Benzyl benzoate from lice and nits – the pros and cons, how to use, cost

Benzyl benzoate is a popular anti-parasitic agent that helps
fight head lice and scabies. With outdoor use
the drug only gets into the upper layers of the skin, without penetrating into
bloodstream. Now doctors rarely prescribe this drug, but
being efficient and inexpensive at the same time, it remains
popular. Benzyl benzoate for lice

Benzyl benzoate for lice – what it is, composition and whether it helps
against pediculosis

The content of the article:

  • Benzyl benzoate for lice – what it is, composition and whether it helps
    against pediculosis
  • Forms of release and how to use against lice and nits
  • Pros and cons of benzyl benzoate
  • Reviews
  • Alternative remedies for pediculosis

The active substance in the composition of the antiparasitic drug
is benzyl benzoate. Also present are additional
components that differ depending on the form of release.
The tool has a destructive effect on parasites. His active
the component penetrates the chitin layer of the lice and accumulates in their
body in concentrations incompatible with life.

Benzyl Benzoate helps in the treatment of lice, promoting
the destruction of all types of parasites. He is able to destroy
both adults and larvae, but does not affect insect eggs.
Benzyl Benzoate

The composition quickly penetrates the skin and begins to act, destroying
parasites. When used locally, it is completely safe, since
not absorbed by the skin and does not enter the bloodstream.

REFERENCE. In addition to lice, the drug is effective in combating
with almost all ticks, including those that cause

Larvae and adult lice die 2-5 hours after
use of the drug.

Forms of release and how to use against lice and nits

The drug is available in two forms – emulsion and ointment for
external use.


The emulsion is a homogeneous white liquid,
packaged in bottles of 50, 100 and 200 ml. Emulsion


The active substance in the composition of the emulsion is benzyl benzoate. As
additional components it contains purified water
emulsion wax, laundry soap.

Instructions for use

Antiparasitic emulsion is used as follows:

  • You need to shake the vial well.
  • Take a cotton swab and soak it in emulsion.
  • Apply the composition to the scalp and treat them clean, dry
  • Cover the head with polyethylene and warm with a scarf or warm
    a towel.
  • Leave the agent on the head for half an hour.
  • Rinse hair with acidified water, spreading a tablespoon
    vinegar. Acid will help to separate nits from hair.
  • Wrap the head again and leave the acid for about an hour.
  • Rinse hair with shampoo.
  • Comb lice and nits comb with frequent teeth.

Instructions for use of the emulsionTo eliminate lice and
larvae just use the tool once. But it
does not affect parasite eggs, so reapplication may be required.

Cost and where to buy

You can buy the emulsion in pharmacies. It is cheap enough –
the cost is about 50 rubles. cost

Shelf life and storage conditions

The drug must be stored in a dark place at
temperature less than 20 degrees. The shelf life is
three years. Open suspension is stored for up to one week at room temperature.

Contraindications, possible side effects and technique

The drug has a number of contraindications:

  • children up to three years;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the tool;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • pustular skin diseases.

pregnant girlMedication can provoke
allergic reaction. Strong eye exposure.
burning. Often the tool provokes irritation of the skin.

IMPORTANT! If the emulsion gets into the cavity of the eyes, nose and
mouth, rinse thoroughly with water. When it enters the stomach
need to produce washing with 1-2% solution of sodium bicarbonate,
a mixture of activated carbon and burnt magnesia.


The ointment for external use is white in color and is sold in
aluminum tubes or glass jars. Ointment


The active component in the composition of the ointment is similar –
benzyl benzoate. Also, the drug includes
propylene glycol, fatty fractions, cetostearyl alcohol,
cetylpyridinium chloride, purified water,

Instructions for use

The ointment is applied to clean hair and neat movements.
rubbed into the scalp. If it is used for
child, it must be diluted with warm water in equal proportions. After
You need to wrap the head with polyethylene and warm it. Composition
Remains on the hair for a while from 30 minutes to 2 hours. instruction

ATTENTION! If the ointment burns badly, it should be
immediately wash off.

The drug is washed off first with acidified warm water, then
qualitatively washed with shampoo. After that hair
combed out with a comb with frequent teeth to eliminate the dead
lice and larvae. Nits from Benzyl Benzoate do not die, and they also need
delete manually.

Cost and where to buy

Ointment can be bought at any pharmacy. Its average price is
about 30 rubles. cost

Shelf life and storage conditions

The shelf life of the ointment is three years. Keep it in need
protected from light, at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.

Contraindications, possible side effects and technique

The ointment is contraindicated in children up to three years old, pregnant and lactating.
women, persons with hypersensitivity to the active component.
Also, it cannot be used for mechanical damage and
pustular foci of inflammation in the skin.

Of the side effects, contact dermatitis is noted,
redness, burning and itching of the skin. head

As in the case of an emulsion, no contact should be allowed.
funds inside and mucous membranes. If ointment
Applies to children under the age of 5 years, it must be diluted
water in equal proportions. Water temperature should be no more than 35
degrees The result should be a mixture of sour cream.

It is recommended to put means in rubber
gloved hands. With direct skin contact with the drug you need
wash them thoroughly with laundry soap and wash and
pat all personal items. gloves

Pros and cons of benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate has a number of obvious advantages over others.

  • Proven formula known to specialists at the beginning
    last century.
  • Low price.
  • The ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Advantages and disadvantagesHowever, there are
limitations. The drug has not been improved for a long time, therefore
It is slower than many new medicines. He also has
strong odor and in some cases provokes
adverse reactions. But given the efficiency and low cost
medication, it still remains popular.



Alternative remedies for pediculosis

In addition to benzyl benzoate, there are other means directed
to fight pediculosis.


Lice sprays such as Full Marks, Bars, Nuda,
Pedikulen and others have several advantages. They act
quick and easy to use. They are applied along the entire length of the hair from
roots to the ends and gently rubbed into the scalp, waiting
the time specified in the instructions and wash off with warm water. After
washing it is necessary to comb out insects using a special
crest. Full Marks


Lice pills such as Butadion, Albendazole,
Levamisole and others are usually prescribed if available
contraindications to topical agents (for diseases
skin, wounds, scratches). To destroy the parasites, you need
take their course in about 15 days. Do medications
There are a number of contraindications, so they should be prescribed
exclusively a doctor.


At the pharmacy, you can buy special shampoos, such as
Knicks, Hygia, Paranit and others. They can
used for the treatment and prevention of pediculosis.
The funds are applied to the hair and remain under the plastic in
the period specified in the instruction, then carefully
washed out. After that, hair combed and washed with
using ordinary shampoo. Do you trust Benzylbenzoate? Yes

Folk remedies

Many prefer to use pediculosis
time-tested folk remedies. Often used
a solution of vinegar, contributing to the destruction of parasites. Other
a popular option is soaping with tar soap, which remains
on the hair for half an hour. Kerosene is also used – in this case
need caution because it is an aggressive remedy that when
non-compliance with the rules of application can cause skin burns
head and hair loss. folk remedies for lice

Despite the appearance in the pharmacies of many new
medications for pediculosis, benzyl benzoate remains popular
means. This is due to its effectiveness and very
low price. To get from the use of the drug maximum
result and prevent the occurrence of side effects you need
follow instructions and precautions.

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