Bandage wrapping – an effective method of struggle with cellulite

Bandage wrapping is an effective procedure that
promotes leveling of the skin and the elimination of cellulite.
According to statistics, this procedure allows to reduce the volume
problem areas of the body, which leads to rapid weight loss. In this
This article will tell you what wrapping is, what goals it is.
haunting and how to hold a bandage wrapping at home


  • What is bandage wrapping?
  • The advantage of band wrapping
  • Types of bandage wraps
  • The essence of the procedure
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • Preparing for bandaging at home
  • Wrapping Algorithm
  • Additional tips

What is bandage wrapping?

This cosmetic method is a wrapping.
elastic bandages that are pre-impregnated
special preparations. As cosmetics can
perform base and essential oils, extracts and medicinal extracts
medicinal plants, algae extracts, etc. Procedure
removes excess fluid, slags, waste products, and
and reduces body fat. As a result, improves
vascular permeability and skin condition of the body. This is common
cosmetic procedure that has excellent effect and
makes the figure slim and the skin smooth and even. Most often for
wraps use food wrap, but lately this
the procedure is carried out using bandage bandages. It is believed that
This method is much more efficient, and the range of indications is much

According to the goal, the bandages applied to the problem
plots, as well as on the whole body, have a warming effect,
anti-edematous and cooling effect.

The advantage of band wrapping

The procedure has the following advantages:

  1. Reducing the volume of problem areas. Most often in correction
    it does not need the whole body, but certain areas of it. Everybody
    man is unique and has a unique body structure, which
    due to heredity and genetic
    predisposition This method allows you to adjust exactly
    those sites that most need it.
  2. A complex approach. You can simultaneously reduce problem
    parts of the body: hips, abdomen, buttocks.
  3. Elimination of atony and flabbiness. In addition to losing weight procedure
    improves metabolic processes in cells, improves skin condition
    cover, enhances the production of collagen and elastin. To this
    contribute to the nutrients that make up the corrective
    means. As a result, increases elasticity, elasticity and tone.
  4. Elimination of cellulite (orange peel). This procedure
    used to level the surface of the skin. Multiple sessions
    noticeably improve the skin condition and eliminate the “orange peel” in
    areas with close blood vessels.
  5. Elimination of edema. The wrapping has lymphatic drainage, which
    promotes lymphatic drainage and removes excess fluid from tissues.
    Elimination of excess fluid leads to a weight loss of 2-3 kg.
  6. Elimination of extra pounds. Bandage wrap coupled with
    physical exercises promotes a tightening of fabrics, interferes
    flabbiness and sagging of the skin.
  7. Care of the whole body. The use of special nutrients
    means for the impregnation of bandages, contributes to the care of the general condition
    skin, its nutrition and hydration.

Types of bandage wraps

Each problem has a corresponding solution. Therefore for
each specific problem area has its own way
wraps. Thus, there is:

  • warming wrap;
  • decongestant;
  • cooling (cryoband) wrapping.

Warming up

The method is used to correct the figure in order to accelerate
metabolism in the tissues, which leads to fat burning and contributes to
maintaining body volume and weight in strict balance. The
It is advisable to combine the method of body volume correction with a reasonable
exercise, also effective for body shaping
after childbirth. For the impregnation of bandages use warming drugs.
(mustard, coffee, algae extracts, chocolate and hot peppers).


Antiedematous bandaging is performed to eliminate
swelling and improve lymphatic drainage. This procedure contributes to
elimination of excess water, which leads to a decrease in the volume of problem
plots in half. That is, a debridement session
carried out with the aim of losing weight. For these purposes, use impregnation with
caffeine, horse chestnut, blueberries and peppermint. Procedure not
only contributes to lymphatic drainage, but also improves elasticity

Cooling (cryobanding)

This type of manipulation is used to restore skin
cover and improve its structure, as well as to relieve tension from
muscle and pain reduction. Active composition or impregnation
for bandages can be very diverse, since now
time, you can purchase formulations for bandaging at home
conditions. They are sold in a pharmacy or in specialized
cosmetic stores. The composition of such funds include thermal
water, sage, carrot and grape seed extract, wine and
field horsetail.

