Biorevitalization or mesotherapy

Aging skin is an inevitable, irreversible process, prevent it
impossible, but possible to slow down. Modern cosmetology
offers a huge range of procedures in the fight against aging.
For the correction of age-related changes of the skin and correcting it
imperfections, beauticians recommend methods such as
biorevitalization and mesotherapy. Many people mistakenly believe that these
The two methods are similar in nature.

But in reality these are fundamentally different methods. What is the difference
mesotherapy from biorevitalization? What procedure to choose? Which one
method gives the best effect and the longest effect?
Let’s reveal the essence of these two procedures, consider the effects and
contraindications, and then, we can already decide: which method to give

The first thing to clarify, mesotherapy and biorevitalization is
invasive methods of rejuvenation. What does it mean? When conducting these
procedures violated the integrity of the skin. To deliver biological
active substances in the deeper layers of the skin must be resorted to


  • What is mesotherapy
  • Disadvantages and side effects of mesotherapy
  • What is biorevitalization?
  • Contraindications and side effects of biorevitalization
  • The difference between biorevitalization and mesotherapy
  • Speed ​​of onset of effect

What is mesotherapy

The word “mesotherapy” comes from the Greek word “meso” –
median and “therapy” treatment. The main meaning of mesotherapy sounds
so: “little, rarely and in the right place”

Features of the Mesotherapy procedure

The resulting effect from mesotherapy is maintained for
6-12 months. Repeat this procedure is not allowed before
than a year later.

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic injection or, as they are
called “beauty shots” that are produced by the subtlest
needles in the middle layer of skin. In the process of mesotherapy
not only hyaluronic acid is consumed, but a whole cocktail
biological active substances. Often this composition is selected
in an individual way that takes into account individual
features of the body.

The purpose of the procedure is to improve blood microcirculation, as well as
increase the elasticity of skin turgor at the injection site. The main
a feature of this method is that with mesotherapy
those areas of the face that need it are corrected. Wherein
it is not necessary to bring the medicine directly to
problem area.

The active substance may be injected into other tissues, and
from there using intercellular communication they will impact
on the problem area. The mechanical action of the needle causes
specific irritation that is positive
effects on the release of additional substances into the skin,
promote fast skin regeneration.

Disadvantages and side effects of mesotherapy

We should not forget that mesotherapy is still invasive
treatment method, and side effects are not excluded. Let’s consider,
what is the imperfection of this method.

Papules at the injection sites

Papules The reason for their appearance lies in numerous
injections, which makes a specialist, introducing into the dermis useful
substance (hyaluronic acid or a cocktail of vitamins and
organic acids). Such formations appear directly
at the injection site.

  • mesotherapy procedures require regular implementation, since
    hyaluronic acid is rapidly incorporated into metabolic processes and
    resolves within 2-3 weeks. It depends directly on
    skin condition and age. The older the skin, the faster
    acid decomposition
  • After the procedure, inflammation appears at the injection site.
    processes for a long time do not go bruises and swelling, which is depressing
    affects the patient’s psychological state
  • after the procedure you can not sunbathe
    swimming pool and solarium
  • the success of mesotherapy depends on the financial capacity of the patient,
    as the sessions are conducted by courses, and each course lasts five
  • the mesotherapy procedure is addictive the patient can that
    called, “get hooked on the needle”
  • the result of the procedure in 90% of cases depends on the professionalism and
    the competence of a cosmetologist; the cost also depends on it
  • morbidity method, mesotherapy is carried out only with
  • there is a real danger of serious and irreversible

To avoid complications should be before the start of the course of procedures.
visit a general practitioner. The doctor will collect history and decide there are
whether contraindications for mesotherapy.

What is biorevitalization?

What happens in the process of biorevitalization? What’s the Difference
of this procedure from mesotherapy? Biorevitalization is considered the most
popular method in modern cosmetology. Word
Biorevitalization means a return to life.
Biorevitalization is an injection or hardware method allowing
make up for the lack of hyaluronic acid with natural
in a way.

