Beauty and benefits in one hairstyle: pigtails on medium hair

pigtails for medium hair - photo 1Today’s fashion is pretty durable
wicker plaits entered. But it is worth noting that the girlish braid is not
only beauty, but also three-, fourfold, easily obtained benefits
for hair. The fact is that the entire body of the hair is covered with scales,
adjacent to each other very tight. But this is if
hair is in good condition: it is healthy and beautiful. If a
if the hair is damaged, the scales are separated from each other,
violating the protection of the hair body. Hair lose gorgeous shine,
become weak, brittle and faded. However, there is a simple way
restore hair power: follow the fashion – weave braids!

Pigtails and hair health

In a braid, especially tightly braided, hair is protected from
the impact of external negative factors is much better than in
hairstyle, providing a free state of hair. After all hair
in the braid are gathered together, and every hair is not exposed to the outside
influence. In this regard, the scales covering the body of the hair is enough
quickly restore their normal position, begin to tight
adjacent to each other. Hair noticeably stronger, their condition
getting better. However, do not braid braids too tight. it
can lead to headaches. Everything is good in moderation.

Also worth considering that two to three days of wearing hair-braids
will not be enough. But systematic braid weaving contributes
improve overall health and hair growth.

Pigtails and hair length

However … Benefit benefits, you say, but the hair-braid is
the prerogative of the owners of long hair! And what about those who
Medium-length hair or very short haircuts?

Braid pigtails on completely short hair, of course, hardly
Does it work out. In this case, hot hairs are suitable for strengthening hair.
scissors for haircuts. But beautiful pigtails on medium hair – this
you’re welcome!

Hairstyles-braids for medium hair can be divided into
several types in accordance with the selected type of weaving.

photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial photo tutorial Half hair.
To create such a pigtail, you need a strand of hair from the forehead
divide into three strands and weave them in the direction of the neck. Tip
pigtails need to hide in loose hair. “Polukolosok” ready.
By the way, such “half-ribbons” on the head may well be

French braid. Unlike the “half hair”
French braids trailing along the sides. Hair first for one braid
are taken gradually from the parting and one side of the head. Then
similarly for the other braid – from the parting and on the other side of the head.
Both braids need to be stapled together near the neck, and the tips
each – hide under another scythe.

Spit-boho. The essence of this hairstyle-braids on medium
hair is that weaving is performed on a long bang
on its side so as to have a bezel around the head.
The rest of the hair can be dissolved, and the braid to decorate the original

Kosa-boho is a kind of “under-braided” Greek braids,
which completely go around the head.

The three types of braids weave for medium hair are
essential for getting all sorts of hairstyles that are truly
can be called works of art. An example would be a hairstyle,
which is a derivative of two types of braid weaving on medium hair:
“spike” and “French braid”. Initially, two French trudging
braids, while not all hairs are taken from the parting. Oto forehead
left several strands for weaving spikelets. After
French braids are woven, weave several “Koloskov. Next
the tips of the pigtails are pinned on the back of the head and hidden under
connected French braids. All braids can be decorated on
the taste of the owner of the hair with beautiful hairpins. Hairstyle
It turns out extraordinary and stylish.

pigtails for medium hair - photo 2pigtails for medium hair - photo 8 pigtails for medium hair - photo 3 pigtails for medium hair - photo 4 pigtails for medium hair - photo 5 pigtails for medium hair - photo 6 pigtails for medium hair - photo 7 pigtails for medium hair - photo 9 pigtails for medium hair - photo 10 pigtails for medium hair - photo 111 pigtails for medium hair - photo 12

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