Biologically active points on the face – the source eternal youth

Every woman wants to save as long as possible
youth and beauty. In striving to prolong the desired youth,
women are ready to give any means and resort to any
cosmetic procedures. However, beauty and youth are not always
requires huge tools and a surgical scalpel.

There is a rather effective and very cheap way.
helping to prolong youth and beauty. This is the activation points
youth on the face.


  • What are points
    of youth?
  • How to find points of youth on the face?
  • Impacts on biologically active points
    • Acupuncture
    • Vacuum exposure
    • Heat exposure
    • Acupressure
  • How to activate youth points?
  • Indications for
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • How to activate eye points
  • Activation of youth points on the forehead
  • Activation of youth points in the cheeks and lips

What are points
of youth?

The points of youth on the face are biologically active points,
that trigger the regeneration and restoration of skin
structures. Active exposure to these points gives a stunning
a result that improves circulation,
wrinkle smoothing and increased lymphatic drainage effect.

On the human body there are about 700 points that are responsible for
different organs and systems. On the face are more than 25 biologically.
active points that can be acted upon
improve skin condition. In addition, you can prevent
new wrinkles, improve complexion, make skin more dense and

How to find points of youth on the face?

In order to eliminate skin problems using pinpoint
impact, you need to know not only where are biologically
active points, but also for what they are responsible. Main role here
accuracy plays: by stimulating the wrong point, you can achieve
completely opposite effect. Therefore, first of all
should find and remember the location of active points on your

In order to find the active points on the face, you must go to
the mirror. Carefully watching your reflection, we turn
focus on the following areas:

  • two points on the walls of the nose at the inner corners of the eyes
    directly referred to as points of youth, they improve
  • two points on the outer corners of the eyes;
  • two points under the eye (right and left);
  • the point in the center of the nose (between the eyebrows), called the third
    eye, activation of this point improves blood circulation,
    stimulates the pituitary gland and regulates endocrine processes in
    the body;
  • two points in the center of the eyebrows;
  • two points on the temples (hair growth start line) help
    improve vision, improve blood circulation in the brain, relieve
    tension with the muscles that are located nearby;
  • two points in the grooves under the wings of the nose during stimulation
    improve sense of smell, help to quickly cope with a cold and
    improve the condition of the teeth;
  • two points at the end of the earlobes, easy to grope,
    if you open your mouth, the recess formed is the active point,
    with their stimulation it is possible to improve hearing, the work of the vestibular
    apparatus and relieve tension masticatory muscles;
  • two points under the cheekbones (central position);
  • point under the nose;
  • two points in the corners of the mouth;
  • the point on the chin is responsible for removing toxins;
  • point below the lower lip;
  • one point under the cheekbone on the left side;
  • point between the clavicle;
  • point in a dimple on the back of my head.

Impacts on biologically active points

Depending on the problem that needs to be solved, there are
different ways of influencing biological points.

You can influence biologically active points as follows.

  • acupressure;
  • acupuncture;
  • vacuum effect;
  • thermal effect.


Acupuncture is a rather complicated procedure that requires a large
skill and great experience. The essence of the method is to introduce
under the skin of thin small needles. This method allows you to stimulate
and organize the work of all organs and systems. When performing acupuncture
for aesthetic purposes, you can improve the complexion and tighten the turgor

There is also an electroacupuncture method in which
weak electrical impulse is used. The role of needles here performs
electrical impulses of different lengths.

Vacuum exposure

This method is based on the good old method of treatment.
by banks. The vacuum principle for the face works on the same principle.
This method smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, normalizes
metabolism, pores and improves complexion. Vacuum method
affects not only the surface layer of the skin, but also the inner
layer of subcutaneous – adipose tissue.

Heat exposure

This method involves thermal effects on
biologically active points. It is carried out in two ways:

  • contact;
  • distant.

Contact method involves the direct impact of the source
heat to the active point, with the distant method, the heat source is not
in contact with the point. Heat treatments are removed from the body
toxins strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

When conducting thermal methods of activating biologically
active substances of great importance is experience and qualification
specialist conducting the procedure. If not calculated correctly
exposure time, you can get serious burns of the face.
Thermal exposure can be carried out at home alone,
it’s not that hard. For example, thai hot herbal massage


For facial rejuvenation all over the world use Asian techniques.

Typically, this is:

  • Chinese finger massage Zhong;
  • Japanese shiatsu massage;
  • Indian marmatherapy.

The above massage methods differ in specific technique.
carrying out.

Let us dwell on the point massage, which can be done
independently, having studied the location of biologically active
points on the face.

How to activate youth points?

First you need to thoroughly clean the skin from the decorative
cosmetics, then apply a nourishing cream on it. Also
It is recommended to make a light massage along the massage lines for
warming up the skin.

