Beauty without harm or how to return hair chic and brilliance

Shining, smooth, elastic curls – the real wealth. But
to keep it in modern conditions is very difficult: too
frequent dyeing, regular perming and exposure to irons and
hair dryers, extensions, improper care products
hair, as well as adverse environmental conditions,
unhealthy lifestyle and strong stress affect the state
head of hair in the most pitiable manner. And if she lost her pomp and
healthy softness, hair tangled, split and fall out – the most
time to take up the treatment of their curls seriously. Folk remedies
in this case, it is unlikely that they will show high efficiency – only
hair restoration in the salon can guarantee lasting
one hundred percent result.

beauty saloon The most important thing in recovery and treatment is
correctly assess the condition of the hair and choose the most suitable and
effective tools that can be done exclusively by professionals.
That is why it is not possible to prescribe yourself procedures in the salon.
should: it is possible that the cause of problems with the hair is covered
much deeper, and to solve it requires an integrated
an approach that only relevant ones can develop

In ancient times, they tried to restore the density and shine of hair with
using various rituals and folk remedies. In ancient Greece
ash of a shrew burned at the new moon was considered effective, and
Ancient Egypt – red clay with herbal extract, infused on
blood of sacrificial animals.

For a beautiful head of hair – in the salon!

The content of the article:

  • For a beautiful head of hair – in the salon!
  • Stronger, stronger, more efficient: contact specialized

If the hair has lost its color, has faded, become noticeably brittle or
dried after dyeing, curling, bleaching or
extensions, perhaps, salon procedures will be able to return curls
radiance, volume and elasticity. In this case, speech is most often
It is only about the correction and restoration of the external structure of the hair, and
all manipulations are aimed at:

  • Smoothing and smoothing the hair along the entire length;
  • Additional moisture;
  • Activation of color pigments;
  • Hair nutrition;
  • Creating protection against any adverse effects.

If the hair remains thick and strong, but lost healthy
view, perhaps, procedures in the beauty salon will be enough. So,
for example, hair restoration after extension, dyeing,
Curling is to apply a variety of professional
balms, masks, medical formulations and oils or massage.


For the sequence and methods of application in this case are responsible
stylists, hairdressers. In some salons can offer and
exotic procedures such as the use of infusions of oriental herbs
or even acupuncture.

Stronger, stronger, more efficient: contact specialized

Unfortunately, procedures in beauty salons are more likely to be worn.
cosmetic effect. When not only is it damaged or weakened
hair, but also his follicle, consultation of a professional is required
specialist and more serious treatment.

hair treatment

Hair restoration centers today have gained significant
popularity. Their difference from beauty salons is
thoroughness of approach: reputable companies certainly offer not
only medical and cosmetic services, but also consultations
a trichologist, who necessarily evaluates the condition of the hair and
helps to choose a method of treatment.

hair restoration. It consists in the application of a complex of special
substances that replenish and enrich the hair structure on
cellular level. So, for example, the Japanese system TRISYS consists
from the following steps:

  • Restoration of the internal structure of the hair;
  • Restoration of the external structure of the hair;
  • Follicle care;
  • Scalp care.

As a result, the hair is completely healthy,
Curls acquire shine and pomp.

There are several centers in Moscow that specialize in
hair health, the most famous of them are:

  1. K-33 – provide a wide range of restoration services,
    replacement and even surgical treatment of baldness;

  2. “Beauty Salon” Gavrosh “- one of the areas of work –
    comprehensive treatment and comprehensive care for curls.

When medicine is strong: specialist help

Due to the influence of adverse factors, the most
terrible: the hair finally loses its vitality, not
giving in to no cosmetics and even starting
fall out intensively. In this case, about any procedures in the cabin
beauty is out of the question: save the thinning and the lost
the attractiveness of curls will only help the clinic to restore

In this case we are talking about more serious causes of damage.
hair rather than just dyeing or curling. Loss often
due to more significant factors and before
to begin intensive treatment, careful examination is necessary,
which is only for narrow specialists.

The following are usually consulted in special clinics.

  • Dermatologists-trichologists;
  • Trichologists – gastroenterologists;
  • Trichologists-endocrinologists;
  • Nutritionists;
  • Psychologists.

Only after the passage of all prescribed doctors
surveys and obtaining results is developed individual
recovery technique. The treatment in this case is complex and
aims to stimulate the activity of hair follicles and
hair growth, nutrition, strengthening and moisturizing.

hair treatment

To restore the hair in the clinics successfully used
following procedures:

  • Mesotherapy – subcutaneous administration of vitamins, amino acids,
    trace elements and nutrients.
  • Laser therapy – low intensity light irradiation for
    stimulation of blood circulation and enhanced hair nutrition
  • Various methods of reflexology – to improve the exchange
    processes and stimulate hair growth.
  • Biocapillary procedures – therapeutic baths, massages, cleansing and
    nutritional masks with the use of highly professional
    innovative cosmetics.

The effectiveness of rehabilitation procedures for the last three
decade has increased significantly. For example, the graph shows
how effective are the quality improvement techniques
hair after various developments and additions.

Hair Density | Create Infographics

In addition, patients may be assigned a special diet,
courses of vitamins, psychotherapy sessions, and in some cases –
treatment by an endocrinologist or a gastroenterologist.

All these methods are quite effective, and the results can
manifest in a few weeks or months. However, when
significant hair loss requires more drastic measures right up
before transplantation: specialized clinics also do this
no less successful. One of the most popular specialized institutions
in Moscow are:

  1. “Israeli Hair Clinic” (IHC) – guarantees recovery by
    innovative Israeli techniques aimed not only at
    hair treatment, but also the introduction to a healthy lifestyle in

  2. “An-Tech Laboratory” – works according to proven methods
    control should be the state and growth of hair, in the arsenal of the richest
    range of procedures – from the use of unique drugs
    before transplanting.

  3. “Doctor Kochas Clinic” – is distinguished by a wide range of services in
    hair treatments, a variety of counseling and

Today, plasma-lifting is revolutionary – unique
enrichment of the scalp with plasma cells including
platelet stimulating activity and growth even almost
dead follicles. The technology is applied by Real Trans Clinic.

It should be noted that the probability of a full recovery procedure
increases significantly with timely assistance.
Any hair problems are a sign of serious work disorders.
organism, so they alone will not pass.

Immediate appeal
qualified professionals will help not only to return and
preserve the attractiveness of the hair, but also significantly

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