Procedure biorevitalization

Biorevitalization appeared in cosmetology relatively
recently, but already managed to gain wide acceptance. The essence of the process
is to saturate the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is synthesized by the human body.
Thanks to its synthesis, skin elasticity, moisturizing,
tonus, producing your own collagen in the right amount and
elastin. At a young age, hyaluronic acid is produced in
the required quantity, but the aging body is not able to
produce in the same volume, and as a result the skin becomes
flabby, dull and wrinkled.

Scientists have proven that in the early stages of wound healing
the skin surface accumulates a sufficient amount of hyaluronic
acid. It is this accumulation of hyaluronic acid that serves
catalyst for tissue repair. When scientists in progress
experiments increased the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin (with
using injection), it was concluded that the excess hyaluronic
acid in the skin becomes an impulse to enhance restorative

For the procedure biorevitalization is applied not only natural,
but also stabilized hyaluronic acid. It is produced
chemically, and thus, it lasts longer in the skin and
contributes to the biorevitalization effect.

Biorevitalization is carried out by two methods.

  • injection method
  • hardware method (using a laser)

Laser biorevitalization has almost no contraindications and
side effects. But its effect lasts much less than
injection effect.

Contraindications and side effects of biorevitalization

It is safe to say that biorevitalization is more benign
invasive rejuvenation method. During the procedure
There are practically no complications, but there are some
contraindications. It is not necessary to conduct biorevitalization in the case of:

  • individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid
  • oncological diseases
  • autoimmune diseases
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage

Complications after biorevitalization do not cause serious
anxiety and often disappear within a few days. More often
all this

  • bruising and microhematoma at the injection site
  • skin redness
  • face swelling

These symptoms usually go away within 5-10 days.

The difference between biorevitalization and mesotherapy

At first glance, there is no biorevitalization and mesotherapy
significant difference, but it is only at first glance. These procedures in
radically different from each other.

Which procedure is better?

As for the durability of the effect, after
biorevitalization depending on the patient
last from 3 months to several years. After mesotherapy effect
observed for several months, after which you need to do
regular prevention to maintain the result. Think about it
What is better mesotherapy or biorevitalization?

  • during biorevitalization superficially in the dermis
    gel is injected with hyaluronic acid to stimulate and regenerate
    dermal cells.
  • in mesotherapy as active biological substances
    There are various vitamin shakes that are injected subcutaneously.
    Such cocktails include not only vitamins, but also
    a variety of trace elements that are poorly produced in
    the body.
  • biorevitalization is a faster age correction method
    skin changes, and mesotherapy is longer.
  • biorevitalization triggers natural metabolic processes in the skin,
    that stimulate the production of your own collagen and
  • mesotherapyy fills in the skin missing micronutrients and
  • Mesotherapy is recommended from the age of 25, and
    biorevitalization only after 35 years.
  • Mesotherapy courses, once a week, and biorevitalization
    once a month.

The essential difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization is
the fact that mesotherapy sessions require twice as much
procedures and, consequently, large cash costs. But
It should be noted that the effect of mesotherapy lasts longer.

Speed ​​of onset of effect

After biorevitalization, the effect immediately occurs immediately after
first session. A single injection is enough for some patients.
or one session of a laser procedure.

When carrying out mesotherapy, the effect is delayed, the first
positive signs can occur only in the middle of the course
treatment, if not after it.

Biorevitalization is a more innovative method to combat
age-related changes of the skin, and mesotherapy, so to speak, “ancestor”
biorevitalization. But this does not mean that mesotherapy should
exclude from the list of effective methods in the fight against skin aging.
There are a number of individual cases where mesotherapy is performed.
considered appropriate.

Choose the best way that suits the specific
man, will only help a professional cosmetologist.
Be sure to consult a competent specialist
weigh the pros and cons of the above methods, and remember that in
90% of cases, the success of cosmetic procedures depends on the experienced and
competent doctor.

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