Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair in five steps

Long flowing hair always looks feminine and
romantic, but sometimes too ordinary.

romantic hairstyle

But it can be easily fixed. We will understand how.

  • 1 Everyday
  • 2 Evening hairstyles
  • 3 Wedding hairstyles
  • 4 Hairstyles for girls with flowing hair
  • 5 hairstyles
    • 5.1 Loose hair
    • 5.2 Half-assembled hair on the side
    • 5.3 Malvina
    • 5.4 Romantic curls
    • 5.5 Beach waves
    • 5.6 Loose hair with plaits
    • 5.7 Hairstyles with rim, elastic, bandage
    • 5.8 Vintage hairstyles
    • 5.9 Straight loose hair
    • 5.10 Imitation of shaved temple
    • 5.11 Waterfall


If you want to slightly decorate yourself, then loose hair can be
decorate with braids or harnesses that will be beautifully intertwined on
back of the head.

daily hairstyle

Do not forget about the backs. Radical or
over the entire length. If you make a volume on the occipital zone and pick up
with the help of stealth, then you get a simple, but effective

Loose hair

Evening hairstyles

The greater the length, the wider the scope for fantasy. For
holiday can make curls of different sizes and directions
or make elegant curls from or to the face.

Evening hairstyle

There are several strands specifically for decoration.
For example, make them a rose, heart or bow.

You can also twist one curl by attaching a pencil or
comb with a long handle, winding curls and pin fastening.

Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for long hair should reflect the tenderness and
naturalness of the bride. Based on your own worldview and
character, make light waves, or vice versa straighten. Spectacularly
looks asymmetry.

Wedding hairstyle

Veil and tiaras will look great in the photo if done
small bouffant on the back of the head and fasten a pair of strands from the temples on
back of the head.

And, of course, on such a day we must not forget about the decoration. But,
that it will be rhinestones, veil, tiara, fresh flowers, or a crown
depends on the concept of the whole celebration.

Hairstyles for girls with flowing hair

Hairstyles for girls should be very neat. Strands
Do not necessarily have to climb into the eyes or interfere with movement. But
because every girl wants to look like a princess. And in this case without
hairstyles with flowing hair is indispensable.

Parents should pay attention to the spit. Braid one or
two to remove excess strands from the face.

Hairstyle for a girl

Council If the girl does not want to stumble, then
Use gum, hairpins, beautiful stealth and headbands. With their
With help you can easily turn a simple hairstyle into a festive one.

The main thing is not to overload the image. After all, tenderness and
innocence are the basis of children’s hairstyles.


It seems that long hair is a complete punishment for them.
owners But if you know a few tricks, then even ordinary
long flowing hair can create this work

What beautiful hairstyles you can do yourself?

  1. Malvinka;
  2. Asymmetrical scratching;
  3. Curls;
  4. Straight smooth;
  5. Decoration with hairpins, rims or ribbons;
  6. Jewelry from your own hair (with harnesses, pigtails,

Loose hair

Wash your hair. While they wet combs on one side. Apply
foam on the tips and squeeze in a fist.

hair on the side

To prevent damage to the installation, it can be fixed.
invisible, studs and hair dryer.

Half hair

Half-curled locks will make you mysterious beautiful
stranger. So just stand out from the crowd just a little bit.
changing the usual look.

  1. Mine, dry and carefully comb your hair;
  2. Winding up;
  3. Fix the lacquer;
  4. We lay part of the hair on one side;
  5. Secure with studs.

Half-assembled hair on the side


  1. Comb back;
  2. Separate the upper half;
  3. Lift and lock stealth;
  4. Make the remaining strands slightly wavy;
  5. Fix malvinka varnish.

Romantic curls

A girl with long hair can choose which ones
Curls will complement her romantic image.

With the help of curlers, curling iron, round hairbrushes and hair dryer
achieve the desired result.


So, you can make natural waves, large and small
curls, curl a bit on the tips or make large ones
vertical curls along the entire length (Read more about curls for long
hair look here).

Council Choose curls depending on the type of person
(oval, square, rectangle, triangle or circle). The main
task hairstyle visually bring it closer to the oval shape.

Beach waves

  1. Wash your hair;
  2. Sprinkle your hair with a heat-resistant composition;
  3. Twist one harness or several (depending on which
    size want curls);
  4. Spend curling occasionally delaying;
  5. Dissolve and comb several times with rare

Beach Waves

Loose hair with harnesses

  1. Combing everything back;
  2. We make a pile at the top;
  3. The side strands are twisted into bundles on the right and left;
  4. Attach them to the back of the head under the pile;
  5. Spray varnish.

Loose hair with harnesses

Hairstyles with rim, elastic band, bandage

Options for how to wear long hair a huge set. So
why not use aids. They
will create the right mood and make the image

  1. Prepare hair as usual;
  2. Make curls with curling;
  3. Wear a bezel, elastic, or bandage and secure
  4. Take one strand, wrap it in a bundle and hug it back
    rim portion;
  5. Repeat the same with a few more strands.

Hairstyles with rim

Vintage hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles are equally suitable for everyday life,
so for special occasions. How to do?

  1. Wrap large curls with forceps or curlers;
  2. Dissolve and make a little bouffant;
  3. Bangs (if any) must be laid in waves.

Vintage Waves

Straight loose hair

To make your hair look attractive, carefully
wash them, dry and use the iron. It is with his help
You can achieve the desired smoothness.

straight long hair

Imitation shaved temple

  1. Parting on the side;
  2. Where there is little hair, take a wide strand and weave a tight
    French braid to neck level;
  3. Fixed on the back of the head with stealth;
  4. From the rest with the help of curling we create light curls;
  5. We carry out fixing varnish.

Imitation of shaved temple


  1. Comb on a straight parting;
  2. Begin weaving from the face of three strands;
  3. Take a strand in the crown and add it to the braid so that
    turned out to be a waterfall;
  4. We continue weaving with the addition of a new strand to the extreme;
  5. Need to finish the usual oblique.


And here are 8 more simple hairstyles for long flowing hair:

Do not be afraid to experiment and dissolve the hair. It is so
just to be different and beautiful every day, if you know how to use
little tricks.

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