Beauty and strength – in care or how to to care for hair

With the modern rhythm of life, hair suffers in the first place:
As a rule, for owners and short haircuts and long thick
strands do not have enough time to fully care about their hair.
Quick wash with any advertised shampoo, careless
combing, regular hot styling, the use of aggressive
colors, as well as the wrong diet and numerous stresses – all
This affects the condition of the hair in the most negative way. ( Everything
about hair care)

take care of hair Provide health and shine to curls
can only proper hair care. If the hair has faded,
lost its former pomp and softness, and even noticeably thinned – it is worth
make an effort to restore her lost vitality.
Hair care requires an integrated approach: proper washing,
drying, styling, combing and even the mode of power – each of these
factors is an essential condition for beauty hairstyles.

Interesting fact: Strong, thick
hair is the first thing the matchmakers in the bridegroom paid attention to
brides in ancient Russia. Luxury braids were considered a symbol
physical health and neatness of the girl.

the washing up

The content of the article:

  • the washing up
  • Drying and styling
  • Combing
  • Treatment and nutrition

Timely and proper washing of the head allows not only
gently peel, but also strengthen and nourish the hair. To not
harm your hair, it is important to observe the following

  • Do not wash your hair more often than required: with frequent use
    styling products, increased sebum secretion and regular
    wearing a hat is permissible to wash every 2-3 days, for
    normal and dry hair that stays clean longer
    wash once every 3-5 days. Care for the combined hair a little
    more difficult: in this case you should wash your hair as it gets dirty
  • A particularly important point when washing – the selection of shampoo. Tool must
    strictly match the type of hair, otherwise rinse
    the head will be impossible, and the curls will fade. Shampoo needed
    change every 6-8 months. (More on the choice of shampoo)
  • Apply shampoo should only be well-moistened hair,
    pre-rubbing it in the palms;
  • First of all, it should be applied to the roots, then –
    the entire length of the strands.
  • It is desirable to wash the head with massaging movements from the forehead to
    top of the head, from the top to the back of the head and from ear to ear.
  • For better cleansing, shampoo is applied twice per wash. To
    check how well the head is washed, you need to force
    run your fingers over it: clean hair will creak.
  • Rinsing is only cool or cold
    water: hot shine and elasticity are lost.
  • Use of masks, balms and conditioners selected
    strictly according to the type of hair required: they will provide curls
    necessary food.

Attention: Care for red hair, both natural and
tinted, also aims to preserve the brightness of the shade, therefore
owners of bronze curls, it is desirable to regularly use
tinting shampoo.

Drying and styling

Many prefer to blow dry and style their hair immediately afterwards.
washing, which is very harmful to the health of the hair. Proper drying and
the formation of hairstyles imply compliance with the following rules:

  • In no case should you dry your just washed head with a hair dryer:
    hair is very much injured. For starters, strands should be a bit
    dry naturally.
  • Before styling the hair must be carefully combed.
  • The temperature and strength of the airflow device depends on the type
    curls: for dry, preferably medium temperature and weak
    mode, for fatty – low temperature and enhanced flow. But here
    what should be known to owners of such features as
    combined hair: care for them does not allow drying with a hair dryer,
    as this can lead to breakage of the tips and rapid
    root contamination.
  • Hair dryer should be kept at a distance of at least 30 cm from
  • Before laying it is necessary to put special sprays with
    thermal protection: the substances contained in them will save the hair from
    loss of vital moisture.
  • The use of piles and tongs for laying is possible only on
    completely dried hair.

Tip: Blondes are more sensitive to
exposed to high temperatures curls. Therefore, care for light
hair is aimed at preserving the natural shine of the strands, and for
laying it is necessary to use means of thermal protection from special


The ability to comb for the health of curls is no less important. Even
caring for normal hair that doesn’t seem to entail
special troubles, necessarily involves regular and correct
combing: it promotes even distribution
sebum, stimulates the work of follicles, smooths scales
hair, promoting shine and healthy hair. Wherein

  1. Select the right brushes and combs: the most preferred
    tools made of wood, horns, silicone with moderately stiff or soft

  2. Be sure to comb the hair in the morning and evening, and before each

  3. Combing preferably in the supine position, slightly overhanging
    head down to stimulate blood circulation in the hair

  4. To begin combing from the back of the head forward soft smooth
    movements without twitching and jerking.

  5. Work with a brush should be alternated with smoothing hand: so
    hair better go to bed.

  6. The combing time should be at least 5
    minutes Sensation of warmth in the scalp and pleasant silkiness of the strands
    – The main indicator of the effectiveness of the procedure.

Treatment and nutrition

Even the most luxurious hair needs periodic treatment and
additional feed: adverse environmental conditions,
overwork, intense staining and perm, diets
and various diseases can adversely affect their beauty.

Today there are many ways
to support the natural power of the hair – from balms and masks to
popular recipes to expensive salon procedures. But before
try the popular stem cell hair treatment today or
try to strengthen them at home, should consider some

      • Health curls can harm even folk remedies,
        therefore, ingredients for masks should be carefully selected. Special
        this applies to essential oils that are increasingly used for treatment in
        home conditions: each one is used to strictly
        a specific goal.
      • Hair treatment in the salon is possible only after consultation with
        trichologist: choose the right rehabilitation courses and procedures
        can only specialist.
      • Such techniques as mesotherapy, laser hair treatment and
        cryotherapy have a number of contraindications, so before
        to undergo procedures, it is necessary to consult a general practitioner and
        pass all required tests.
      • A prerequisite for a beautiful head of hair is healthy
        lifestyle: proper rest, moderate physical activity and
        proper nutrition has a beneficial effect on the beauty of the hair.

Elastic, lively, smooth and shiny curls are not always
are a natural gift. Beauty is the result of daily
hard work, and if you put enough effort, hair
Be sure to enjoy a magnificent view and excellent health.

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