Acupressure is done with the index fingers, but by no means.
case without stretching or stretching the skin, but simply pressing soft
tissue fingertips to the bones of the skull. In order to make sure
in the correct definition of points, they need to grope
fingers as they are located in small grooves on
bones of the skull. When you click on biologically active points there is
slight soreness or pleasant warmth, but not acute pain
or discomfort. The time of activation of each point is not more than 5 seconds.
Activation of biologically active points has an impact on
nerve endings, which gives the muscles a load, forcing them to work.
When exposed to a pair of points, the movements are done simultaneously.
For example, the activation of points above the eyes occurs simultaneously,
also impact on points in the corners of the mouth and on points on the outer and
inner corners of the eyes.

At the same time it is necessary to observe some nuances:

  • press on the point no more than 5-10 seconds;
  • in the place of pressure should be felt a little warm or weak
  • no discomfort should be observed;
  • It is possible to press either one (index or large) or
    two three (index + middle + ring) fingers;
  • paired points are processed simultaneously;
  • the procedure is preferably carried out in the morning, after cleansing and
    moisturizing facial skin;
  • need to massage the face on a nutrient or moisturizer, but
    you can also use wheat germ oil instead of cream,
    grape, corn or flaxseed;
  • after the procedure it is recommended to apply it on the skin
    softening mask;
  • do not activate youth in the event of a violation
    integrity or inflammation of the skin.

Activation of youth points always start with processing.
inner corners of the eyes.

Indications for

The procedure is shown:

  • persons with loose, atonic skin;
  • with dull complexion;
  • deformation of the oval face;
  • with deep wrinkles, flesh and ptosis.

Of course, the activation of the points of youth will not save the patient from
all skin defects, some problems need more
radical solution, but to improve the complexion, make it fresh and
fit, restore skin relief, smooth out wrinkles quite under
force acupressure.

Contraindications to the procedure

Activation of youth points in the following is not recommended.

  • skin inflammation (acne, acne, rosacea,
  • infectious – viral diseases on the face (herpes);
  • hypertonic disease;
  • allergy;
  • after peeling or dermabrasion;
  • after using fillers;
  • with intracranial pressure;
  • for any chronic or acute diseases in the body.

How to activate eye points

It is well known that the eyes are the most beautiful part of human
faces. They are able to convey a range of feelings and emotions. but
anatomical features of the structure of the skin around the eyes contribute to
early appearance of wrinkles and folds. Regular impact on the points
youth will help shine eyes with the mischievous glitter of youth. Besides
Moreover, acting on the points around the eyes, you can remove their fatigue,
tension, swelling and swelling, and improve vision.
Biologically active points of the eyes are in the hollows on
inner and outer corners of the eyes. If you press on them
for 5-10 minutes, you can immediately feel the relaxation and
peace in the eye area.

Important points of impact are the mid-brows, which
located right above the pupil. They are located in the hollow between
two hills. Massaging these points helps to remove
voltage after a long work at the computer, while reading and

Stimulation of points located at a distance of one centimeter
from the outer corner of the eyes to the temple helps to effectively eliminate so
called “crow’s feet”. Also improve the skin around the eyes will help
stimulation of the points under the cheekbones at the level of the middle
pupil. And massaging along the upper and lower edges of the eye orbit
helps relieve headaches and dizziness. Points are processed
within 10 seconds each, in three sets.

Activation of youth points on the forehead

In order to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles on
forehead and smooth already appeared need to stimulate important
point that is one finger above the eyebrow on the line of the pupil.
In addition, massaging this point can eliminate the headache.
pain, dizziness, tiredness and eyestrain.

Another active point is at the temples at the end of the eyebrows,
stimulation prevents the development of the crow’s feet, and also removes
tension and fatigue. Smoothing the forehead, from its middle to the temples,
forefingers of both hands can prevent the development
vertical wrinkles on the forehead. When you activate points that are
three centimeters above the outer corner of the eye can be warned
development of bags and swelling under the eyes as it improves
blood circulation and lymph outflow. When stimulating points that
are in the middle of the hairline, can be prevented
the formation of transverse wrinkles on the forehead.

Activation of youth points in the cheeks and lips

Nothing ages a woman so much as having a deep face
nasolabial folds. They give the face a mournful, always weary look.
In order to prevent their occurrence or to make less
pronounced nasolabial folds that have already appeared should be regularly
activate the dots in the center under the lower lip. Stimulation of this point
can also relieve swelling of the face, facial nerve paralysis and toothache
bottom row of teeth. Pushing on the points near the mouth across the vector
nasolabial fold formation, skin leveling and
smoothing wrinkles.

With the index, middle and ring finger of both
hands press on the point that is above the upper lip. With
activation of this point can prevent the occurrence of vertical
wrinkles on the lip, also stimulating a point under the nose can
prevent wrinkles on the upper lip and nasolabial

And in conclusion, I would like to say that stimulation is biologically
active points on the face can not only pleasantly transform
appearance and improve skin condition, but also have a beneficial effect on
the state of the body as a whole.

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