Beautiful manicure – a successful woman!

Beautiful fashion manicure is an indicator of woman’s attitude to
yourself and the people around her. Speaking of nail care,
implies not only the overall appearance, but also decorative
nail design. Modern technologies such as hardware
manicure, allow to realize the most courageous ideas of manicure –
from velor cover of the nail plate to fashionable design in style
3D. Consider a fashionable manicure for all occasions.

Fashion Manicure


  • French manicure – the perfect solution for a business woman
  • Glitter Manicure Hollywood Stars
  • Wedding manicure – an important element of the image
  • Modern technologies: hardware manicure
  • Fashionable manicure in the summer in red
  • How to make nails in the winter?
  • Manicure for short nails

French manicure – the perfect solution for a business woman

Manicure french – the most popular nail design design,
because this option allows you to create a beautiful image
for almost any occasion. Business women especially loved
french manicure since it’s a great way to emphasize
the elegance of a business suit at an important business meeting and evening
attire to celebrate its successful completion.

Depending on the method of execution, a French manicure may
look stylish and discreet or, conversely, bright and spectacular. it
the most versatile type of nail covering that can be combined
with all the variety of styles and events. French manicure
perfect for both official celebrations and
everyday use. This design is very easy to pick.
outfit, depending on the color of the coating.

Classic French manicure was coined by the famous Coco.
Chanel. Since then, it remains indispensable in the fashion world. Such a design
looks great on nails of any length and shape, and at the same time
Classic service jacket is always irresistible. However modern
women of fashion have brought many innovations to the French manicure, and today it
divided into several subspecies:

  1. Classic jacket – always a fashionable manicure: white tip nails
    and a deep smile line.
  2. Spa is a classic French manicure, but with a softened
    or blurred smile line.
  3. Millennium – glitter is applied on the free edge of the nails,
    sparkles or other shimmering additions.
  4. Chevron – French manicure, in which the line “smile”
    done V-shaped.
  5. Crystal – the tip of the nail remains as transparent as glass, and
    the rest of the nail plate is painted in natural
    pink color.
  6. Designer – French manicure, which is decorated,
    according to the client or master’s fantasy, for example, knitted
  7. Fan – decoration of the joint edge of nails with various
    Design elements: beads, feathers, lace, manicure with
    rhinestones, etc.
  8. Color – the tip of the nail is painted in any color, and the nail
    the plate remains naturally pink. Multi-layer also available.
    color transition from the nail bed to the tip of the nail, for example,
    red ombre manicure.
  9. Moon – classic French manicure, on the contrary, when
    the light varnish covers the base of the nail plate, and the nail
    the bed remains unpainted and covered in a different color.

Wedding French manicure, design ideas are also possible.
which will be discussed below. Virtually every wedding
manicure is french.

French on the nails

Glitter Manicure Hollywood Stars

Fashionable manicure can be obtained very simply, without spending a lot
of time. Hollywood or mirror manicure – imitation
metallic coating of the nail plate. Very simple and
Attractive nail design that can be made as in
gold and silver. Such a perfectly smooth and smooth mirror
It is impossible to get in any other way, except by performing a mirror

Nails look shiny and smooth, creating an extraordinary
strict image that attracts rapt views. On
celebration or in everyday life mirror manicure looks
is appropriate. Mirror shine on the nails can be achieved by different
in ways. For example, buy gold or silver lacquer and cover
they have nails, however, besides shine, a mirror manicure will fail.

Turning to the nail salon to a good professional,
get a perfect mirror manicure, but such a procedure cost
will be expensive. Therefore, modern women of fashion have learned to do
Hollywood coverage at home. In order to make
French manicure at home, you need to purchase in a specialized
store varnish film (foil). In addition, you need an orange
stick, hair dryer, nail file, buff, removal tool

To get a beautiful mirror manicure, you need
do the following:

  • With the help of a nail file and a buff, you need to remove old varnish from the nails,
    give the nail plate the desired shape, polish it;
  • remove excess skin and push back cuticle, you can apply
    hardware manicure;
  • then nails need to be degreased with nail polish remover;
  • pick up or cut the pieces of film strictly according to size
    nail plate;
  • separating the base from the film, you need to attach it to the nail and under
    hot air to stick the foil, smoothing it
    an orange stick or a piece of soft cloth;
  • if from hot air a film for a mirror manicure
    increase slightly and go beyond the edges, the foil needs to be cut off and another
    warm up the sticker once.

Perhaps, from the first time to get the perfect mirror manicure
it will not work, but the practice will soon allow for 10-15 minutes
get a beautiful glitter and metallic reflection. Nice
Manicure with rhinestones can be made on one of the nails, not
covering it with film. Also some fashionable women managed to do
Mirror manicure at home with the usual foil and glue.

Mirror Nails

Wedding manicure – an important element of the image

For the bride, any element of the image is of great importance, including
including wedding manicure. Choosing a nail design to this
solemn event, the girl will repeatedly reconsider hundreds
options and dwell on the one that will fit perfectly
under the overall image. Classic wedding manicure is a white french,
which is diluted with various elements: patterns, rhinestones,
drawings, beads, etc.

