Biorevitalization after 50 years

Approaching the 50-year mark, women are increasingly noticing
manifestation of irreversible processes associated with aging skin.
Literally on the eyes all its parameters deteriorate: skin
becomes thin and very dry, decreases the amount of subcutaneous fat
in her facial area, deep wrinkles appear and other
negative changes. What is the reason for such metamorphosis? what
occurs in this period in the body of a woman?

Why does skin suddenly begin to age with a vengeance? All these
factors are due to hormonal changes in the female
the body. Usually at 50 years of age there is menopause
characterized by a marked decrease in growth factors as well
decrease in estrogen and progesterone in the body, which
promote beauty and youthful skin. Hormonal imbalance leads
to changes in the structure of collagen and elastin, to reduce
produced hyaluronic acid and slowing the metabolism and


  • Causes of skin aging
  • Morphotypes of facial aging and methods for their correction
  • What is biorevitalization
  • Why hyaluronic acid?
  • Specific features of biorevitalization in
    50 years
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Side effects and possible complications after the procedure

Causes of skin aging

Above, we described the physiological causes of skin fading. Not always
the standing of the skin depends only on the age, but also on the quality of life:
the presence of stress, fatigue, living conditions in the home,
environmental conditions, bad habits, diet and
improper skin care. If at a young age the body
able to withstand these adverse factors, then
50 years of age own resources for regeneration already
not enough, and he wears out in the full sense of the word.
All internal and external regenerative processes are slowed down.
organism. Especially strongly these changes affect the skin. What kind
Are the signs of skin aging? Firstly

Woman in 50 years

  • the appearance of excess skin in the eye area;
  • ptosis (omission) of the oval face, eyebrows, nasolabial fold;
  • wrinkles;
  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • loss of elasticity;
  • flabbiness and sagging skin;
  • enhanced pigmentation.

By the age of 50, the cheeks practically merge with the chin, the face
loses clear contours, skin hangs over the eyes and creates a feeling
forever tired and tired eyes. Sometimes skin changes
become so complex that in a 50-year-old woman it is difficult
learn the former pretty beauty.

Morphotypes of facial aging and methods for their correction

Each organism has its own individual characteristics.
Consequently, each organism ages in its own way. Let’s find out
what are the types of aging. There are four types
facial aging:

  • tired type;
  • wrinkled type;
  • deformation type;
  • muscular type.

Tired morphotype of aging – the most favorable option
facial skin aging. This option is typical for thin women with
oval or diamond face. This morphotype is usually
is expressed: a decrease in skin turgor, dry and dull skin,
wrinkles and folds, nasolabial folds and depressions
corners of the mouth.

Based on the above characteristics, improve skin
indicators can be applied by applying hyaluronic fillers
acids that can effectively fill wrinkles and
folds, simulating the contour and volume of the face. Biorevitalization course
hyaluronic acid will help improve skin quality and soften
age manifestations.

Signs of Aging

Wrinkled morphotype of aging – the dominant sign of aging
This type are wrinkles. Usually such an aging option
occurs in owners of dry, problem and irritated skin.
Subcutaneous fat is poorly developed, thereby wrinkles with
lightness and in large quantities appear on the skin and as a mesh
cover it. In this case, the approach to facial rejuvenation will be
consist in the simultaneous use of botulinum toxin preparations
and hyaluronic acid for filling wrinkles and modeling
face skin relief.

Deformation type of aging – characterized by flabby skin,
especially in the lower part of the face and characteristic swelling of tissues
faces. The advantage of this type of aging is the lack of
abundant wrinkles and age spots. Skin looks pretty
dense and porous. This type of aging is typical for women
inclined to corpulence. Excess subcutaneous fat leads to
deformations of the contours of the face, the formation of the second chin, folds
on the neck and bags under the eyes. Fix age defects in this
The case is possible with the help of plastic surgery.

The muscular type of aging is manifested mainly in
pronounced nasolabial folds and omission of the corners of the mouth, as well as in
pigmentation disorders. The advantage of this type of aging is
that the skin of the cheeks remains smooth and even, and the oval of the face remains
clear to old age. Correction of age-related skin defects with
This type of aging is performed using hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid biorevitalization can soften the line
nasolabial folds, as well as a horizontal crease at the mouth.

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range
anti-aging techniques, it is only necessary to choose the best option for
every woman. It is safe to say that biorevitalization
is one such method that is suitable if not
all very many.

What is biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is an innovative method for delivering
hyaluronic acid to the site of skin stimulation and regeneration
mechanisms. Biorevitalization is implemented in two ways:

  • laser;
  • injectable.

Laser biorevitalization is a non-invasive method,
which is carried out by a special apparatus – a laser. This method is not
violates the integrity of the skin, it is convenient because it actually
has no contraindications. How is the process of laser
biorevitalization? Hyaluronic gel is applied to the skin, and then
laser contribute to its penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

Injection biorevitalization

Injection biorevitalization is performed by fillers
(fillers), which are thin sterile
syringe with a ready dose of hyaluronate. Fine needle make a puncture
under the wrinkle that needs to be adjusted (fill
hyaluronic acid). The wrinkle of the eyes straightens and the skin
around it becomes smooth and smooth.

Why hyaluronic acid?

