Be in trend: 20 color staining techniques hair for brave

Spring is a time of change when women especially need to look
fresh, I want to change the image and become brighter. More often
All the updates in the image of a girl start with a hair.

color hair coloring Thanks to industry
beauty, we are practically not limited in the choice of shades and techniques, but
staining “one tone” is no surprise. In fashion –
originality, freedom of expression. Female instagram
replete with photos of celebrities with bright hair.

New unusual trend of the current season – color
coloring that helps girls express their
Individuality, create an interesting image, become more confident.

  • 1 What is color staining
  • 2 How to choose the right color
  • 3 Trendy techniques of color dyeing.
    • 3.1 Partial staining
    • 3.2 Color coloring for brunettes
    • 3.3 Color coloring for blondes
  • 4 Means for coloring: types and methods of application
    • 4.1 Resistant Dyes
    • 4.2 Light dyes
    • 4.3 Temporary Dyes
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • 6 Vivid staining: recommendations and limitations
  • 7 Care after dyeing
  • 8 To summarize

What is color staining

hair of different colors

This technology, which in most cases is carried out in two

  • hair bleaching;
  • Directly coloring in one or more colors.

This type of staining combines two or more contrasting
colors, or smoothly into each other several shades

Attention! Color coloration – procedure
long Given the preparatory stages, it takes on average
2–6 hours

How to choose the right color

pick hair color

When the decision to change the image is made, it’s time to choose a color.
Manufacturers produce a lot of coloring matter. Sort out
The intricacies and peculiarities of each independently can be difficult.
Stylists recommend sticking with the following.
the rules.

  1. Give preference to the color that you like.
    you. It is not necessary to be painted just to
    match any fashionable trend.
  2. If you make a creative coloring right away, you should stop
    on soft pastel colors that are appropriate in any image.
  3. Do not use many colors. Most profitable
    Looks like a good combination of two palettes.
  4. When choosing multiple tones, make sure that they are in harmony
  5. Avoid too contrasting combinations (if
    only this is not a prerequisite for creating your image). Rather
    all, it will look unnatural and inappropriate.

Advice: for the result of the procedure to please you,
consult a colorist master.

Fashionable color painting techniques

fashionable dyeing technique

Due to the increasing popularity of this method is already available
more than twenty coloring techniques. Depending
from the original data (eye color, skin tone, haircut) and wishes
client master will select the appropriate procedure.

Partial staining

Zonal or block – contrasting selection
color of individual segments: bangs, tips, temporal areas. it
successful color coloring on short hair.

zonal hair coloring

Stencil (footage) – the procedure for creating
pattern on straight hair of any color and length using

screen coloring Rainbow –
drawing on curls of several shades from red to violet.
Mandatory detail – a clear boundary between the colors. Such
coloring is called hidden if the paint is applied only on
bottom row strands. If you are confused by the bright colors in the hair,
the barber performs rainbow stains in neutral pastel

rainbow hair dye

Dip — dye
– toning of the tips in one or several bright
colors. When this effect is achieved, as if strands dipped in
jar of paint. In this case, the transition to natural tone can be
sharp or blurry.


Bright Roots – Contrast Coloring Only
root zone.

bright roots

Fiery strands – imitation of flames on
the ends. This method of coloring is suitable for girls with redheads.

fiery strands

Avant-garde (creative) highlighting –
coloring with colored strands. Among the fashionable shades – copper,
purple, ashen. This technique is used for male

creative highlighting

Color coloring for brunettes

Oil spill – tricolor staining,
consisting of a consistent application of dark blue to dark hair,
green and purple dyes. Such coloring creating
effect of petrol stains, looks best on black

Denim hair (denim effect) – a combination
shades of blue, gray and blue with darkening of the roots and
smooth transition to bright ends.

