time it is good to comb the curls,
to eliminate the remnants of fruit puree.

Masks that contain eggs must not be flushed.
hot water, it will only get worse: the protein will curtail
and fasten on the hair. After the rest of the mixture is
removed, it is recommended to rinse the hair with a decoction of herbs.
For example, chamomile, nettle, linden.

Effective recipes for banana-based masks at home

Mask Recipes

All types of masks that are presented below have unique
abilities. With proper preparation you can
the shortest time to achieve the desired

Tip! To grind a banana is better to use
blender. Only in this case will the mash be uniform, without fibers and

Banana, Honey and Egg Based Mask

One banana to bring to a state of smooth mashed potatoes in a blender. TO
mixes mix the yolk, 5 grams of honey liquid consistency and 75
gram sour cream.

The slurry must be evenly distributed over the unwashed.
hair, gently rub into the scalp. This
kind of mask provides nutrition, moisturizing hair, after
what they become soft and silky.

This video shows how to make a banana hair mask,
honey and egg yolk.

Banana and Avocado Hair Mask

This mixture is prepared on the basis of banana and avocado fruits.
The effect is enhanced by the presence of olive oil. To
cook it, the fruits (1 piece) are ground in a blender. Add
25 ml of olive oil, as well as 1 egg yolk.

Stir until smooth and apply to hair.
Instead of olive you can use sunflower and burdock. Also
it is recommended to mix any ethereal to the mask
oil, just a few drops (roses, ylang-ylang,
jasmine) Hair will get a beautiful shine, become obedient.

This video shows how to properly make a mask out of a banana and

Banana-lemon mask

In a fruit puree made from one banana in
a cup of blender, you need to add 50 g of lemon juice. Before
The procedure should be applied to the scalp with regular milk.
The mixture is applied evenly.

Attention! After applying such a mask hair
You can get rid of excess fat.

Banana Peel Mask

In a banana, not only the middle has valuable properties,
but also peel. It also has a lot of useful substances that
help restore curls. This mask is suitable for
owners of greasy hair.

It includes three components:

  • 1 whole banana with skin;
  • 2 tablespoons sour milk drink (yogurt,
  • juice squeezed from half a lemon.

Banana must be crushed, mixed with the rest of the ingredients.
and apply the composition to the hair. Better to head
was wet. Hair should be wrapped with a towel and
keep in this state for about an hour.


Banana shampoo

There are many recipes for shampoos based on sweet
fruit They differ in their use.
additional components. When choosing such a tool should
pay attention to what type of hair they are for

To make shampoo at home, you should
chop banana pulp thoroughly. Received
homogeneous mass must be mixed with a small amount of water
(about 70 ml) and 3 tsp of apple
vinegar. It can be replaced with juice from half a lemon.
The resulting mixture must be thoroughly mixed until uniform.
bowl blender. This composition can be washed

Banana shampoo

Simple recipe of shampoo from banana, vinegar and water will help
make the hair shiny and soft. With
systematic use of such a remedy curls always
will look healthy and incredible

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