Beautiful hairstyle for prom for long hair

Graduation – one of the most significant days in the life of each
girls Some are waiting for this ball with regret, but others are no longer eager
Show yourself and walk around the square like a real queen.

Someone is preparing for graduation in grade 4, and someone already picks up
hairstyle for the event in grade 11. The only thing you can be
sure is what they both want to look like
fascinating on this day.

In the article we will talk about how stacking for long (and not
very) hair is the most popular at the prom.

hairstyles for prom

  • 1 Features hairstyles at prom
  • 2 Options for long hair
    • 2.1 Hair Bow
    • 2.2 Greek style dressing
    • 2.3 With volume braid and ribbons
    • 2.4 Hairstyles for prom with fleece
    • 2.5 Asymmetry in styling
  • 3 The influence of the shape of the face to choose hairstyles

Hairstyle features at prom

When creating a package for this holiday, it is important to remember not only about
her beauty, but also that with this hairstyle graduate
have to walk all day and evening. She can look very
beautiful and elegant at the beginning of the day, but there will be no
meaning, if in the evening it turns into a disheveled and careless
shovel hair.

Options for long hair

Happy owners of long hair can on prom day
dream up and experiment with your
hairstyle Long hair can be curled, straighten, remove
in an elegant bun, braid in a beautiful French braid.

styling for prom

Neatly collected hair looks very cute and gentle. They
they open the neck and shoulders, due to which the image becomes easier and
by air. The undoubted plus of such a hair is that the hair
collected, and therefore will not interfere and climb into the eyes. Such
styling is suitable for girls with any face shape.

smooth hair

Hollywood waves have become a classic for
evening look. It is not necessary to go to the salon for such styling;
can easily be done at home. All you
need – comb, curling iron (ideally conical) and a couple of hours
free time.

From the video you will learn how to make this magnificently correct.

To give your hair extra volume you can
make a little stuffed. Start twisting the strands from your face,
turning curling. At the end, fix the curls with medium varnish or
strong fixation. Keep in mind that part of the hair can be removed
back and you get Malvinka, which looks at least

laying Malvinka

And of course, weaving. Types of weaving there is a huge
the amount however on the day of graduation is better to stop your
choice on the classic, simple options. In particular,
You can make a beautiful styling with the French

For example, such:

Hair bow

And you can stop at a very non-standard version –
for example, to make a bow of hair. This hairstyle is often found in
videos and movies, so why not move this idea to
real life?


The instructions below are step by step described how to make such

  1. Gather the hair in a high tail;
  2. Select one strand in the center of the tail and separate it from
    the rest;
  3. On the remaining hair, make a small pile and divide them.
    into 2 equal parts;
  4. Curl each strand with tongs, then roll it into a bow,
    securing at the base of the invisible;
  5. From the remaining strands braid a pigtail in the middle of the bow;
  6. Fix hair with hairpins, invisible. To keep her
    even better, you can resort to additional funds

how to make a bow

Greek style dressing

Also this year especially popular with long-haired
girls enjoy laying in the Greek style. That’s how her

  1. Curl hair curling along the entire length;
  2. Separate most of the hair at the crown and collect it in
  3. Gather some of the remaining strands into a bandage, and the rest –
    lay on the face;
  4. Fix hair spray.

The video shows the whole process in detail:

This style is especially suitable for girls with a round face.

With volumetric braid and ribbons

Perfect hairstyle for prom in grade 9 – with a volume braid and
tapes. This style looks very elegant, but at the same time

braid with ribbons

For it, you will need styling tools, tape, rubber bands. For
creating such a hairstyle will not need special skills, it is pretty
easy to perform, but the result will surely please you.

  1. Divide hair into 3 equal parts;
  2. Tie the middle strand with ribbon;
  3. Begin to weave a regular braid using all three.
  4. Secure the weave with a rubber band.

laying with braids

Popularity in recent years, get retro hairstyles
style. You can be inspired by the images of Hollywood actresses.


An important role in creating hairstyles for prom play
accessories. This may be a small tiara or a stylish hairpin,
which will be the final part.

hairstyles with hairpins

Hairstyles for prom with fleece

With the help of the nail can not only give additional volume
hair, but also make it the main highlight styling. Some
mistakenly believe that hair is harmful to hair. This has a share
truths, but only if it’s wrong
do not know when to stop.


Hair hairstyles keep their shape longer and do not deteriorate even when
windy weather.

Important! Nachos can be done only from the inside
side of the hair.

Styling asymmetry

Hair asymmetry is a way to stand out from the crowd,
look bright and unbanal. With this type of styling you can
adjust the shape of the face. For example, hair laid on its side,
visually “pull” the face.

asymmetry in styling

The influence of the shape of the face to choose hairstyles

When choosing a hairstyle for prom, it is important to evaluate what type
faces it fits.

Girls with a round face shape are not recommended.
To do hair with direct parting. And also should be avoided perfectly.
laid hair – light negligence will be in this case
by the way.

round face

With a square face, it’s better to do
asymmetrical styling. It will visually smooth the shape of the face and make
its more oval.

square shape

Ideal when choosing a triangular hairstyle
faces will curls. These may be Hollywood curls,
loose curls, or styling in retro style – in any case, the image
will look great.

triangular face

Owners of an oval face may not
limit yourself to the choice of hairstyle, because everything suits them: from
styling in the style of Hollywood glamurado hairstyles-bow.

Oval face

We wish all graduates to choose the perfect hairstyle and look
charmingly at the ball.

We invite you to see the top 5 most popular styles for
this evening:

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