Beautiful collected hairstyles for long hair for any occasion

In modern life, a woman’s hairstyle is a reflection of her
style and taste. Long hair has always been considered a model.
femininity, but to preserve the styling of such curls
it takes a lot of effort, so the helpers will be

Collected hairstyles

  • 1 Charm Collected Hairstyles
  • 2 Learning to collect hair
  • 3 What is good about the collected styling
  • 4 long hair styling options
    • 4.1 Hairstyles on the basis of the beam
  • 5 Tails
    • 5.1 From inverted tails
    • 5.2 Classic tail on top
    • 5.3 Tail with weaving
    • 5.4 Tail on side
    • 5.5 Tail inside out
  • 6 French braids
    • 6.1 Spikelet
    • 6.2 Spikelet
  • 7 half-collected hair
    • 7.1 Original Malvinka
    • 7.2 Curls with a rose
  • 8 Waterfall curls and openwork hairstyles
  • 9 Options for every day
    • 9.1 Stylish Bundle
    • 9.2 Romantic wisp
    • 9.3 Retro bundle
  • 10 Collected evening hairstyles
    • 10.1 Hairstyle with braid rim
    • 10.2 Greek Style Hair
  • 11 Gathered hairstyles for long hair for a wedding
    • 11.1 High beam
    • 11.2 French twist

Glamor collected hairstyles

Versions of collected hairstyles are many, one can
choose options for every day or solemn
the event, with weaving, smoothly combed strands. Any way
tucked hair will add charm without letting your hairstyle
disheveled and keeping flawless appearance.

Learning to collect hair

Beginner fashionistas will be useful to know a few secrets
beautiful styling:

  • Clean hair should be carefully combed. When fast
    tangling the ends with a special spray
    easy combing.
  • The good condition of the curls is the key to beautiful hair,
    therefore, it is advisable to trim the tips 1 time in 3 months and
    regularly care for the structure and color of hair.
  • To fix the smooth hairstyle will help varnish
    Just spray it on the comb and comb the top strands.
  • Most hairstyles collected are required
    additional accessories (hairpins, stealth,
    bagel, hairpin – twist, iron or curling), which should
    prepare in advance.
  • The main thing in the development of a new skill is practice.
    After training several times and identifying all the errors, later on
    styling will take a couple of minutes.

What is good collected piling

Beautiful styling

Hairstyles collected for long hair enjoy big
popular for its simplicity and accuracy,
staying always in trend.

A little time in the morning, a minimum of effort and cost – and for
All day long guaranteed perfect appearance. And many options
and ideas allow you to make a difference every day in your appearance
and pick up your hair in the mood.

Long hair often interferes with work in some specialties.
(cook, doctor), therefore collecting them becomes professional

Long hair styling options

Of all the variety of ideas, it sometimes gets harder to stop
your choice on one hairstyle than translate it into
a life.

Hairstyles based on the beam

Hairstyle on the basis of the beam

Any girl knows such a simple hairstyle, like a bun. Now
She is in fashion even for going to the city.

  • From combed, clean hair to make a tail.
  • Twist them in a tight harness.
  • Wrap around the base.
  • Fix stealth.

Another beam option:

  • Make a tail at the crown.
  • Brush strands of loose hair, sprinkled with varnish for
  • Put the combed curls in the form of a beam around
    gum, securing invisible.

Look at other options for buns on long hair.


A prerequisite for a beautiful tail is
good condition of hair, trimmed tips without
section. Before laying it is better to use a remedy against
tangle of curls.

There are several options to diversify the usual
a tail, without spending for laying a lot of time.

This video shows a few simple hairstyle ideas that
will not take much time.

From inverted tails

  • Divide hair horizontally into three parts.
  • A strand of the forehead to collect in a small silicone tail
    rubber band.
  • Turn the free part of the tail inward above the rubber band.
  • Assemble the middle part of loose hair with the tip
    previous in the tail below the first gum.
  • Also turn the tail through the gum.
  • Collect all the hair in one tail and twist it

Classic tail on top

The most famous version of the collected hairstyle – horse tail.
Looks impressive on straight hair, so
wavy curls need to straighten the iron.

Classic Tail

  • Hair thoroughly combed.
  • Gather on the top of a tight elastic band. how
    option, you can collect the tail, leaning upside down.
  • A small strand is separated from loose hair.
    and it is wrapped with gum, the tip is fixed below

Tail with weaving

  • At the forehead to separate the strand and start with it to weave a spikelet
    picking up curls from one quarter of the head
  • At the request of making the same spike on the other side.
  • At the crown, collect all the hair with the tip of the braid in
  • Hide the gum under the strand.

Tail on the side

By removing the tail on its side in various ways, you can create
a gentle, romantic image, so daring and rebellious.

  • The hair is separated by a side parting.
  • Gathered up and on the side of the curls are fixed with a rubber band.
  • Hide the rubber under a separate strand, handkerchief or

Tail with a spikelet and on its side

Tail inside out

More often, with the tail inside out, the image becomes feminine and
romantic. This hairstyle is easy and quick to make your own
hands in a couple of minutes.

  • Hair is collected in the tail at the back of the head is not tight elastic.
  • Above the rubber band, the strands are moved apart by the fingers of the right hand.
  • With your left hand, loose hair rises and
    are captured by two fingers of the right palm, dragged
    way down.
  • Gently tighten the gum, dividing the free tail in two and
    pulling the strands.

Options for this hairstyle are also several: collect the tail
behind or to the side, leave the remaining canopy free or
continue weaving.

French braids

French braids do not go out of fashion for simplicity and charm. BUT
in capable hands a simple braid becomes a masterpiece worthy
even high fashion shows.

