Biorevitalization of hair and scalp preparations hyaluronic acid


How is hair and scalp biorevitalization performed in salons?
Features of this procedure, its detailed description along with
preparatory stage and the rehabilitation period will help to extract
from the procedure maximum benefit. Learn about its effectiveness.
indications and contraindications.


  • The effectiveness of the procedure
  • Types of hair biorevitalization
  • Preparations with hyaluronic acid for hair
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How to make biorevitalization of the scalp
  • Side effects after hair biorevitalization

Many salons today offer their clients anti-aging
a procedure that revives curls and solves various problems,
related to them. After a course of sessions, they stop falling out and
break down, begin to shine and grow by leaps and bounds.
This is a biorevitalization of hair—
transportation of hyaluronic acid under the scalp. Delivered
it is there by injection or under the influence of external,
controlled by a specialist, factors (current, laser, cold,
ultrasound, magnetic waves, etc.). This substance holds in
cells moisture, evenly distributes in them the chain of elastin and
collagen fibers, improves the structure of the epidermis, thanks to which
and achieved a noticeable anti-aging effect. It sounds tempting, but
Is the procedure really so effective and good?

What is hair biorevitalization

The effectiveness of the procedure

Hyaluronic acid drugs that are administered in the framework of this
procedures can be enriched with all sorts of vitamins, peptides
and other useful elements, and can be assigned and in pure
the form. All these mezokokteyli feed follicles, forcing the cells
function in full force. If biorevitalization
the skin is healed regularly (by course), condition
Hair is noticeably improving:

  • grow faster;
  • acquire vitality;
  • do not fall out;
  • do not split;
  • do not break;
  • do not electrify;
  • moisturized;
  • become thicker and more voluminous;
  • get beautiful shine;
  • dandruff disappears;
  • split ends are soldered;
  • elasticity and elasticity increases;
  • color becomes brighter and more saturated.

The procedure is actually quite effective.
However, the effect of biorevitalization
Volospatial not immediately. It takes time to
hyaluronate launched in the cells regeneration processes. On it can
leave 3-6 days. In addition, for a more stable result you need
hold a few sessions. Their number is determined by a specialist in
depending on the condition of the hair, the complexity of the problem and the type of
procedures. And they abound in modern cosmetology.

The origin of the name. The term
“biorevitalization” is translated from ancient languages ​​as a return to
of life.

What does the biorevitalization of the scalp

Want to know everything about keratinizing hair? Then read our review.
this salon procedure.

How to properly care for long hair at home.

Types of hair biorevitalization

Hyaluronic acid during biorevitalization may fall under
scalp in many ways. The classification is based on this.
procedures. After reviewing the prices in the salons, you will see that she
may be represented by the following species.


Classical and most common hair biorevitalization
when hyaluronic acid is injected under the scalp with
ultrathin needles. There are two options for such

  • manual;
  • hardware

Before the procedure, it is advisable to discuss the merits with a specialist.
and disadvantages of each of them. With manual biorevitalization of hair
possible errors in the distance between punctures and dosages
drug. It provokes all sorts of side effects and
complications. When hardware biorevitalization of the scalp accuracy
guaranteed, but it is more traumatic and aggressive.


For those who are very afraid of injections, there is this kind
biorevitalization of hair. Hyaluronic acid gets under the skin
heads without damaging its integrity under the influence of various
phenomena – physical and chemical. It applies here
low molecular weight hyaluronate: drug molecules are so small
that easily penetrate deep into the dermis without punctures.

  • Cryobiorevitalization

A mask (serum, cocktail) is applied on the hair and scalp with
hyaluronic acid, and then they are exposed to cold (liquid
nitrogen) and electric waves.

  • Laser

Hyaluronate penetrates the dermis under the influence of infrared

  • Iontophoresis

The combination of hyaluronic preparations for hair biorevitalization with
galvanically stable current tones the scalp, improves
metabolism in the cells, stops the loss of strands.

  • Magnetophoresis

Without any punctures hyaluronic acid gets into deep
layers of the dermis of the head, if magnetic waves are applied.

  • Oxygen

Maximum useful for the scalp and hair
it turns out to be oxygen biorevitalization,
suggesting OXY therapy. Pure oxygen jet fed under
high pressure, saturates the epidermis and follicles. Wherein
there is an active interaction of oxygen capsules with
components of the drug used.

  • Phonophoresis

Ultrasound is an excellent hyaluronic acid transporter.
into the scalp.

So do not think that biorevitalization of hair is a must.
injections. If you are afraid of injections, use any
another type of this procedure, after consulting with a specialist.
Here, much will also depend on what kind of drug
hyaluronic acid will be used.

This is interesting! Under the influence of micro current
in the cell membranes open temporary channels that
remain active for only 2-3 seconds, but this is completely
Enough for penetrating hyaluronate into the depths

Ways to enter hyaluronic acid

Preparations with hyaluronic acid for hair

The master who will prepare you for biorevitalization
hair, will advise a certain drug with hyaluronic acid for
injections under the scalp. This mezokokteyl should be sent
on the solution of actual problems with health and a condition of curls.
Salons use different means for this.

The most popular and sought-after complex for biorevitalization
hair – from the Spanish manufacturerNirvel
Professional. It includes shampoo, elixir and filler
with hyaluronic acid.

