Beautiful highlights on blonde hair – photo on short, medium, long hair of various colors and shades

When classic one-tone staining doesn’t seem so
interesting, we recommend to pay attention to hair highlights.

This procedure involves staining individual strands.
Streaked hair looks vivacious without a sharp
color changes. Besides the transitions from regrown roots are not so

Effect after the procedure, photo before after

The content of the article:

  • Effect after the procedure, photo before after
  • Color highlighting
  • Contrast highlights on blonde hair
  • Highlight hair tips
  • Rare highlighting on blonde hair
  • Large highlighting on blonde hair
  • On short hair
  • Long blond hair
  • Medium length blonde hair
  • How to make highlights on blond hair at home
  • How does frequent highlighting affect hair?

There are many highlighting styles made in various

Venetian highlighting

On dark, light brown or dark blond hair is created
effect of soft iridescent of golden shades. Venetian

California highlighting

Blonde and fair-haired girls are lightened by 2-3 strands.
The result is similar to the Venetian style, but in general it is lighter.

American highlights on blonde hair

Creating bright strands on dark or chestnut hair. how
usually use reddish and reddish shades. American

Highlighting blond hair with light strands

The wizard creates a natural hair look due to several
shades of beige (wheat, honey, pearl) or
platinum blonde. Highlighting

Brown highlighting

For fair-haired young ladies there is also an option to set off the main
color dark shades: dark blonde, coffee and copper-chestnut.

Color highlighting

Owners of bright hair can add color accents.
Any paint will easily fall on such hair. Create bright
the image can be one bright shade, several shades of one scale
or use several different colors. Color

Reference. Bright colors you need to constantly refresh
especially if they are very saturated. The effect will last at its best.
case 1.5 months.

Highlight two colors

Match two accent colors:

  • one shade (purple and lilac, blue
    and blue)
  • adjacent in the color circle (red and
    orange, blue and purple)
  • contrasting (pink and blue, red and


On a light background, shades of blue look heavenly,
turquoise, electrician. The contrast is emphasized by dark brows and
eyelashes. You can resort to a slight accent in
soft blue tones. Blue


Blondes are very pink shades, so this technique
used frequently. You can choose rich fuchsia, soft pink
or lilac. Also a recent trend was an unusual shade.
pink gold. pink


Blondes can try to add pastel shades of red.
your hair Looks beautifully with transitions in the technique
balayazh or shatush. For a bold look, use
fiery red, eggplant, burgundy colors. Red

Contrast highlights on blonde hair

To get a little out of the natural look, color the strands in
contrast color. Classic contrast highlighting
implies clarification to level 10 and above using

Red strands

Red color will give a kind of playfulness to the girl. He unwittingly
causes associations with a fiery mane, but this “mane” will
softened by your natural blond or blonde. Red hair


Dark brown and
dark chestnut shades. You can make frequent highlighting
thin strands, so you will achieve a smooth transition to a brunette or
brown hair. If a girl thinks she likes the same and
dark and light color. Dark


Contrast in chocolate shades will give a warm gamut to the general appearance
hair. You can also complement the main dark color with its semitones.


The main difference of the chosen method is that in the opposite
highlighting the curls are not lightened, but, on the contrary, darkened. Exactly
Therefore, this method is also called highlighting inside out.


A more gentle method of highlighting is the open method.

There are various techniques:

  • Brazilian (staining strands without tips in
    nut and beige tones with a slight darkening of the roots)
  • Venetian
  • Mazhimesh (made without clarification using
    tinting cream and activator, gives a natural glow
  • With the help of unstable dyes

Highlight hair tips

Partial highlighting does not change the image drastically, but gives
some accent hair style. Highlighting the tips

Rare highlighting on blonde hair

Highlighting selective strands does the least damage to
hair and creates a little play of colors in your hair. Rare

Large highlighting on blonde hair

This method involves the choice of strands of width 2-3
centimeter and dyeing most of the hair. Large
highlighting at the tips will give a noticeable and unusual
Effect. blond hair

On short hair

On the short haircuts often used classic technique
natural california or reverse. Young blonde
Especially suited fashionable shades of pink, blue or
lilac. On short hair, the most appropriate look
a variety of experiments with color. But for the blond more
shades close to natural will do: contrasting dark or
caramel and ash. On short hair

Long blond hair

The effect of slightly burnt strands will create caramel, nutty,
milky colors. You can use colder colors:
nordic blond, platinum, pearl. If you want to move away from
natural iridescent and create a bright image, use dark
colors: coffee with milk, amber, nut, dark chestnut. For long

Medium length blonde hair

You can take a golden, honey or wheat, if your type
appearance – “spring”. Cold Pearl Palette,
ashen, pearl or platinum will suit the owner
summer color type. On the curls of light brown color can
use nutty, dark blond, beige. If you want to create
shocking image, suitable pink, turquoise, lilac and others.
On blonde hair

How to make highlights on blond hair at home

For self-highlighting you need
oxigent. Light curls are not required too
aggressive clarifier – it is enough to purchase an oxygenator in

Apply the coloring composition in the following ways:

  • The classic way is with a cap. it
    time-consuming and lengthy process: through a special rubber
    a hat with holes crochet individual strands, on which
    the painting composition is applied. This method is suitable for short hair.
    and curls of medium length.
  • Using foil is a more modern way.
    So you paint over the long curls, using a few tones.
    The coloring composition is applied to individual strands that wrap.
    in foil.
  • You can dye your hair with a comb
    any length. For this, the ink mixture is applied to the comb with
    sparse teeth and hair rises from the roots to the tips (or
    up to a certain length).
  • Highlighting hands do usually on curly or
    curly hair, both short and long.
    It is produced mainly in two techniques: “frost” and
    “glazing”. With the latter, only the tips are brightened, and the “frost”
    applied in a way that emphasizes natural movement
    hair, creating additional volume. Usually paint is applied
    hands, but sometimes a brush is also used.

Important! Ash shades are quite difficult.
achieve yourself, so it’s best to turn to a professional.
In addition, such a subton is quickly washed away and needs to be constantly
support. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

How does frequent highlighting affect hair?

In the procedure of highlighting blond hair, as a rule,
used oxygen from 3 to 6%. What percentage do you not
take, anyway, the chemical damages the hair structure. Special
if you carry out the procedure regularly and additionally apply
toning with ammonia paint.

Hence the following consequences:

  • burning the hair and the appearance of unpleasant yellow tones;
  • curls become dry and lifeless;
  • dandruff appears on the scalp;
  • you notice a lot of split ends;
  • curls are poorly styling;
  • on the comb and after washing in the bathroom remains too
    a lot of hair;
  • the effect of “gossamer”, when at high humidity
    the head is formed as if a mesh of the upper layers of the hair.

How does it affect the hair

Therefore, be sure to take care of
curls. Make masks and body wraps with natural
nutrient or special regenerating

Reference. Contraindications to highlighting:

  • Preliminary use of henna, basma and other vegetable
  • Recent chemical or biowave.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • The recent lightening hair (you need to wait 2-3 weeks)
  • Dry, loose and brittle hair.

After reading about all the described methods of highlighting and color
decisions, choose what will help create your desired image.
Do not forget to regularly maintain color
effect to avoid unwanted shades. Remember
that after the highlighting procedure it is required to regularly monitor
condition and health of hair.

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