French braids

Classic weaving options:


  • Clean curls to prepare for weaving.
    or sprinkle with water for obedience.
  • At the forehead to separate the strand, divided it into three parts.
  • Weave like a regular braid, picking up from the sides
    additional curls, equal in volume.
  • The free part of the stacks braid oblique.


  • Separate the strand from the forehead, divide into three identical
  • Braid spikelet, holding the side curls under the middle
    a strand.
  • Ready hairstyle slightly fluff, stretching the coils in

This video shows how to weave a “reverse” French

The direction of weaving can be changed to
side or even zigzag, weave ribbons or decorate
barrettes See other spikelet weaving options.

Half hair

If you need to remove hair only from the face, leaving curls
loose, then fit half-assembled hairstyles.

Original malvinka

  • Make easy bouffant central strand in the forehead for more
    volume, secure behind invisible.
  • Separate 2 strands at the temples and twist them together behind them,
  • Repeat the interweaving with two more curls,
    fix everything securely.

Curls with a rose

  • If desired, curl curls curling or curlers.
  • Separate two strands at the temples or the entire front.
    hair and tie back with a rubber band.
  • Braid a pigtail from this tail and twist it to
    get a snail, fix over the gum.
  • Pull out the outer curls for more

Half hair

Waterfall curls and openwork hairstyles

On long hair weave looks very impressive
waterfall, especially if pre-wind

How to make a waterfall hair:

  • Separate the strand at the temple, divide it into three parts.
  • Interweave as a spike, starting from the bottom
  • When the turn comes to weave a new strand from the bottom, then it is not
    intertwined with the previous one, and replace it completely.
  • From the locks released down and it is similar
  • Weave in a similar way the whole braid through the nape to
    opposite temple.

Tip: Lightweight weaving in the direction of
from the temples from two sides to the back of the head, connecting the ends with an elastic band.

Openwork hairstyles are more complex in design, but they create
original and fashionable look, suitable for solemn

Openwork hairstyles

The basis of lace most often braids are braided
in different ways with highlighted strands. Hairstyle option
in the form of longline weaving:

  • Comb shovel and divide it into 3 tiers, each fasten
    rubber band or clip.
  • Release the upper tier, split in half and weave with two
    the parties by the method of the classic spikelet, picking up
    strands only on top.
  • To connect tips in one part and to braid
  • Dissolve the middle tier and repeat the same weave,
    hiding under it the tip of the upper spit.
  • Braid the rest in the same way.
  • Add volume, gently sipping coils
  • At will decorate with hairpins, beads or flowers.

Variants for every day

There are plenty of ideas to look diverse every day.

This video shows in detail how using ordinary elastic
To create a business hairstyle.

Stylish bun

A simple bunch can now be seen even in haute couture shows,
so this hairstyle looks fashionable and

  • The hair collected behind to twist in not a tight plait.
  • Twist around the base of several
  • Secure with studs.

If more reliable fixation is required, then
better to make a tail.

Stylish beam

Romantic bunch

In this form, the hair is well removed from the face, but the image
remains tender and flirty.

  • The hair divided horizontally into 2 halves.
  • At the top, make a loop (like a tail, just pulling until
    end hair).
  • The upper half is divided and lead to the beam,
    wrapping around him.
  • As required fasten studs.

Romantic look and create a cockleshell hairstyle for long

  • To collect a low bunch on a nape.
  • Twist from the ends to the base at once all the hair to
    turned out shell.
  • Fix stealth and invisible.
  • Decorate the styling with hairpins or flowers.

Romantic bunch

Retro bun

Retro style bundle is easy to reproduce using
special foam rubber donut.

  • Collect high tail, head down.
  • Tip through a bagel, slightly lower it.
  • Distribute the end portion of the hair on a bagel and fix the bottom
    rubber band.
  • Hide the ends under the beam of invisible.

Collected evening hairstyles

Most celebrations implied neatly
collected hairstyle that fits alongside and style

Hairstyles with a rim of braids

Hair with rim of braids

A simple and spectacular hairstyle under the force to perform itself
even with an unexpected invitation to the evening.

  • Split the pile into 4 equal parts.
  • Braid each into a braid, adding volume by pulling
  • The braids of the temples should be laid with their foreheads in the form of a crown,
    gently hiding the ends.
  • Other braids lay on the back of his head.
  • If necessary, further secure the installation.
    invisible and varnish.

Greek Style Hair

  • The upper part of the strands lay Malvinka on the back of his head.
  • Scroll the resulting tail inside out.
  • The lower part of the hair split in half and braid in braids.
  • Lay braids across the back of the head to the opposite ear.
  • Lightly add volume and decoration to complete

Hairstyles collected for long hair for a wedding

At the wedding, the bride seeks to look perfect and
unique, because the memory and bright photos of such a day remain
for life Long hair gives plenty of imagination in choosing
suitable hairstyle. On such a day it is better to trust the experienced
a professional who will select the appropriate option.

Wedding hairstyles

High beam

At the peak of popularity, such wedding styling remains for
simultaneous beauty and elegance.

A high beam will suit brides of medium height, especially
for a style of a dress with an open back.

Important! appearance is guaranteed to be preserved
ideal until the end of the evening thanks to reliable fixation.

Other options for high hairstyle long hair look

French twist

The more famous name of this hairstyle is shell.
Simple execution creates an elegant look.
suitable even for a wedding. Hair gently curled inside
from tip to root creating a semblance of marine
shells. You can make it smooth and strict or slightly
careless, leaving the released strands.

The variety of options collected hairstyles allow you to create
your unique look for every occasion.

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