Beautifully hide bangs

how beautiful to remove the bangsExperiments with their appearance –
favorite business of the modern woman. This is especially true hairstyles.
After all, mood and fashion change from season to season: you want,
for example, a long thick bang, then suddenly this desire appears
bangs grow and make the forehead open. If you make a question
one trip to the hairdresser, then grow it – pretty
difficult and long period. And here it is necessary to show miracles
ingenuity to resolve the issue of how to remove the bangs. Options
in fact, a great many – it all depends on your preferences
and face type. Also on the market for hair accessories.
quite a lot of different types of hairpins, headbands and other suitable

We remove the bangs with pins

The hairpin is the most versatile element of the hairstyle, especially when
it is about beautifully pick up the bangs. Hairpins can be
completely different – from the simplest stealth (serve to
imperceptible fixation of hair in a haircut) to beautiful expensive jewelry
for hair. To make the invisible being as invisible as possible, choose them.
to match your hair. You can also choose different bright hairpins
colors, on the contrary, they will complement the image and will attract

You can remove bangs in different directions:

  • long bangs can be divided into parted part and stabbed in
    different sides;
  • According to the principle of the previous version, you can make a zigzag
    a parting that will look quite interesting;
  • It is possible to remove the bangs back with big beautiful hairpins or
    invisible – it all depends on the case and your preferences;
  • Similar to the previous version, a long bang can be slightly
    comb that will give her volume, and stab – this hairstyle will
    look festive, especially if you use appropriate
  • bangs, including short ones, can be removed to the side. It,
    perhaps the most popular option to date. Combing
    comb to the side and pin a beautiful hairpin or crab. If a
    the length of the hair on the bangs allows you to lower it with a wave on the forehead
    and pin barrette in the temporal zone;
  • thick bangs can be removed in parts, which looks very nice
    and gives the appearance of freshness and novelty.

In any case, whichever option you choose, you need
fixing such a hairstyle with lacquer so that during the day bangs do not fall out

Remove bangs with rim or comb

how to remove the bangs using the rimThe bezel is one of the most
popular accessories that allows you to beautifully comb your bangs
any length, especially short, the transition will be invisible. Selection
different headbands allows you to create any style – from business to
everyday. You can color the headband with garments:
With a strap, handbag and other accessories.

Headbands and combs should be chosen to create evening hairstyles.
more attractive, shiny, with interesting decorative

  • Remove the bangs under the bezel in two ways: to comb to the side
    or back and put on the bezel. How to remove a bang depends on its length,
    your personal preferences and on the structure of the hair. Recommend
    use styling products: mousse when combing back or
    to the side, and for the ultimate fixation – hairspray.
  • There is another interesting and original version: a bang
    we brush down, we put mousse for laying, we divide into small
    strands of equal thickness. Then we lift each strand in turn.
    up, we twist into a bundle and fasten the invisible. When all the strands
    secured, apply hair spray. In the end, to hide the invisible,
    we put on a wide and beautiful bezel.

We remove the bangs in a braid

Another interesting option, especially for owners of long
bangs and hair. If you own the technique of weaving French braids,
This option is yours. With the help of the spit, the immediate question is easily solved –
how to remove the bangs. Because weaving is suitable for any hair structure.
and any length of bangs. You can pick it up on the side or back.

  • Comb your hair and apply some styling products.
    To short hair from bangs do not bristling, straighten in advance
    bangs ironing. We begin to weave a French braid on one side, gradually
    pick up the bangs in the braid. Further weaving can be perfect
    different: you can finish by securing the braid with a rubber band at the temple, or
    braid all hair completely in a circle. It all depends on your
    craftsmanship and preferences. Similarly, you can remove the bangs in a braid with
    weaving back.
  • You can make two French braids. For this hair and bangs
    we divide into two equal or zigzag partings. Weave braids,
    gradually taking in them and bangs.
  • Bangs can be hidden in a harness. Take a bang and a small lock for
    twist it in a harness in the direction from the forehead, fasten
    invisible. You can make the harness tighter or vice versa.
    relaxed. The appearance of this hairstyle will depend on
    thickness of the strand taken.
  • Braid weaving options a great many, the main advantage
    – bangs hiding in the netting imperceptibly and firmly.

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