Beer mask for hair treatment

Hair mask with beer – a very effective tool. By her
application can significantly improve the condition of the skin
heads. And this is simply explained: there is a lot of beer in the composition of beer.
beneficial trace elements and vitamins that have a beneficial
effects on hair and scalp.

Beneficial features

Women knew about the benefits of beer for a long time.
Continuous use of this product for cooking
all sorts of masks and conditioners makes curls shiny and

The beneficial effects of beer on the scalp and strands are explained
the presence of beer yeast, hops and malt in this drink. Such
The composition is rich in B vitamins and various microelements,
among which phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron. All these substances
improve hair growth, help strengthen and nourish the roots.
In addition, when making beer, vitamin C is added to it, which
also has a positive effect on the scalp. but
brewer’s yeast has the most effective effect.

Beer can be used in the form of a mask or conditioner. Mask for
hair at home is mixed, as a rule, with other
components. But as a conditioner drink is used in
pure form. To do this, wash the head with shampoo and then
rinse with heated beer. You can massage your head a little.
After 10-15 minutes, the curls are rinsed with clean water. As a result
such use strands will be shiny and healthy.

Do not worry about the smell of beer left over.
hair, – in about an hour it will completely disappear.

For home hair treatment you can use and
dark and light beer. However, a dark drink should not be used.
women with blond hair, as this can make them dark

Useful recipes

There are many recipes for beer hair masks. All of them
have a beneficial effect on the scalp and curls.
The most commonly used beer masks are:

  1. With yolk. In 100 g of the drink should stir 1 chicken yolk
    eggs and distribute the resulting composition throughout the length of the strands. Head
    should be wrapped for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    This mixture accelerates hair growth, gives them shine.
  2. With vegetable oils. 250 g of frothy drink should
    stir 1 tbsp. l any vegetable oil (olive,
    almond, burdock, castor), then put on strands,
    Wrap your head with a warm towel. After 25 minutes, the composition is washed off.
    This composition helps to get rid of split ends, makes
    hair smooth. Especially suitable for dry scalp.
  3. With nettle. Foamy drink and nettle decoction mixed in
    ratio of 1: 1. Liquid should be rinsed curls and rub,
    gently massaging, into the roots. After that, the head is covered with a towel
    soak about half an hour. The mask is very well established
    in the fight against dandruff, promotes hair growth, strengthen them.
  4. With kefir. Both drinks are mixed in equal proportions and
    put on strands. The mask is kept warm for half an hour,
    then washed off. The composition has a good effect on curls,
    improves their growth, moisturizes. It is also allowed to use instead
    kefir yogurt.
  5. With rye bread. In 1 liter of drink soaked 200 g of rye
    of bread. Next, the composition is aged for 2 hours in a warm place.
    Before applying the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Processed
    head wrapped in a towel and kept for half an hour after
    which wash off with warm water, which is recommended to add a little
    vinegar. This recipe composition improves hair growth, makes them
    strong. Bread can be replaced with rye crackers.
  6. With onion. Squeeze out 1 medium onion juice and mix it with 0.5
    l drink. Apply the composition to wet clean hair. After 15-20
    minutes curls rinsed herbal decoction (blondes
    It is recommended to take a decoction of chamomile, brown-haired – from nettle).

The same effect has a hair mask with beer
yeast Yeast must first be diluted in water or

These are the most common recipes for masks. Can find and
many other compositions that have a particular effect.
However, beer in any case, even in its pure form, has
beneficial effect on human hair. Regular use
formulations with this foamy drink significantly improves health and
beauty of hair.

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