The essence of the procedure

The essence of the method lies in the fact that cosmetic impregnation
it is applied not on the skin, but on elastic bandages. They
are long medical tapes that can
once completely wrap problem areas (legs with hips,
belly or buttocks).

Most often as an impregnation for bandages are:

  • base or essential oils;
  • extracts and extracts of medicinal plants;
  • seaweed extracts;
  • various infusions.

Aesthetic clinics use multi-component formulations.
professional cosmetics. They can also be purchased for
use of bandaging at home.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The procedure is shown under the following conditions:

  • the presence of edema and swelling;
  • loose skin;
  • elimination of adipose tissue in hard-to-reach areas of the body
    (inner thighs and arms);
  • loss of elasticity and elasticity;
  • cellulite;
  • excess weight.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • acute and infectious diseases;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • blood diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • allergic to infiltrating ingredients.

Subject to all rules and safety complications
rarely occur. If after a session on the body and legs
a rash or irritation appears, then the treatment is better
interrupt and monitor the situation. But if you are on your feet
appeared vascular reticulum, then stop the manipulation and urgently
turn to angiosurgeon.

Preparing for bandaging at home

First of all, you should take a shower and apply a body scrub.
Peel the body in circular motions for five minutes, then
scrub remove.

Next, apply a special tool on the problem areas,
which will enhance the effect of wrapping. You need to drink and eat
an hour before the procedure.

So, for the wrapping will require:

  • bandages (can be disposable or reusable, unless you
    will use them);
  • special cosmetic product for the impregnation of bandages;
  • glassware or basin for soaking bandages;
  • bandage brush;
  • scissors;
  • food film;
  • a blanket.

Wrapping Algorithm

Banding is carried out standing, bottom-up. Bandages should tight
fit to the body and not sag, at the same time it is not worth them
reel too tight. Most heavily wound bandages in the bottom
parts of the leg, and at the top more freely. Before applying the bandages,
they are soaked in warm water for five minutes.

To properly conduct the bandage must be respected.
following rules:

  • apply bandages from the foot to the groin;
  • bandage from the knee of one leg over the hips and abdomen
    rising to the waist, and then going down to the knee of the second leg;
  • hands bandage from wrist to shoulder;
  • chest bandage from the upper abdomen, through the neck cross

Bandages may already be impregnated with a special cosmetic
means or it is possible to apply impregnation independently. In the first
if the dressing is fixed on the body, in the second it is necessary to follow
certain rules:

  • Shake container well with medium;
  • apply circular impregnation on the body;
  • To prevent rapid drying of the dressings, a brush is applied
    mixture over bandage;
  • drawing on a bandage of a polyethylene film.

A warming wrap should be covered with a blanket or blanket.
After the procedure, cosmetic impregnation can not rinse, soaking.
into the skin, it will further improve the structure of the skin.
Proper conduct of the session and compliance with all its stages will give
excellent results. Hot wrapping is left for an hour, and
cold – for half an hour.

After the session on the treated areas of the body put
anti-cellulite or moisturizing cream, depending on the receipt
the desired result. Banding lasts about an hour, and after
The third session can be seen a positive effect. A course of treatment
usually is 12 sessions, twice a week. After the course
procedures, it is desirable to take a break. Repeat the treatment
several times a year. For preventive purposes, spend one
procedure per week throughout the year.

UV session should be avoided after banding
radiation and do not sunbathe. During the course of treatment drinking
about two liters of water per day. Best Wrap
in the evening, before bedtime.

Important! Before conducting a session, you should make sure that
allergies to cosmetic impregnation ingredients.

Additional tips

For best effect, you must adhere to the following.

  • do not have dinner late (until 19.00);
  • limit the intake of sweets, alcohol and high-calorie foods;
  • consume large amounts of water (especially before the session
  • after the session do not drink at least one hour;
  • lead an active lifestyle and play sports.

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