Beauty hair – the basis of an ideal appearance

model haircutsPretty haircut
at all times was the basis of the female image. And the basis of any
hairstyles – this is a good model haircut. Her choice is necessary
treat as responsibly as she is capable of
the same degree as to emphasize your virtues, and to remove
frank flaws.

Short hair

Short model women’s haircuts always amaze with their
extraordinary. Women with beautifully styled short hair
always attract our attention. Unwillingly each of us tries
try this hairstyle on yourself. Today there is
a lot of options, consider some of them.


This is one of the most popular model haircuts for short
hair, since it is almost universal: suitable
most women regardless of age and facial features. Thanks
for the skill and imagination of a hairdresser for every woman can be
Made its own zest. This haircut is perfect for
owners of fine hair, as it can make hair
visually larger and thicker. Strands can be made of different lengths, which
will give the appearance of individuality. Female model bob haircut
admits the presence of bangs of any configuration.


Original and stylish option, women with such haircuts
look a few years younger. Pixie haircut – most choice
Hollywood stars. Haircut is quite convenient and versatile, so
as does not require constant styling. After washing enough
ruffle your hair with your fingers and distribute the strands with wax.
However, the haircut itself is very demanding – it must be constantly
update, regrown strands spoil the whole look.


Such model haircuts are among the most popular.
Technique – filigree in the field of bangs, neck and temples.
This hairstyle will give you sexuality, mystery and will
look very brave. Too short length will make you
little tomboy – this should be considered when choosing.

Asymmetrical haircuts

This is not an ordinary model haircuts, which certainly give
Individuality to your image. Fashion asymmetry is enough
long time, most often such model haircuts on
short hair makes young girls and young women.
Distinctive feature – torn strands at various levels and
bangs completely unexpected look. The effect will increase if
at the same time make a bright highlighting.

Women’s short haircuts require special attention, while
hair regrowth they lose their original appearance and fix
this slip stacking is no longer possible. It is therefore necessary
constant updating, which creates additional inconvenience. Also
do not forget about laying, it is obligatory and necessary, but more often
all is not difficult.

Long hair

Fashion for long hair will not pass, it seems, never. Also in
ancient times the long braid was the true wealth of a woman.
However, long hair also needs care. Model haircuts on
long hair is a way to further decorate luxurious curls and
emphasize their individuality and beauty. They imply
preserving the length of the hair and giving the original shape to the hairstyle.

Same length

Perhaps the most popular to date, women’s haircut.
The hair is cut exactly the same length and combines it all with
straight straight bangs to the eyebrows (but this is not necessary, bangs can
and not to be at all). Such a universal hairstyle will save you from many
problems, in particular with her easy to weave braids, make tails and
bundles. From here and such popularity of hairstyles of identical length.

Graduated haircut (“ladder”)

model haircutKeeps length
hair and with it renews and refreshes the image. Technology
is that the hair is cut at different levels,
It turns out a beautiful “ladder”, which adds a thin volume
hair. Such female haircut is recommended at the same time
This will give the face and eyes expressiveness.


Cascade, on the contrary, is recommended for thick and unruly hair.
Transitions can be sharp, even “ragged”, and can be
neat and smooth. It is combined with a ragged bang or with its full
the absence of. Women with any type of face can do this.
shearing, however, it requires constant styling, and there are difficulties
when weaving braids.


Bangs – the highlight of almost any hairstyle, especially if you have
long hair. Thick smooth bangs perfectly complement smooth
long hair, she will make her eyes more expressive.
Personality will give oblique or torn bangs. When choosing one
or a different haircut, be guided, first of all, by the type of your face,
structure of the hair, and also consider the complexity of care for the selected
haircut in the future.

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