Bezel – a trendy accent in modern hairstyle

Hairstyles with rim onBezel
As an accessory does not lose relevance for many years. And there is no
no secret, because it is not only great
addition to the hairstyle, but also a very practical subject that
helps to remove hair from the face. Currently hairstyles with
The rim has become an important part of fashion trends, and stylists are actively
use this accessory to create more and more
new images.

Images created with this accessory may not be
only everyday and business, but also solemn and

Which bezel to choose?

In the creation of hairstyles are used headbands of various kinds, and
You can often find a handmade bezel in a single
an instance of. Plastic, wooden, leather, fabric –
the materials used to make this ornament,
should be safe for both hair and scalp. Besides
Moreover, they can be decorated with various decorations: stones,
flowers, ribbons and even artificial braids.

In terms of thickness, they are also different: wide, narrow, double and
spiral. The main rule of choice – it must comply
to your image. For owners of curly hair will be correct
choose a smooth bezel, straight – wide, and if the hair is sparse, then
lush ornaments only enhance the contrast with them.

A young girl can safely experiment with different
types of images. Hairstyles for long hair with a rim will help her
find your unique style. Mature woman should look after herself
quite an expensive option in a discreet decor.

Hairstyles with headbands

How to make a hair with a rim? Very simple! Huge plus
Such arrangements in that their creation does not require much
skill, they can handle any woman. It is enough to change this
the detail of one style to another – and your long flowing curls
will get either a strict or solemn look.

Hairstyles using this accessory are many. Most
simple and not pretentious – put on the bezel and move it to
top of the head to remove hair from the forehead. And if you have lovely curls,
or you are not too lazy to curl them, it will turn out charming
everyday look.

Also innocent and stylish at the same time looks hairstyle with
trimmed with rim strands from the forehead.

Hairstyles with a rim on short hair will look great,
If you choose a narrow elegant headbands with small ornaments:
small bows, rhinestones or stones.

If you wear a bang, do not put it under the bezel. Hairstyle will be
look smarter if you still let out a couple of strands.

This modest accessory perfectly complements the ponytail, he
will become a kind of emphasis in the final image.

Double bezel consisting of fine details, great fit
for high and lush hairstyles with a pile. As an addition to this
used decorative studs and barrettes.

The most popular hair style in the “Greek style” with
soft rim fit any woman – both for curls, and for
straight hair. Make it simple enough to collect the hair from the temples
and the neck under the gum rim. For the “Greek style” rim
sold in the form of straps consisting of two parts: elastic bands,
which will be hidden under the hair, and a decorative element,
which is located on the forehead.

Hairstyles with rimHeadbands
decorated with artificial scythe, are an addition to
Neat hairstyle that will emphasize a strict business style.

Getting ready for the wedding? For you there is a smart alternative –
wedding or vintage bezel. Decorate it with pearls, rhinestones and
even precious stones. A stunning image of the bride to you

A hairstyle with a bandage on the forehead is an option for lovers.
hippie style. Over the hair dressing dressing, with strands
remain uncool.

In modern fashion trends, the hairatnik bandage is very popular.
The decoration consists of a multi-colored ribbon or in the form of several
thin ribbons. Hayratnik hand knits: crochet, from thin
colored threads.

As for the handmade headbands, there are more and more of them.
more, because it allows you to create an exclusive that always has
to taste women.

How to make this exclusive? As a rule, they are made of
old rim or rubber band. Broken and unnecessary jewelry, rhinestones,
beads, sequins, bows, fabric flowers – from all this is created
Unique design that makes people admire.

Hairstyles with headbands are both fashionable, stylish, comfortable and
feminine. Use this accessory with a clear vision.
the image you want to create. And the attention of others will be
directed only at you!

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