Beautiful highlights on dark blond hair color – Popular types: partial, classic, color

Dark blond hair shade – the most common
women of Slavic appearance, especially when it comes to
natural color. But not every representative of the beautiful.
sex is pleased with this hairstyle.

How to diversify a hair color, without resorting to full coloring?
This can be done by highlighting. Consider all possible
types of procedure.

Highlighting dark blond hair before and after – how it looks and will be
to look

The content of the article:

  • Highlighting dark blond hair before and after – how it looks and will be
    to look
  • Types of hair highlighting for dark brown hair
  • Partial
  • One color
  • Color highlighting
  • Cold highlights on dark blond hair
  • On short dark brown hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Long hair
  • Haircuts
  • Highlighting on dark blond hair at home
  • Which highlight best suits dark brown
  • FAQ

Highlighting – the most gentle method of painting
hair, because not all hair is exposed.
On brown-haired women it looks advantageous. Not every girl possesses from
nature lush, thick hair, and after highlighting visually
haircut looks like this.

Also, this method of staining allows you to “gray mouse”
turn into a spectacular lady, playing with the depth of colors and shades,
helps to highlight the merits and hide the flaws of the oval

Types of hair highlighting for dark brown hair

In the hairdressing business there are many varieties.
highlighting. Consider the most popular.


This coloring technology suits the dark beauties of all
ages. Classic highlighting is a clarification.
strand over the entire length, the thickness of each curl about 3-5 mm.
It creates the effect of strands sun-faded, visually they
look thicker.

It is important to know! On blond curls classic
highlighting is done in shades of two tones lighter than the base color,
no more. Otherwise, the strands will turn yellow.


French technology is a gentle variant of staining. For
color strands are used in paints that do not contain ammonia.
As a result, the shades smoothly transform one into another, visually
increasing volume on the head.

Note! French technology –
Ideal for women with long curls.


Another gentle way. It does not close to the roots,
strands are colored at different levels. No clear transition from one
shade to another. As a result of Californian staining
highlights, dark brown hair starts to play in the sun
all shades of wheat: from golden to bronze.


In this case, strands are colored randomly, and not necessarily
from the root. As a result, there is no clear transition from one color to
to another. Paints for 2-4 are used for Venetian highlighting.
tones lighter than the base. This method is similar to


This way of highlighting looks most advantageous on
shag of medium length. Its essence lies in the chaotic painting
strands sparing paints, as in the French version – without
ammonia discoloration.

Interesting! Unusual looks easy highlighting
when coloring the top of the strands. The bottom have
natural color.


Partial highlighting involves not all staining.
shag, and only part of the curls.


Only the lower part of the hair is painted, and
chaotically. The effect of painting the tips – burned out in the sun. This
The method is suitable for women of all ages.


For painting, several strands are taken all over the head. AT
As a result, the volume increases visually.


Highlight thin strands gives the result of clarification. By virtue of
the fact that there are a lot of small light strands on the curls, any
the owner of dark blond hair can feel

Large wide strands

Large wide strands – it is almost complete painting, but
only the upper part is painted. Effect as well as
with a slight highlighting – the girl becomes blond for a while.

One color

Monochrome highlighting is the most common way.
partial dyeing hair. Consider the most appropriate
variations of shades for dark blond girls.

Light blond highlighting

Light blond strands look natural, give volume
hairstyle It feels like your hair has burned out a bit
the sun.

Blonde color

Freshen up the natural shade obtained by highlighting
light brown color. It is slightly different from the natural dark blond,
emphasizing the contours of hair.


Black strands give originality hairstyle. Girls with so
highlighting get the image of a femme fatale.


Reddish highlighting is now the most popular among young girls.
After painting with such technique, beautiful ones are obtained.
golden-red, copper, chocolate strands.

Blond blond hair

Most often strands are painted in the most light shades by
Californian highlighting technique. The woman gets the top
part of the hair in natural color, and the tips – play all shades


A golden hue is achieved when stained in a red color.
The hairstyle becomes clearer, more volumetric.