Denim hair Color shatush – coloring in
one palette, with a gradient from dark tones to light, with chaotic
arrangement of strands.

colored shatush Color Balayazh – Gradient
stretching along the entire length is somewhat contrasting or, on the contrary,
similar shades.

color balayazh

Color coloring for blondes


Pastel – coloring in soft tender
tones: pink, peach, mint, lavender and others.
Opal – the coloring imitating modulations
natural stone. Smooth effects help to achieve this effect.
Transitions into each other in light pastel colors. Pink
gold is a noble color recommended for girls, not
ready for drastic changes in appearance. Good for
warm shade of natural blonde hair.

pink gold Smoke and ashes – cold
ashy tone with the addition of pale pink or lavender.
Shades of natural phenomena – a technique that uses
natural color combinations (sea waves, northern lights, sunset).
This type of color dyeing is also suitable for dark hair.
Neon – full or partial coloration in
bright, juicy tones.

neon staining Double or split hair
– division of the mass of hair into two parts (vertically, according to
parting or horizontally) and toning them in different colors. AT
the split technique can use bright or
pastel shades. Colombra (color version
staining with ombra or amber) – bright stretch, gradient transition,
containing up to 8 shades of the same color. Color
elumination is a procedure combining coloring and
lamination, which gives the hair a rich color and shine.

Means for color staining: types and methods
of application

Creative coloring tools offered
manufacturers in a large range, differ in composition
(the presence or absence of ammonia) and persistence.

hair colors

Resistant Dyes

The most resistant colored dyes – semi-permanent with ammonia and
ammonia-free colored paint. Pigments contained in them
most deeply penetrate the hair structure, providing
maximum color retention time (1–1.5 months).
Resistant paint is used for long-term change of image in any

Attention! Color coloring resistant
dyes – a complicated procedure. To see the expected result,
It is worth entrusting your curls to a professional hairdresser, and not
risk their health and beauty trying to complete the procedure
on their own.

Light dyes


In the case where a temporary effect is required from the staining,
tinting compositions are used. Color
toning is a more gentle procedure because the dye
envelops the surface of the hair and does not violate its structure.
The main advantage of such substances is the ability to carry out
experiments without fear of getting an unfortunate result on
a long time. There are several forms of tinting dyes,
which differ in the method of application and color fastness.

Tint shampoos, balms, masks, tonics –
The most common and convenient products with a resistance of 2-3 weeks.
An important limitation to consider when choosing a tint
means – it should be darker than the original hair color.


Sprays, mousses are characterized by ease
application and minimal impact on the curls. Fortitude – 1-2
of the week. The rendering procedure is simple and safe, so you can
run at home.


  1. Spread the composition on a clean, slightly dried towel.
  2. Wait for the exposure time specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Wash your head with running water.

Tip: if the resulting shade seems to you
not intense, with the next use of the composition can
slightly increase the exposure time. Such tinting agents
apply for a long time: as long as required until the next
going to the hairdresser.

The most popular and optimal in terms of cost and
quality tinting compounds is the ruler Colorista from

Temporary Dyes

crayons for hair coloring

There are cases when you need a bright image specifically for the photo
or a solemn event (party, concert) for a short
time limit Then help out dyes that are washed away with
the surface of the hair when you first wash. They are absolutely
harmless and safe, do not require pre-bleaching
curls and do not damage their structure, and therefore allowed adolescents
and even children.

Color crayons – a means of short-term
tinting, which will give a bright rich color as bright as
and dark strands. The most profitable result will look at
long hair. On sale there are two kinds of crayons:
dry (harder to apply, but easier to wash, have more
a rich palette) and oil (less dry hair, often
contain caring components).

The use of crayons does not require special skills with it
even a child can handle it.

crayons for hair

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo without conditioning agents.
  2. Slightly wet hair divided into thin strands.
  3. Twisted into a harness lock rubbed with chalk from top to bottom
    obtain the desired shade of intensity.
  4. To put a hairdress a hairdress, to spray a varnish.

