Beautiful hairstyles for prom: ideas for medium hair

school graduationThe prom – the very first and most
an important solemn outlet in the life of any girl.

He deserves the most serious preparation, acquisition
perfect dress and experiments with the image.

For the evening, you can try on the image of a romantic young lady, retro divas
or movie stars.

In a fashion variety, it is important to correctly match the outfit,
makeup and hairstyle. It is not necessary to contact the salon,
You can create a spectacular styling at home.

  • 1 Type of face and hairstyle
  • 2 Dress and styling
    • 2.1 Curls and curls
    • 2.2 Fashion braids
    • 2.3 Bundles of medium hair
    • 2.4 Retro-style

Face type and hairstyle

The choice of hairstyle depends on the oval of the face, the type of hair, the degree of their
obedience. Graduation allows experiments with looks, however
Do not forget about the overall harmony.

Chubby girls will not fit smoothly combed hair or
too voluminous hairstyles that make head disproportionately
large. The best choice – long curls on the temples and bangs,
raised above the forehead. You can try on high styling in
retro style.

MK styling for medium hair

Soft waves, oblique, will help shorten too long face
parting, asymmetrical fringe, laid on its side. Look good and
cascades curls collected on the back of his head. High hair does not fit
but the lush knots at the back of the head perfectly balance the proportions.

laying on medium with bangs

To soften the heavy rectangular face will help large curls in
the spirit of early Hollywood, body waves, lush beams. Haircut with
bangs need only girls with too high forehead, the rest
It is necessary to limit oblique or zigzag parting.

Council Putting the right accents will help
makeup. Makeup artists recommend emphasizing the eyes, lips or cheeks,
selecting shades depending on the color type and tone of the dress.

It is necessary to take into account and particular physique. The higher the girl, the
more voluminous styling she can afford. Graduates with
model proportions are large curls, lush high bunches,
waterfalls of curls and other spectacular techniques.

Miniature worth trying on more elegant options:
various waves, graceful thin spirals, rollers and braids.

Dress and styling

dress and stylingHair and makeup recommended to pick up to

The dress can be long or short, emphasized concise
or artsy.

The general rule is that the simpler the outfit, the more
can be fancy styling.

Tall slim girls can afford to dress anyone

However, stylists recommend paying attention to the romantic and
feminine options, giving up the deep cleavage,
dizzying cuts and other extreme details.

Low and plump better to choose simple toilets with a minimum
details. They are suitable for short empire dresses with a slightly
high waist, as well as direct options for the style of “shemiz.”

Petite skinny graduates will look lovely
in delicate dresses with narrow bodice and fluffy skirt. Those who believe
that before evening it would not hurt to lose weight by a few pounds,
it is better to refuse similar styles.

Council Deciding to do retro styling is not necessary
wear a stylistically verified dress of the same era. Enough
a slight hint of style and makeup, it will look more
stylish and modern.

Curls and curls

Hairstyles for prom on medium hair rarely do without
romantic curls. Open dress with spaghetti straps complement
large curls coquettishly slung over one shoulder.

curls on medium hair

Clean hair can be straightened
mousse with the effect of thermal protection and wound on a curling iron or iron.
From the roots you need to retreat 10-15 cm, the upper part of the hair
should be perfectly smooth.

The hair is divided into a side parting and carefully combed
roots. On the part of the parting, a large curl is separated and secured.
clip. The rest of the strands come together and twist in the form
loops. It is secured with studs injected into a scythe.

laying for prom

A separate curl is woven into a loose braid and wrapped with a loop
out hair. Curls beat with fingers and fix with varnish. Hairstyle
can be decorated with large live or artificial flower: a rose,
chrysanthemum, orchid.

Very effective option for thick hair of medium length – large
shiny curls in the style of movie stars. Clean hair combed on
side parting, versed on strands.

Each is sprayed with a thermal protection effect and
wound on a large curling. Start curling from the occipital
zone, gradually moving to the temples.