Modest and timid brides choose a delicate wedding manicure
on short nails of the traditional form, decorating one or two nails
small elements of decor. As a rule, the nameless is decorated
a finger, because the cherished engagement will be put on him
ring. There will be at least a dozen photos of fingers with
ring, so the wedding manicure should be perfect.

More daring and extravagant brides can afford
wedding manicure in the style of 3D, ombre in pastel colors or painting
on long nails. Some young ladies decorate the entire nail with pearls
or make a manicure with rhinestones, if such motifs complement
hairstyle, dress or bijoux. This wedding manicure looks
quite stylish and elegant, despite the fact that it clearly attracts

But wedding manicure can combine other colors. Popular
became a wedding in any color style, when the bride has a bouquet and
lilac belt or red flowers on a white dress, and the groom
tie or butterfly of the corresponding color. In this case, the wedding
manicure allows color french, for example, red manicure, on a pair
marigold or applying glitter themed color. And the hardware
manicure will make the bride’s pens just perfect.

Wedding Manicure

Modern technologies: hardware manicure

When an important event is coming, you want to look perfect
from head to toe, and really do not want to spoil the image
damaged nails. In this case, hardware manicure will help,
since this technology in the hands of a skilled master rules out
the possibility of infection and damage to the nail plate or skin.
Apparatus manicure is very popular in Europe, so its
called European or unedged.

Apparatus manicure is a modern care technique.
nails and cuticle using a special device and
various rotating nozzles. As you progress through the steps
hardware manicure types of nozzles and the speed of their movement
is changing.

When a manicure is performed, it is not necessary to steam the skin,
since the cuticle is not completely removed, with the help of manicure
drills removed only old dead cells. In this way,
using hardware manicure, cut or injure the delicate skin
around the fingers is almost impossible. Therefore, such a procedure
recommended for women with problematic nails.

Hardware Manicure

Fashionable manicure in the summer in red

This summer in the trend of solid red manicure in all its
shades: raspberry, tomato, fuchsia, carrot, pink,
orange, coral, etc. If you want to diversify monophonic
red manicure, then one nail can be decorated by making
Manicure with rhinestones or painted. To the shape of the nails are also advanced
specific requirements: the form must be natural (oval or
almond shape), and the length should not be above average. Long
nails this summer – not in trend.

At the same time, the jacket will continue to be in fashion;
the edges of the nail any shade of red will look very impressive
this summer. Stylish and elegant red manicure in French style
will give refinement and completeness to the image of any woman. Also
Summer nail design involves the use of bright and juicy
neon shades that will look very impressive on
beach party or nightclub.

Fashionable manicure in the summer also allows for a variety of patterns and
geometric lines, pastel colors and mother of pearl, which
emphasize the ease of summer clothes. Red manicure – perfect
a way to attract attention, feeling like a fatal beauty.
Why not use this method, especially since this summer
Marigolds painted in this color will be the most fashionable and

Red manicure

How to make nails in the winter?

Winter manicure can not do without white, blue and red
colors. White color is the foundation of winter manicure basics, shades
blue will create a wonderful winter patterns and patterns: frost,
snowflakes, snow, frost patterns. Red manicure is a festive
nail design for all winter holidays. And combining these colors and
Manicure with rhinestones, you can make marigold stylish and fashionable

Velor or knit will help to create a feeling of warmth in winter.
manicure. Suede, velvet and tie effect imitate softness and warmth.
winter manicure. Knitted manicure with volumetric patterns that
repeat the interlacing of threads, – hit the winter season. Nails like
wrapped in a warm sweater. Knitted manicure is especially popular in
Scandinavia. From there came the fashion to decorate the nails with drawings of deer,
snowflakes and other elements of winter manicure.

If knitted manicure creates the effect of warmth and comfort, then manicure
with rhinestones and sparkles will create an effect of ice on the nails. Interesting
The winter manicure with a frame of nails will look. Lucky
the choice will be a classic french or moon manicure in white and blue
color. Thematic nail art will be a great addition
New Year’s image: the nails are decorated with Santa’s hats, Christmas trees,
Christmas caramels, colorful garlands,

Winter Manicure

Manicure for short nails

Manicure ideas for short nails are very diverse, since
This length allows you to perform almost any design – from
monochrome coloring to manicure with rhinestones and artistic
painted Manicure for short nails suggests, above all,
use of shellac because the update time coverage and
trimming the nail plate in this case coincide.

Shellac manicure is very popular with modern fashionistas because
nail polish keeps on nails up to three weeks, while not losing its
shine, does not crack, does not break off. Therefore, a fashionable manicure
Today it is shellac coating of short nails. Manicure shellac in
unlike other resistant techniques, nail coating does not damage and does not
injures the nail plate, can be performed in rich
color palette.

At the same time, shellac manicure in its design
limited only by the imagination of the client and the master. Bouillons, sparkles,
beads, patterns, stickers – all this will be a great addition
manicure on short nails. And such universal colors as
black, white, gray and nude shades on short nails look
much more spectacular than long ones. Therefore, do not be afraid
to embody the most courageous ideas of manicure on short nails.

Manicure on short nails

Thus, for any important event or everyday
weekdays you can create a beautiful, stylish and fashionable manicure, which
will look elegant, emphasizing individuality and character
any women.

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