Basket hairstyle – star styling

Hair is the business card of every girl, because it is a hairstyle
and styling affect how the whole image will be perceived.

Don’t underestimate their role, attractive,
neat styling is already 50 percent of beauty.

beautiful styling

For several seasons at the peak of popularity are
various weaving: they prefer Hollywood
stars and bloggers.

One of the most fashionable types of weaving is
hairstyle basket for long hair, thanks
which lay the whole day look neat.

laying with braids

In order to do it, it is not necessary to finish
hairdressing courses: all you need is a little
time and patience to adapt. Basis baskets
are the usual tail and the French braid.

how to braid hair

To make the hairstyle look perfect all day long,
just follow a few rules:

  • This hairstyle is much easier to do on long
  • naturally curly hair is best straightened. In this way
    hairstyle will look neater;
  • before weaving to create additional
    volume can be done nachos. Point of course
    optional, but it’s a great life hack for owners of thin
  • if you braid the braid on slightly damp hair, then after
    some time you get beautiful curvaceous curls.

In fact, weaving a basket is actually much easier than
in words.

Even such an original version of the basket, as you will see in

  • 1 Who is the basket for?
  • 2 What are the baskets?
    • 2.1 Classic basket
    • 2.2 Closed version
    • 2.3 For those in a hurry
    • 2.4 Royal option
    • 2.5 Wedding basket
    • 2.6 Greek Spit
    • 2.7 Basket of nodules
    • 2.8 Harness Basket

Who is the basket for?

There is a mistaken view that any type of weaving is a lot
little girls. It’s time to get rid of stereotypes, because
hairstyle basket is suitable for both schoolgirls and adults
to women.

Important! Girls with a round face are better
avoid tight baskets. In this case, it is better to make weaving.
slightly loose and careless, releasing a pair of strands from the face.

What are the baskets?

There are several types of styling. The main ones are:

  • classical (correct basket);
  • closed;
  • “basket” in a hurry;
  • royal version;
  • wedding basket;
  • Greek version;
  • basket of nodules;
  • basket of harnesses.

weaving on hair

Classic basket

The classic hairstyle basket option looks best on
thick hair and suitable owners of any shape

hairstyle basket

Here is how to weave a haircut:

  1. Parting straight;
  2. Divide hair into 2 equal parts;
  3. Separate the 3 strands near the forehead on the right and begin to weave a braid,
    capturing new strands of hair length;
  4. Proceed to weaving on the other hand by technology,
    described in paragraph 2;
  5. Make a “basket” of 2 braids by connecting them together
  6. Secure the styling rack.

classic version

Closed version

To create such a hairstyle you will need gum, invisible and
studs. Follow the instructions below.

  1. At the crown, make a circular parting in the way that
    shown in the picture;
  2. Hair inside a circle collect in a tail;
  3. Begin to weave a French braid, seizing strands from the tail and
    from flowing hair;
  4. At the end, fix the hair with lacquer.

closed version

For those in a hurry

Everyone has situations where it seems that everything is set up.
against you The alarm did not work, you are late, but look like
want to be beautiful and well maintained? To create a “basket” in a hurry
It is necessary to perform several simple steps:

  1. Braid the French braid by adding strands from the sides;
  2. After the spit is ready, secure it with a rubber band and
    wrap around the circumference of the hair, fixing the hairpins and

with a French braid

Royal option

This hairstyle got the name due to the fact that it is often possible
notice on royals and socialites. She is
really looks elegant and noble.

  1. Creating a hairstyle start with weaving a French braid, but
    keep in mind that strands at the beginning of weaving should be thicker
    and wide;
  2. Continue to weave in a circle;
  3. The finished result is secure invisible. Optionally, you can also
    spray varnish medium or strong fixation.

royal hairstyle

Wedding basket

Wedding is one of the most important days in the life of every person. AND,
Of course, this day you want to look not just good, but
sumptuously! Basket is a great option for wedding hairstyles,
because it not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also not
creates no inconvenience during the day. Best for wedding
choose the classic or royal version of weaving.

for the wedding

Greek braid

To create the Greek version of the hairstyle basket, in addition to
standard rubber bands and studs, you will need a soft bezel or
tape, which at the end of weaving must be worn on the braid.
Such a simple accessory will bring lightness and

But how to weave a basket with your own hands:

Basket of nodules

  1. Part with a single comb, dividing
    hair into 2 equal parts;
  2. Take one strand near the parting and divide it by another 2
    parts. Connect these 2 parts by tying a knot;
  3. Continue weaving by adding strands and making knots;
  4. Roll the braid and fix stealth.

How to do this can be seen on the video:

Basket of harnesses

  1. Divide hair into 2 equal parts;
  2. Separate 2 strands from the forehead and start turning the harness clockwise.
  3. Add new strands, moving in a circle;
  4. When the pigtail is ready, hide the end with hairpins
    and invisible;
  5. Spray your hair with lacquer.

with harnesses

Still think that different weaving and braids are hairstyles for
little girls? We think Hollywood stars who chose
hairstyle basket for entering the red carpet will be able to convince you
in the opposite.

Dianna Agron:

Dianna Agron

Zoe Saldana:

Zoe Saldana

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson

Chloe Moretz:

Chloe Moretz


celebrity basket

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