When all curls are curled, they should be allowed to cool and spray.
fixing spray. Then curls are disassembled with fingers, each
lightly brushed and brushed again.

curls at prom

Curls can be scattered over the shoulders, slightly lifting at the temples
decorative combs. Such a beautiful hairstyle for prom
in harmony with the dress with American armhole or narrow

Fashion braids

Pigtails – a familiar hairstyle for schoolgirls, they are easy to make
do it yourself Why not try them on to the prom? From braid
You can make a luxurious high hair, suitable for open
evening dress of any style.

holiday braids

Clean, carefully combed and straightened hair
collected in a high tail at the crown. Must first be separated
several thin locks on the face and fasten them with pins. 2
hairdressing rollers for hair are strengthened on both sides of
base of the tail.

Then the rollers are connected by studs into a common rounded pillow.
The tail is divided into 4 parts, each is treated with liquid wax and
braids in a free braid. The ends are tied with thin rubber bands.
Spit need to slightly stretch your fingers, giving them volume.

Rollers gently wrap braids, the ends are tucked
inside. Haircut is securely fixed with pins and processed
varnish with a gloss effect. The base of the bundle of braids can be wrapped
satin ribbon in tone of the dress or thread light beads. With styling
well in harmony long earrings-jardiners.


Bundles of medium hair

Very popular and convenient option for the evening – a variety
bundles. Instead of a strictly bundle it is worth making a lush festive
version of the harnesses.

bunch on medium hair

The styling looks very smart, but it can even make it
a person who does not have the skills of a stylist.

Another option beam: hair processed smoothing
cream and gather in a high tail. Pre on top
separated wide triangular strand.

Babette on the middle

The hair in the tail is divided into 3 tiers, each divided into 3
strands. For convenience, they can be fastened with clips. Curls of each
tiers twist into bundles, fold in half and stabbed
studs so that they cover the base of the tail. Hair on
the front of the head is also twisted and laid back.
The hairstyle is fixed with varnish and decorated with small artificial or
fresh flowers to match the dress.

beam at graduation

This video shows how to make a festive bunch of thin
medium length hair alone at home:

Retro style

Graduation – a great opportunity to try on topical
vintage look. With simple dresses with full skirt and fitted
bodice looks beautiful bulk styling in the style of the 60s
last century.

retro for prom

Small tricks will help create the illusion of volume and length, even
with the most modest head of hair. Clean hair processed by the iron
for perfect smoothness. To keep the structure of strands will help
pre-spraying with thermo-spray. Curls are combed to
top and gather in a high tail. Bangs can be left

high beam

At the base of the tail are placed special rollers to create
volume. They are given rounded shapes. Hair in the tail strongly
combed and placed on top of the rollers, the ends are tucked
inside. Strands should lie flat to form a ball.

Its surface is smoothed with a fine comb and is processed.
lacquer strong fixation.

asymmetric beam

Laying can be decorated by securing small ones at the base of the ball.
artificial or natural flowers, decorative pins, string of pearls.
Hairstyle complement the makeup with a pale lip gloss and an emphasis on

Council If the rollers to give volume are not
It was found, they will successfully replace the usual nylon stocking in color
hair. This is how real women of the 60s created their hairstyles.

The final stage – design bangs. For retro hairstyle fit
sparse milled strands, reaching to the eyebrows. The owners
beautiful forehead can split the bangs into 2 parts, remove the whiskey and
secure invisible.

Hollywood WavesNo less elegant look styling
in the spirit of early hollywood.

This hairstyle looks gorgeous with dresses in the style of “Charleston”,
decorated with fringe, beads, rhinestones.

Hair combed on the side parting and plentifully processed
moisturizing spray.

With the help of hairdressing clips the strands are laid flat
waves on either side of the parting. The hairstyle is dried by a hair dryer, then
the clips are gently removed, the waves are fixed with varnish with effect

Loose strands gather at the back of the head and zakalyvayutsya. Will complement
image of bright makeup with dark shadows, false eyelashes and clearly
delineated lips.

Hollywood styling

Hairstyles for the prom can be very diverse.
Most importantly, the styling should not interfere and constantly remind of
to myself. Perfect hairstyle tolerates dancing, does not lose
freshness throughout the evening, does not require frequent correction and
continuous monitoring.

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