The greatest achievement of modern cosmetology is considered
use of hyaluronic acid to eliminate age defects

After many studies it has been proven that hyaluronate
neutralizes the aging of cells and improves
many skin characteristics.

Hyaluronate is synthesized in our body, but with age
the production of own hyaluronic acid is halved
consequently, the skin suffers from a lack of moisture, which is reflected
externally. To restore skin freshness and elasticity.
biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid and drugs on her
basis. How Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizes

hyaluronic acid

More than 70 years ago, hyaluronic acid was first
isolated from the vitreous body of the human eye and subjected to
study. Scientists have found that hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide.
One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind and hold
due to hydrogen bonds up to 100 water molecules.

Getting into the extracellular matrix, it attracts water to itself
an amount greater than her own weight 1000 times. In the skin
this “magical” substance is greatly increasing in volume and
smooths out skin relief exactly where it is needed. Also
after ingestion hyaluronic acid breaks down into
small particles that normalize the water balance and make
The body produces its own collagen and elastin.

This procedure is very effective in women after 50, because
hormonal changes occurring during this period are negative
affects the condition of the skin. Hyaluronic biorevitalization
acid improves skin parameters and the following processes in the skin:

  • increases the volume of intercellular substance, which contributes
    instant wrinkle smoothing and shrinking
  • facilitates the migration of extracellular fluid through the basal
    membrane by reducing its viscosity, which speeds up the update
    epidermal cells and improves cell nutrition;
  • updates the extracellular matrix against the activation of fibroblasts
    and production of large amounts of collagen and elastin.

As a result, the skin is transformed in the eyes: its relief improves
and texture, it becomes supple, soft and taut.

Specific features of biorevitalization in
50 years

Are there any specific features of the
biorevitalization in 50 years? No, biorevitalization does not have
specific features for this age group. Main
The criterion of successful biorevitalization is the health of a woman in this
age For this reason, before undergoing a biorevitalization course,
a comprehensive health check is needed.
Consultation is needed not only by a cosmetologist, but also by
related professionals. A competent doctor will necessarily collect anamnesis,
assign laboratory tests and only after that will make
verdict. Depending on this, the doctor will prescribe an individual
skin treatment program.

Results of the procedure

Biorevitalization has no age limit, it is shown
everyone who suffers from excessive dryness and age wilting
skin. After 50 years, this anti-aging treatment becomes less
effective due to age-related changes of the skin and gravitational
ptosis. For this reason, it is more expedient to carry out in conjunction with
other anti-aging treatments.

What will be the procedures, the cosmetologist will decide after
Examination of current skin condition, woman’s health and
individual characteristics of the organism. Biorevitalization sessions
held by courses. To achieve a sustainable effect
hold 5-10 procedures with an interval of 1 time in 10-15 days. amount
procedures are always prescribed by a cosmetologist depending on
the initial state of the skin and reactions to the first sessions.

The face after the procedure changes instantly. Skin relief
leveled, it becomes smooth, elastic and taut. But in
the full result will appear in a few weeks when
the body will start producing hyaluronic acid by itself.
The result is especially noticeable on mature and dry skin.
vitalized literally before our eyes.

Indications for the procedure

Biorevitalization after 50 years is recommended if available
the following skin defects:

  • ptosis of the oval face;
  • loss of elasticity and dryness of the skin;
  • skin flabbiness;
  • the presence of wrinkles;
  • skin dehydration;
  • sagging nasolabial folds.

All of these skin defects are present in women over 50,
therefore, biorevitalization with hyaluronate will help quickly and
effectively eliminate them.

Contraindications to the procedure

Biorevitalization, like any invasive technique, has a number of

  • oncological diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • allergic diseases;
  • individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid;
  • pregnancy and lactation is unlikely at the age of 50, but
    Be aware of this.

Side effects and possible complications after the procedure

After biorevitalization may occur as collateral
effects and complications. Side effects may be

Complications after biorevitalization

  • bruises and microhematomas;
  • swelling;
  • soreness at puncture sites.

Side effects always occur when it comes to violation
skin cover. This is the natural course of invasive treatment. Other
complications, they should not be, but unfortunately they

Possible complications after biorevitalization:

  • vessel embolism;
  • loss of sensitivity of certain areas of the skin (after embolism
  • tissue necrosis (after embolism);
  • contouring (bleeding out) of the drug under the skin;
  • immediate and slow type allergic reaction;
  • fibrosis (compaction of tissues);
  • granulomas (tiny nodules appearing on the surface

Unfortunately, complications often depend on the level
professional training of a cosmetologist. Therefore, if you
decided to biorevitalization, carefully select a specialist and
aesthetic clinic.

Do not think that biorevitalization is a panacea for old age, it is not
returns youth and does not save you from wrinkles. Biorevitalization only
will improve the condition of the withering skin, will make it on time elastic and
fresh – this is the essence of the procedure. For this reason, do not
forget about everyday care, on the contrary, at this age you need it
strengthen. To preserve youthful skin after 50 years is problematic,
if before that she was not given due attention.

For women, age 50 is not the end of an active and
full life, but only a new milestone on a long
of the way. Do not dive into pessimism and cry about the old days.
Some phenomena, such as menopause and hormonal changes,
can not be undone, but age-related skin changes can be successful
to adjust.

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