Benefits of Acupressure Face

Acupressure facial massage has gained wide popularity among women.
of the world. Today it is quite difficult to find one that has never
I would have heard about Japanese acupressure. With it you can
make the skin more elastic and taut, get rid of the bags under
eyes, eliminate fine wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Acupressure is not only used for rejuvenation or
correction of defects, but also for the treatment of such illnesses as migraine,
his technique also helps with strokes.
However, among nonprofessionals, few can discern Japanese
Shiatsu massage and standard massage. The peculiarity of the first is
in pressing on certain points to obtain a therapeutic


  • What are the benefits of acupressure?
    • Are there any contraindications?
      • When is the best Japanese facial massage?

What are the benefits of acupressure?

Japanese massage on the face and neck should be done in accordance with
special equipment, which primarily depends on the available
cosmetic problem. With the right technique, even intense and
deep enough to cause a feeling
discomfort. The correct acupressure for facial rejuvenation is not
should be painful.

Acupressure facial massage

The massage itself matters with regular holding,
rare and non-systematic procedures will not produce proper

With regular massaging of certain points you can not just
to help cure the disease, but also to eliminate its main cause.

The main goal of shiatsu is to awaken our strength
organism, in the end they should be sent in the right direction and give
good result.

In the course of the massage, the master acts on points that have
the name “tsubo”. Thanks to this kind of procedures it starts
The process of natural healing of the skin. Shiatsu technique is not used
only for the treatment of a disease, it helps
diagnosis of some diseases and gives effective results in 95%
cases. In the east, people followed one simple rule:
its hand is the best doctor.

Shiatsu face massage can be done at home:
The technique is quite simple. Massaging points will help you
get rid of headaches, sleep related disorders,
improve vision, overcome chronic fatigue, relieve stress and
nervous tension. Japanese massage helps eliminate runny nose and
get rid of the manifestations of colds. Correct
impact on points that are located on the face and neck helps
with such a serious illness as a mimic nervous tic, massage
Shiatsu significantly improves emotional state. A point
facial massage from wrinkles allows you to save beauty for many years!

In the process of massage, it is necessary to produce pressure on the skin with
the help of the thumbs, namely their pads. Besides
restore vitality and cure Shiatsu diseases
use to prolong youth and prevent age
changes. One has only to look at the Japanese women who are already far behind
30 – they look great. And this is only because with long
From time to time they knew about the miraculous technique of shiatsu. Systematic
sessions can significantly slow down the aging process of the skin,
because with the help of massage elastin and collagen are produced
better, and existing wrinkles are gradually smoothed out.

Are there any contraindications?

Acupressure Shiatsu helps strengthen facial muscles and
restore blood circulation in the capillaries. If you want to gain
youth and in addition to this improve the shape of the face,
Be sure to look at this technique. With its help you can
overcome acne and many other skin defects. But
before using this technique should consult with
a doctor.

It is worth noting that most cosmetological procedures have
contraindications. With reduced intracranial pressure, couperose,
the presence of herpes treatments is prohibited. Massage is impossible
carry out with such ailments as dermatitis, furunculosis, if available
rashes and open wounds. In addition to the above cases occurs
idiosyncrasy data massage techniques. In connection with
this again: just consult a dermatologist

Point self-massage

Acupressure face shiatsu can be done
by myself

As noted earlier, the main feature of Japanese massage
is not easy stroking, but intense pressure: what
the fatty layer of the face is thicker, the pressure should be stronger.
Pressing special active points with the help of
finger pads – at the same time 3 fingers (index, middle
and nameless). Hand movements should be clear, but should not
turn the skin very hard.

If the face is full enough, you still can not push it.
It is important to remember: if you feel pain, the treatment will be
ineffective. If during the massage you only have hands,
The pressure should be the same. Finger length
impact on a certain point should not exceed 6 seconds, in
in some cases, 4 seconds is enough. With acupressure
neck can get rid of wrinkles, make her more youthful and
attractive. The effect obtained from the procedure will be kept
throughout the day. In a professional face and neck massage
department time pressure on a point can be several minutes, such
massage should be trusted only by experienced professionals.

When is the best Japanese facial massage?

The most appropriate time is morning. For
You will need about half an hour of the session, of which half the time
will go to training. Pre-clean the skin and
treat it with lotion, you can use herbal extracts or dry
white wine, after that it is recommended to proceed to warming the skin –
so you can relieve tension and expand blood vessels. Can do
hot compress or steam bath with a temperature of 45 to 50 ° C.
It will take you 2-3 minutes to compress, and about 10 to a bath
minutes 5 minutes before the session, apply moisturizing on the skin
cream, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

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