Beautiful knitted manicure

Knitted manicure is a relatively recent invention.
in the field of nail art. For the first time masters applied this
nail decoration technology in the season 2014-2015. No wonder such
equipment appeared in winter, because in the coldest time of the year
I want my nails to be “dressed” as warm as possible. Interesting that
This manicure looks great on short nails, where you can
make a drawing across the entire nail plate, this explains
the popularity of technology among those who love short nails.

Knitted manicure more applies to those who wear nails
coated gel polish. Of course, due effect under certain
skills can also be achieved with ordinary varnish, however this
make it much more difficult, and keep such a picture will be
not for long. It is quite another matter knitted manicure, made
gel polish. In this case, the layers of the gel must be subjected to
polymerization using an ultraviolet lamp.

The procedure for performing a “warm” manicure

Performing a manicure using knitted or sweater,
technology begins traditionally, that is, with a preliminary
nail preparation. It is necessary to process the cuticle, freeing
nail plate, and the open nail edge, trimming it in
according to their own preferences.

It is worth noting that knitted manicure prefers to use
light pastel colors. It is white, milky, beige, shades.
pink. These colors not only look great in
winter time, but also evoke calm and give comfort to their
carrier Since the light tones of gel polish require
additional application, then on the prepared nail plate
At least two coats of varnish must be applied: this will help level up

Then comes the stage of thorough drying. Exactly,
because otherwise the gel will begin to bleed, which will affect
quality of the picture. The base is dried with a lamp – it’s time
proceed with the drawing pattern. The most simple and popular
ornament is a “braid”. It can even make a layman.
Interestingly, to create a knitted manicure, you can use
ordinary sweater. A knit thing can give great ideas for

It is worth remembering that the drawing on the nails must be applied the same
gel lacquer, which is the basis.

This will bring them closer to the sweater, which, in fact,
sought the creators of technology.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this technology is
laborious. Experts recommend drying each element.
pattern separately. Only then will the drawing be volumetric and
quality. In addition to sweater patterns, nails can be applied that
whatever Frequent combinations of patterns with different shapes, making
nails most interesting. As a rule, knitted manicure is applied on
all nails, cheating none.

Appliances for home nail care

Despite the fact that this manicure is mainly performed in
salons, it can be done at home. For this you can use
stamping, i.e. stamping. This technology has already occupied the leading
position among the methods of home nail design. Ready drawings
do not require special skills from the performer, so the question is how
make a knitted pattern, will not cause problems.

It is worth saying that today gel polish is no longer possible with manicure.
surprise anyone, however, the invention of this kind of nail art
introduced a new note in the manicure. In the season of 2016 “knitted” nails
still relevant. Most likely, further similar
technology will remain at the height of fashion, as well as knitted things that are not
lose their relevance for many decades. Unequivocally
we can say that such a manicure will highlight its owner among
others, as he unwittingly attracts the attention of others. AT
in combination with a warm sweater, such a manicure will warm up in cold
winter evenings.

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