Biologically active substances in cosmetic preparations

When it comes to the composition of cosmetic creams, used
the phrase “biological active substances”. What a
represent these substances and what is their strength? How to behave
biologically active substances (BAS) in a cosmetic composition and
How justified is their introduction into a cosmetic product? On those
and other questions we will answer below.


  • What are biological active substances?
  • Biological active substances in the cosmetic composition
  • How can affect the active substances in the cream?
  • Are there biologically active substances capable of
    rejuvenate the skin?
  • What drugs are considered biologically active?
  • Summarizing

What are biological active substances?

Biologically active substances are a group of chemicals
which have high physiological activity in small


The vital activity of a living organism is caused by two
processes: assimilation and dissimilation, which are based on
metabolism between the internal (inside the body) and the external environment.
Metabolic processes occurring in the body must be supported
constancy of chemical composition and physicochemical properties
internal environment of the body. This constancy depends on the aggregate.
several factors among which an important role is played
biologically active substances entering the body along with
food and forming the harmonic relationship of all biological
processes in the body. In addition to the regulation of all biochemical
processes in the body, BAS have, if necessary, and
therapeutic effect on the body.

Biological active substances in the cosmetic composition

It should immediately dispel the error that is widely replicated
marketers and advertisers: these biologically active
substances in cosmetic preparations are not and can not be. And so
why: according to international law, all cosmetic
products that are certified as cosmetics, and not as medicinal
drugs affect only the surface layer of the skin.
there are substances that are part of the cream should not reach
deep layers of skin.

If cosmetic creams reached the living layers of the skin,
would remove many cosmetic products from sale or change them
pharmacological purpose. But manufacturers generously hand out
promises, promising what is impossible in principle.

Important! Absolutely all creams can only affect
upper layer of the epidermis. Biologically active substances,
part of the cream, not able to pass through the stratum corneum

How can affect the active substances in the cream?

However, biologically active substances in cosmetics can
effect favorably and significantly improve superficial
epidermis layer. And this is quite important. Since all nice
sensation (moisturizing, elasticity and beauty of the skin) to a large extent
depend on the condition of the epidermis. What are able to improve biologically
active substances in the cream?

First, protect the skin from UV radiation. First wrinkles
appear not from old age, but from ultraviolet radiation.
Penetrating deep into the skin, UV affects collagen and
elastin, destroying their molecules and causing mutations in the DNA.

Secondly, biologically active substances are able to effectively
moisturize the skin by creating on its surface
hygroscopic film that binds and retains moisture without
giving it out.

Thirdly, biologically active substances are able to activate blood circulation.
certain substances that are part of creams, masks,

Fourth, improve skin characteristics by skin type:
moisturize dehydrated skin, matte oily skin, remove
irritation, which is peculiar to sensitive, problem

Are there biologically active substances capable of
rejuvenate the skin?

This is a very topical issue for women who actively use
anti-age cosmetics. After all, buy anti-aging creams with
the hope that they will effectively eliminate age
skin defects. But is it really? Anti-aging creams
must contain substances that can penetrate
basal layer of the epidermis and affect metabolic processes in

But relatively recently, they began to talk about the ability of active
substances to trigger impulses in the stratum corneum, which are able to coordinate
cell work in the basal layer of the epidermis. There is no
the need for penetration of the active substances through the protective
layer. That is, the active ingredients of the cream work remotely, not
penetrating deeper into the epidermis. However, there is great doubt that
property of active substances. At least because in this case they
should be positioned as drugs.

Let’s say this: biologically active substances that rejuvenate the skin
exist, but being in a cosmetic composition, they are not capable
to pass the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Therefore cannot
favorably influence the processes occurring in the cells.

Numerous anti-aging creams testing
showed that they have a certain positive effect, but
effect is very slight. Smooth first
fine wrinkles resulting from inadequate
moisturizing the upper layer of the epidermis. But the state of deep wrinkles,
that result from the natural wilting of the skin,
remain without visible changes.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to influence the condition of deep wrinkles.
Cosmetic products are not able to cope with this.

Even the most revolutionary cosmetics in the composition
which include biologically active substances are not capable
rejuvenate the skin and reverse the aging process. It is a prerogative
injection techniques and only innovative regenerative technologies
able to “wake up” autologous fibroblasts and induce them to
the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and thus contribute to the rejuvenation

What drugs are considered biologically active?

Unlimited source of biologically active substances is
rich flora. Every year there are all new
exotic substances that are extracted from plants and which
have effective regenerative capabilities.

A large number of active substances are synthesized by biochemical
by. For example, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, collagen,
Elastin is created according to an autologous pattern of skin substances.

Biologically active drugs are natural fats and
oils that are necessarily part of the cosmetic

  • lanolin – animal fat (made from sheep’s wool);
  • Macadamia oil – a good moisturizing and nourishing nut oil
  • sesame oil – rich in vitamins, effective against
    free radicals;
  • almond oil – very effective for dry and sensitive
  • Jojoba oil is a liquid wax from the fruits of a desert shrub.

The composition of cosmetics also includes substances
binding moisture that does not give up moisture from the skin. They are like
natural and synthetic origin:

  • Collagen is a protein responsible for skin elasticity. It is mined from
    hides of cattle or marine animals;
  • hyaluronic acid is the most powerful moisturizer that
    obtained by biotechnology;
  • Aloe – a plant that has a healing effect, is
    good humidifier;
  • cucumber extract – well moisturizes the skin, makes it smooth,
    improves the complexion;
  • seaweed – rich in minerals, maintain water

Necessary components of any cosmetic
are tonic, improves blood circulation

  • Allantoin is a natural substance that is obtained by
    oxidation of uric acid, well soothes irritated
  • Calendula extract is a well-known remedy,
    used in acne;
  • peppermint is a good tonic;
  • ginkgo biloba – a plant that is for its unique qualities
    called living fossil, improves skin microcirculation.
  • Bisabolol – relieves irritation and redness of the skin, has
    soothing effect on the skin.


When a simple consumer hears about biologically active
substances, it immediately implies some revolutionary substances
able to work wonders. But this is not the case for several reasons.

  1. Substances in cosmetics do not pass through
    horny layer of the epidermis.
  2. For the above reason, cosmetics are not
    drugs and are meant to have an impact only
    on the top layer of the epidermis. They do not interfere in the deep
    processes occurring in the cells.
  3. When it comes to biologically active substances, it is not
    only revolutionary anti-wrinkle products, but also any substance with
    more than a general active action.
  4. Even the most revolutionary cosmetic products in the composition
    which include biologically active substances are not capable
    rejuvenate the skin and reverse the aging process.
  5. Biologically active substances that rejuvenate the skin,
    really exist, but they are effective only when
    enter the body through injections.
  6. Biologically active substances have minimal
    effects on the skin, but not to say that they are completely useless.
    A woman caring for herself throughout her life is always
    stands out among its peers who never

Therefore, dear women, begin to care for themselves from their youth,
and the skin will thank you with beauty and freshness even in late

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