Bang on the side – the trend of the year

bangs on the sideToday among
women continue to enjoy unprecedented popularity
enjoy hairstyles with bangs. One of the most spectacular touches
fashionable haircut, whatever you have it, is bright
highlighted bangs on the side. What kind of bangs to give his
Preference: thick, milled, long or short?

Making a bang with your own hands

In order to create yourself a new image, it will be better to turn
in a beauty salon. Thanks to such qualified help you
you can make the right choice not only in relation to the external
the type and length of the bangs, you will also be updated or offered a new
haircut and provided detailed information regarding
proper care for her, demonstrated everyday

But if you are filled with determination and think that you can do
all the necessary work in an independent manner, creating a new
the desired appearance of hair with bangs on its side, experts strongly
It is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  • decide on the type of bang that you like and fits:
    oblique, elongated, short or torn; – separately take wide
    strand at the level of the tips of the ears and combing it with a comb
  • barrettes secure side strands;
  • starting from the earlobes, cut the strand of your choice along the oblique
    45 ° for the length you need;
  • to hold out the bangs.

To create a ragged cascade of bangs requires special scissors and
skills, so experts advise in this case all the same
contact the beauty salon.


If you are the owner of obedient hair, the process
Laying bangs on its side will not be difficult. All that will be
required, it is correct to direct it during drying. For
careful fixing, you can use varnish or foam. For
in order to get the desired cascade, you need a stream of hot air
direct from the roots to the ends of the strands. After needed
the result will be achieved, the hair dryer switches to feed mode
cooled air to consolidate the resulting beauty.

Professional Tips

Oblique fringe on the side will look perfect if you have
short haircut. The cascade of such bangs visually lengthen the oval of the face, and
cheekbones will have a more elegant look. Also worth noting is the fact that
with this hairstyle there is a great opportunity to hide speakers
cheekbones or high forehead. In order to give such a bang
the required shape, its styling must begin with the shortest
strands and move along the scythe to the long. This is done in order to
she did not have time to dry and get an irregular shape.

long bangs on the sideLong
bangs on the side is universal. Short haircut with such
the bang will look extravagant and stylish. It is worth noting,
that the cascade of such bangs should be smooth and straight. When laying
should use fixing means. With extended
bangs and short haircut woman’s appearance becomes easier and

If you have long or medium hair, hair with
long bangs will give you a touch of romance and emphasize your
femininity. Owners of curly hair should be sent
on one side of the face, while straightening the hair is not necessary, because
long wavy hair will always attract attention
others, especially men.

Ripped bangs on the side is best suited for owners
light brown or very light hair. Light strands effectively
emphasize the volume and shape of hair. It will be well combined with
relatively short (medium) hair length. High-quality styling
torn bangs carried small strands of hot
air and a few fingers. Torn bang is recommended by
who needs more focus on the back of the head.
Each strand is placed separately in different directions, while
given the intrinsic negligence effect.

short bangs on the sideShort
naughty bangs on the side is great for young girls to create
playful and easy way. Middle-aged women such hairstyle
will give freshness and youthfulness. If you have the perfect face shape and
neck, short asymmetrical haircut with such a bang will look
very impressive and stylish. Laying is quite simple: on dried
hair needs to be applied a little gel or wax and fingers point in
the right side. The desired cascade is received!

As you can see, the bang can be picked up to any type of person. Whatever
on whether your hair is long or short – it is profitable
will emphasize your advantages and hide weaknesses, will give you
femininity and mystery. In addition, applying a little imagination
and patience, you can easily experiment at home with
shape and volume of such hairstyles to refresh a little and even
change your image depending on your mood.

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