Benefits of Using Jessner’s Peeling home conditions

Jessner’s peeling is suitable for self-use.
home conditions. Any chemical peel is of a burned nature.
effects on the skin. Undeniable advantage
Jessner Peel is a gentle composition that
makes it safe. Chemical peel has 3 degrees
effects on the treated area:

  • superficial;
  • middle;
  • deep

Most often, Jessner’s peeling at home is used to
surface effects on the stratum corneum of the skin. For this you need
only a single application for a short period of time
– from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. If necessary, a deeper
penetration of the active substances into the skin solution is applied in
2-3 layers with an interval of 5 minutes, this procedure is called
median peeling. In case of using the middle peeling solution
reaches the basement membrane. Deep peeling is not recommended.
hold at home, as the procedure involves 4-5 times
application of a tool with a five-minute interval. As a result
the upper layer of the epidermis literally dissolves, which implies
severe pain of the procedure. In the clinic, apply
local anesthesia. It is also very sensitive and prone to
allergies, the skin does not withstand the application of even the third layer of peeling,
begin the destruction of the skin, which is very hard
are treatable.


  • Characteristic differences drug
  • Recommendations before use
  • Post peeling skin care

Characteristic differences drug

Jessner’s peeling is known as a Hollywood peeling and it is
not without reason, because he has a lot of fans among Hollywood
celebrities who appreciate the composition of the drug for
efficiency. Distinctive features of this peeling:

peeling jessner home

The facility was invented by the American
submariner Mark Jessner, who tried to make
antiseptic for sailors. He created a mixture of improvised
components and acids, due to which not only coped with
original task, but also presented an incredibly useful recipe for
cosmetology industry.

  • balanced composition of equal parts of three components
    solution (resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acid) provides
    mild exposure to the epithelium, which contributes to safety
    carrying out even a median peeling;
  • use of the solution on the skin of any part
  • does not require active preparation, it is enough to clean and
    defat skin;
  • application is possible at any age (after 25 years);
  • restoration of the treated epithelium occurs painlessly
    and relatively quickly;
  • uniform peeling of skin cells over the entire surface
    skin cover;
  • noticeable effect of tightness is noticeable immediately after

Lactic acid contained in the skin softens the epidermis, moisturizes
skin, promotes the production of collagen and the growth of new cells,
gently affects the skin. Salicylic acid penetrates
deep in the pores, regulates sebum production, has
anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Resorcin
enhances the effect of both acids, speeds up the renewal processes and
works as an astringent and cauterizing component.

Recommendations before use

A peeling procedure is recommended for prophylaxis.
aging and eliminating certain skin imperfections to which

  • oily skin;
  • various types of pigmentation;
  • small superficial wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • violation of the microrelief of the skin.

Before you begin the procedure for applying the Jessner peeling
At home, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of contraindications:

  • dermatological inflammation and integrity of the skin
    cover at the place of processing;
  • cancer and concomitant therapy (radiation or
  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • allergic diseases;
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • thin and very sensitive skin;
  • individual intolerance of any component entering into

Achieving visible results is only possible under the condition
complete lack of contraindications and clear instructions
on application directly peeling Jessner, as well as on care
skin after the procedure.

The combination of the above factors allows the use of peeling
Jessner at home. Apply better cotton
applicator, as rubbing with a gauze pad is the most
aggressive application method.

Peel Jessner

Peeling Jessner helps solve many skin
problems, you only need to choose the right concentration and degree
exposure means.

You can buy the composition in specialized cosmetology
stores. To preserve your own health, beware
fakes. Before buying, check the spelling
titles. Misprints of the “peeling-jesner” type are unacceptable.
The name of the means comes from the name of its inventor – doctor
Max Jessner.

Post peeling skin care

Care after peeling Jessner is to
certain procedures aimed at early recovery
treated skin. Since the top layer of the epidermis
destroyed, an inflammatory reaction develops. Skin thinning
peeling, redness, swelling – all this is natural
reaction to the applied composition. The skin becomes dry and tight.
Absolutely not superfluous will be intensive moisturizing of integuments.
thermal water every 2 hours for the first one to two days after
application of peeling in combination with a moisturizer. be ready
to the possible occurrence of a burn, the formation of a brown film,
which in a few days will turn into a crust. Is unacceptable
self-removal of the dried crust from the skin. It may
lead to irregularities, inflammatory processes,
ulcers. From such consequences it will be very difficult
get rid of.

Plan the procedure so that there is an opportunity
stay at home for 3-5 days in a state of physical and psychological
rest. This helps to reduce the recovery period.
It is also recommended to refrain from sun exposure for the first time.
days, and in the next couple of months apply the funds from
ultraviolet with a high degree of protection. Week after the procedure
refrain from using cosmetics.

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