Multicolored mascara – hypoallergenic means
which looks like a familiar mascara with a comfortable
brush. This coloring composition is very convenient for point
drawing: shade roots, select individual strands, paint
the tips.

mascara for hair

When coloring curls in this way must be observed
following algorithm:

  1. Wash, dry thoroughly, lay hair.
  2. Highlight and comb the right amount of strands.
  3. Apply the dye to the stretched strand in the direction from the roots to
  4. Wait until the carcass is completely dry (5–7 minutes);
  5. If you need to make the tone more saturated, apply mascara

Dye varnish from conventional styling products
differs in that in its structure there is a color pigments.
The advantage of the lacquer is also that, besides highlighting
individual strands, they can make stencil drawings on

coloring hairspray Method of application of the composition:

  1. Varnish is applied to clean, dry, laid in a hair
  2. Care must be taken before using the can.
  3. Select individual strands or sections of the head that you plan
    to color.
  4. Spray varnish from a distance of about 30 cm in the direction from above
    way down.
  5. The part of the hair that will not be painted, you need to cover

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Creative coloring in bright colors looks very impressive and
unusually. At the same time it has its pros and cons, which are important

creative coloring of hair Positive
parties to the procedure are:

  • many beautiful shades to choose from;
  • possibility of partial staining (bangs,
    tips, roots, individual strands) without changing the pitch;
  • minimal risk of damage to the curls (if
    discoloration can be avoided) because color dyes have
    relatively low resistance, do not penetrate deep into the structure
    hair, often contain caring substances;
  • short exposure time: for naturally light or
    one-tone hair coloring already takes 20–30 minutes
  • opportunity to show their individuality
    stand out from the crowd.

creative painting

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • most technicians require full or partial
    discoloration of curls that damages
  • low durability of dyes: colored
    pigments fade quickly, so color is needed extra
    maintain toning compounds;
  • long procedure (when using
    several tones);
  • the difficulty of getting out of creative coloring in
    natural color;
  • a small selection of techniques used for dark and red hair
    without prior clarification.

Only by weighing all the pros and cons of the procedure, you can decide
do you need it, and also competently approach the choice of the palette and
coloring techniques.

Bright staining: recommendations and limitations

Creative coloring will suit girls with any shade
natural or colored hair. Not important is the structure of the curls
– bright colors look equally advantageous on both straight and on
curly strands.

bright hair coloring

However, the procedure has several limitations, which are ignored.
undesirable. The first and most important is the state
hair. Do not apply chemical formulations on
damaged, weak, too dry curls. It can be hard
harm them.

It is necessary to postpone the procedure of creative coloring for the future and
lactating mothers. Their hormonal balance is often disturbed,
because of what the result may be unsatisfactory.

Be careful with experimenting with hair color is worth
mature women: overly bright colors look
inappropriate. When the first signs of gray hairs come to the rescue
pastel coloring that masks this well

Attention! Especially dangerous for mature women
Aged red and bright purple hues. They can spoil
appearance, making it vulgar.

Sometimes experts advise before painting hair lunar
calendar to choose favorable days to visit the salon

Care after dyeing

care after dyeing

It is natural that damaged hair requires careful care,
and painted with colored paints – even more so. To a new shade
remained bright and shining as long as possible, colorists recommend
follow these simple rules:

  1. To wash your hair with special shampoos and
    balms. Well, if it will be sulfate-free soft
  2. Abstain for one or two weeks after coloring
    from deeply restorative procedures (masks, serums) and shampoos
    dandruff because they contribute to the rapid flushing of the staining
  3. Rinse hair with cool water: so
    cuticle sealed, retaining color.
  4. Avoid maintenance oils: large oil
    the molecule “pushes” colored pigments out of the hair.
  5. Use toning compositions to update color.
  6. After the procedure, make lamination.
  7. Limit the use of high temperature
    appliances (hair dryer, ironing, curling). When hot-laid
    use heat sprays or serums.
  8. Protect curls from ultraviolet radiation and exposure
    aggressive substances (for example, chlorine in the pool).

Let’s sum up

colored strands

Bright, bold color coloring in 2019 – unconditional
trend. This is a creative idea, a way to create your own style, to stand out
from the crowd, attract maximum attention.

Young girls can try any ways of color
coloring: from highlighting individual strands to complete
neon coloring For older women, partial
staining: bright roots or tips. Even men are not forbidden
try on yourself some techniques, such as avant-garde

Important! Before you decide on a radical
change in appearance, it is worth assessing all the risks, learn about the price
question, find out the subtleties of care for a new hairstyle.

Cosmetics manufacturers are producing so many products
helping to achieve the desired effect in staining that you are in any
The moment you can find your composition, which will suit you by
color and duration of the effect.

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