Chocolate-brown locks refresh, making your hairstyle more
deep. Women using this staining method look
Naturally, this leaves the image of a “gray mouse”.

Color highlighting

This type of highlighting is popular with
young girls who are relaxed are not afraid
risk and attract attention.


Dark blond curls are well in tune with pink strands. Such
the original color gives the girl playfulness, lightness.

It is important to know! For painting curls in pink
better to consult a specialist. At home can
get dirty shade with burned out strands.


Red strands look spectacular in the form of California or
Venetian highlighting. They give the image brightness, some
emancipation. Girls with red curls look like
real tigress.

Cold highlights on dark blond hair

Cold coloration is suitable for women who have
first gray hair began to appear. For such tones you can
“hide” age changes.


This coloring technique is also called salt and pepper.
It is a frequent highlighting of various ashen
shades. Painted curls merge with the base, playing in the light
different colors.

On short dark brown hair

Previously, short haircut and highlights were considered incompatible
hairstyle elements. Today it’s just a fashion.
Effectively look at short melirovanny hair also single
colored strands.

Medium length hair

Owners of dark blond hair shoulder-lengths often resort to
highlighting. It makes the hair thicker, and paint such
strands evenly easier than working with curls of a different length.

Long hair

Girls with long hair can be experimented by applying
various dyeing techniques. On such curls any
highlighting looks advantageous.


What is the coloring of strands on different haircuts?


For short and long caret
highlighting with staining of large strands, you can also
experiment with shades.

Kare with bangs

With bangs, the situation is a bit more complicated. Usually if its length
almost the same as the whole hair, it is also painted. what
As for short bangs, it is better not to paint them.

On bob square

For bob carts, the ideal option would be red or dark
highlighting. So you can emphasize the symmetry of hair.

Highlighting on dark blond hair at home

For the first staining of the strands, it is better to contact a specialist in
beauty salon as brighten, especially applying ashy
shades alone is almost impossible. If all the same
the girl decided to do highlight at home, then for
This will require the following tools:

  • paints necessary shades;
  • cap with holes for highlighting (you can use a cap
    for the shower, making small holes in it);
  • hairbrush;
  • tassel;
  • towel.

Now you can proceed directly to the staining

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome


  1. Good hair, wear a hat.
  2. Pull out strands of different thickness through the holes.
  3. Apply the paint, starting with the curls located in the occipital
  4. Gently, pressing hard on the brush, shade the paint on
    neighboring strands.
  5. Wait 30 minutes, wash off the paint with warm water.
  6. Apply a balm or a mask for colored hair.

Important! After painting the head with nothing
no need to cover.

Which highlight best suits dark brown

Technology and color of dark blond beauties can choose any –
all will look advantageous. But if we talk about home
dyeing, it is better to choose blond, red or chestnut

Highlighting dark blond hair with gray hair

You can “hide” gray hairs using ashy shades.
Having made many small strands, they will merge with natural curls,
not “giving out” gray hair.


Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to do highlighting on dark-brown colored

This is not an easy process that can damage your hair. But
partial staining is possible. Painted girls better to do
coloring using multiple colors. Concerning
monochrome lightening, the result on dyed hair may
not the one that was expected.

Tell me a suitable tonic on dark blond hair with

It is impossible to lighten a dark blond color with toner. If a
talk about natural shades then you should take advantage

  • the black;
  • chestnut;
  • chocolate;
  • mocha;
  • walnut.

Ladies who love originality, fit:

  • cherry;
  • wine;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Garnet;
  • the Red tree.

How to deal with regrowth of dark brown

The only way to get rid of regrown roots –
Radical highlighting. It allows you to tidy up your hair,
without resorting to painting the entire length. This procedure is required
usually 6-8 weeks after primary staining.

Highlighting on dark blond hair lasts about 2 months in
original form. This is a great way to refresh your hair, give
the image of originality and attractiveness.

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