  1. Beautelle is a high molecular weight hyaluronate. France.
  2. CRM Soft. Germany.
  3. Hyaluform. Russia.
  4. IAL System – Unstabilized Hyaluronic Acid, IAL
    System ACP – stabilized. Italy.
  5. Jalucomplex is a pure hyaluron. Italy.
  6. Mesohyal Spain.
  7. Meso-Wharton P199 – hyaluronic acid mezokokteyl,
    vitamins, amino acids, trace elements. South Korea.
  8. Princess Rich – a cocktail of hyaluron and glycerin.
  9. Teosyal-Meso – Pure Hyaluronate, Teosyal Pure Sense Redensity
    – a mixture of hyaluron, amino acids, lidocaine, antioxidants,
    of vitamins. Switzerland.
  10. Viscoderm. Italy.
  11. Yvoire Hydro. Korea.
  12. Hyalrypayer Bioreparant – Modified Hyaluronic
    acid, lysine, vitamin C, glycine. Russia.

Preparations for biorevitalization of hair and skin
heads differ in the range of indications and price.
The cost is indicated in the price list of the salon or clinic, about their
efficiency must inform the specialist.

Useful information. Procedure
hair biorevitalization with Hyaluronic complex from Nirvel
Professional is available to everyone, even at home. She’s in short
terms will return beauty, elasticity and shine to curls. Hyaluronic
acid moisturizes, nourishes, restores damaged and weakened
strands. As a result, you will get compliant hair, ease of styling and
natural youth of a head of hear.

Preparations for biorevitalization of hair and scalp

Indications and contraindications

Biorevitalization of hair is not prescribed to everyone. For her
carrying out must be observed indications and contraindications
otherwise you will have to suffer, eliminating numerous side effects.
effects and complications.


  • Hair either does not grow at all, or grows very slowly;
  • fall out;
  • split off;
  • break down;
  • electrified;
  • dry;
  • rare
  • thin;
  • dull
  • naughty;
  • fatty;
  • dandruff;
  • alopecia;
  • split ends.

This usually occurs in the following situations:

  • Mature age (natural aging of cells occurs);
  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • deficiency of protein and vitamins;
  • frequent staining and regular heat exposure
    (waving, ironing, curling, hair dryer, etc.).


  • Pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • individual intolerance of one of the components of the cocktail
    for biorevitalization;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • inflammation of the scalp;
  • oncology;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • high pressure;
  • epilepsy.

The first thing a specialist should do before the procedure
biorevitalization of hair, – to find out the presence of contraindications. If a
they are missing, identify the main problem and choose for it
solutions are the best option for the drug. Only after that he
assigns a session date, aligning all these points with the client.

Debunk the myths. There is an opinion that
the hyaluronic molecule is capable of holding 1,000 water molecules. On
in fact, its average molecular weight is 3 140 000
and its maximum humidity does not exceed 0.5% of the mass.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

How to make biorevitalization of the scalp

Many people are interested in how biorevitalization is done.
hair salons, because fear of injections
present at all. To calm down and not worry in vain,
It is worth watching a video in which a specialist explains all his
actions and tells in detail about all stages of the procedure.

  1. Not recommended 2-3 days before head biorevitalization
    use hair styling products – varnishes, foams, mousses,
  2. Medicines, including painkillers, to drink
    can not. It does not affect the pain. Opposite –
    medication can cause bleeding in places
  3. On the day of the procedure, wash your hair, because then you can’t
    will do some days.
  4. Prior to biorevitalization of hair, some cosmetologists advise
    undergo micro-current hair therapy
    parts of the head so that it is better prepared for the procedure. So
    that discuss this with your master.
  5. As for the pain of the injection, it all depends on
    pain threshold of the patient and the injected drug. Somebody stand
    endures all these “mosquito bites”, someone lacks patience.
    Some say that the procedure delivered them several
    pleasant moments of pleasure, while others howl fly out of the office.
    Everything is very individual here.
  6. Injections are made either over the entire surface of the head, or only
    in the problem area.
  7. If it is a mask with hyaluronic acid, after its application
    the head is treated with a laser, liquid nitrogen, microcurrents, etc.
  8. On average, the procedure takes about 40
  9. The course of treatment prescribed by a specialist. It may be disposable.
    visits every 2 months, and there may be 5-6 weekly injections
    procedures every six months.

To avoid complications and prolong the effect
biorevitalization of hair, you need to follow basic rules
precautions. After the procedure can not:

  • do a head massage (3-4 days);
  • wash hair (48 hours);
  • go out without a headdress (14 days);
  • visit a bath, sauna, solarium, swimming pool, beach (14 days);
  • to dye hair (7 days);
  • do a perm (7 days).

If there are any other contraindications in accordance with
individual features, specialist necessarily
will inform about them. The last thing left to find out – which
side effects, complications and unpleasant consequences can you
expect after biorevitalization of hair.

On the note. Best of all
has established itself keratin biorevitalization of the scalp, so
as it is aimed primarily at restoring the hair structure
from the inside.

How do biorevitalization of hair in salons

Side effects after hair biorevitalization

It is necessary to understand that the revitalization of hair
hyaluronic acid by injection – complex
a procedure that may in some cases lead to
side effects. They are provoked by non-compliance.
precautions, improper care during the rehabilitation period,
unprofessionalism of a specialist. What troubles after
This can be encountered:

  • bruises and bruises at the injection sites;
  • small seals;
  • itching;
  • dryness.

Panicking with these side effects is not worth it, so
as this is the natural reaction of the scalp to puncture. They all have to
be insignificant and go through 4-6 days. But if these
troubles after biorevitalization last longer, and hair became
shamelessly fall out, immediately contact the salon where you did
procedure for them to figure out the nature of such global complications.
But, as practice shows, this is a great rarity.

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